Increase Your Sex Drive and Balance PMS, Hot Flashes, ED Tutorial

Healthy libido for men and women. There is a great tonic, a sexual tonic which also promotes fertility, virility, lactation, semen. Everything.And it's called Shatavari. Shatavari means 100 spouses. Shatavari is great for women with every cycle and stage. Its great for a healthy period cycle, PMS, fertility, childbirth, lactation and for the later stages with menopause, it actually decreases hot flashes. For men Shatavari is great for libido, and sperm count and energy in the bedroom. Shatavari is a rejuvenate. So not only does it rejuvenate the reproductive tissue it's also a rejuvenate for the lungs and the digestive system. But.

More over its a tonic for the mind and the nervous system, It actually has a sattvic or a purifying calming quality and it's believed to enhance love and devotion. It's a great herb for yogis and for meditators. because of that purifying and devotional quality that it brings. How do we take it 14 teaspoon in 1 teaspoon of organic honey. Honey is a great ayurvedic carrier, it takes the herbs deeply through the tissue and its very nourishing. You're going to have this before bed. You know where I get my great organic wellpriced.

Herbs. On my blog Kiki Flynn dot com. FInd the link below. Spell it out Kiki Flynn store. Ayurvedic herbs. And I have lots of tutorials on ayurvedic herbs. Go to my home page Kiki Says on YouTube. Go to Facebook, Kiki Says on Facebook. Subscribe. watch all the tutorials, share the tutorials, get the tshirt, you can also find that on my blog. And I am so happy that I can answer all your questions. Thank you for watching. Thank you for being part of this healthy Kiki Community. here to subscribe or watch these other tutorials,.

Do I Have Emotional Baggage

Do I have emotional baggage Everyone has emotional baggage the question is if the load is so great you're bowed or beaten down under its weight, or swing it around and hurt innocent people. I do not get what you mean. Are you so afraid you'll be cheated on by the new partner, that you put spyware on their PC and ask where they were, and pull up GPS logs off the phone to challenge it, all because the last one cheated If yes, you've got too much emotional baggage. If not a stalking lawsuit.

If you're very negative about the odds of a relationship working with the new person, because you jumped in too soon after the last breakup, you're pretty much guaranteeing the new relationship will fail. I do not want to have to get counseling for every breakup, to have hope for a future meetup. Just realize when you're throwing up walls. It is like the financial infidelity of keeping secret bank accounts in case you get a divorce leading to money fights, the leading cause of divorce. So do not keep secrets.

Do not throw up walls, except to things like no, I won't talk about my ex. Unless, of course, you've got alimony and child support commitments, or have custody that weekend. So do not be afraid of commitments. Emotional baggage can make you afraid of commitments. When is emotional baggage unreasonable The time you lost your teddy bear at age six, makes you unable to walk past build a bear in the mall today without breaking down in tears. OK, that I agree is too much. Everyone has baggage, but it is too much if the emotional weight of the past means you.

Have no future. Or that future is get up, go to work, go home, watch TV, take care of cats. What causes emotional baggage Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. And sometimes even good decisions go bad because of things you cannot control, which makes those experiences even more painful. So anybody past childhood has emotional baggage, but it is only something to get counseling for if it makes it hard to live life today. And if you find yourself unable to act on things today because of constant emotional.

The Venus Factor Review Weight Loss Weight Loss for Women

The Venus Factor Review Weight Loss Weight Loss for Women hello the following presentation does not apply to men and his only for women that want to lose at least 10 pounds this presentation shares breakthrough tips proven to help women lose weight fast where they need to most and keep it off for good you're about to hear from a worldclass expert in nutrition physiology and biology that is tight human performance at the University of Florida and has dedicated his entire life to the study a fat loss.

And the human body an extensive research on female metabolism when I stumbled upon something so shocking and so groundbreaking that I knew he could help make fat burning easier for women forever which is when I'll be sharing with you in just a few moments first I'd like to introduce you to someone I'm very proud of my sister Lisa because to be perfectly honest she is the real reason I was even studying the female metabolism so passionately in the first place you see lisa has always been one of the most important women in my life.

Ever since we were kids she's always looked out for me and has been there for me when I needed anything she really is the best sister brother could ask for and when my sister reached out for me for help with their weight I felt like the worst feeling in the world when I could help her you seen at my degrees experience a real class certifications gave me what I needed to help Lisa achieve the true longterm weight loss she deserved the we have been fortunate enough to have been able to do for thousands of men across the globe.

Including myself but the cuttingedge programs have authored in to see my sister whom I absolutely adore suffer with their health and negative selfimage issues because over weight loss was heartbreaking it got to the point where she seemed ashamed to even order food at restaurants yet I sincerely believe with all of my heart if she gets off her weight problem it would positively affect every part of her life in relationships like it did for me now our family comes from a long mine a bad genetics and I know exactly what it feels like to.

Heat the overweight reflection looking back at you in the bathroom near and I would have given anything to have what worked for me work for Lisa but it didn't after Lisa had my knees page things got even worse for her shoes tipping the scales at 210 pounds which 5foot1 was dangerously and healthy and emotionally just totally depressed because she thought she tried everything I remember it was a Monday afternoon almost two years after Lisa had page when I stumbled upon research leading to female fat last loopholes.

Unlike anything ever imagined loopholes that would ultimately allow the set to permanently shadowed breathtaking 53 pounds have undesirable body fat and dropped well dress sizes ingest five months however as impressive as that was what stands out the most to our family and friends is that our physical transformation lead to a personal transformation that finally enabled her to live as the confident proud beautiful woman we all we saw her to be now listen closely and stay with me for what I'm about to share because this is the most important.

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