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A commonly asked question by many clients is, Does child support and child custody go hand in hand That question can be answered in a few ways. First, in deciding which court to proceed. If you're married, you have the option of filling a divorce. In a divorce proceeding in Supreme Court, you can handle a child custody and child support matter in front of the same judge. Meanwhile, if you're not married, you must go to family court and you can handle that matter separately. Child custody will be in front of a judge or referee.

And child support would be in front of a support magistrate. If you are married, though, you can file in family court and decide where you want to go. Child support is determined by how much the parties make, plus a formula determines how much each pay based upon the number of children and a variety of factors. Custody is determined by what's in the best interest of the child. You should speak to an attorney before you proceed in either matter. My name is Jayson Lutzky. You can reach me at 18006605299. You can reach me at my.

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