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Hi, I'm Donna Barnes. I'm a life and relationship coach and owner of NYDatingCoach in New York City. In this clip, we'll talk about how to get past infidelity. It's a really hard thing to forgive if your partner cheated on you, but sometimes it can actually make your relationship stronger. If you're honest with each other, first off you have to get the other person completely removed their life. They can't keep seeing them or talking to them in any way whatsoever. But if you can talk about what caused them to cheat in the first place,.

You might find out some things that were missing from your relationships. If usually is some sort of intimacy or something. So if you can find out from your partner what was missing for them, and you can start providing that for them, then it can really help your relationships. A lot of times people don't cheat just because they don't love you anymore. It's just because they're not getting from you what they really want. So, if you think you can forgive them, then you really owe it to yourself to talk about those things and work through the problems.

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Many times couples can manage their problems themselves. However, at times, the problem is too great for them to solve without a professional help. Some of these big challenges are when couples face infidelity or experience breaks of trust. Infidelity is one of the most painful and devastating experience that can be inflicted in a marriage or other committed relationships. Infidelity in intimate relationship or extramarital affair threatens the foundation in which a healthy relationship is built upon. It breaks its exclusivity. It breaks its integrity and it breaks its confidence.

The thought that from now on you can never trust your spouse again fills the unfaithful spouse feeling of sadness, anger and hopelessness. As such, betraying your spouse can cause a severe damage to the relationship and can even lead to a divorce. Yet, if both parties agree to work together and go through the process of overcoming the pain and the betrayal, relationships and marriages can overcome infidelity and affair. With hard work, patience and commitment to go through the difficult process of healing, couples may find a way to emerge stronger and happier. No doubt, that this is a great.

Marriage Relationship Advice How to Get Past Infidelity

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip we're going to talk about how to get past infidelity. Infidelity is one of the hardest problems in a relationship, and it may not even be getting past it. It's understanding, number one, whether you want to stay in the relationship. And if that is important, then we have to understand together what happened to cause infidelity. What caused the partner to stray What responsibility does each person have in it The person who.

Was betrayed is the one who's hurt, and we have to listen to what that hurt feels like. And the person who is not loyal has to be able to understand how deeply the hurt goes in betraying the relationship and has to listen to what their partner is saying about what it did to them to hear how, how hurtful this was. This is, staying loyal in a relationship is what a marriage is really about. So when this gets violated, it's very, very hard to get past it very quickly. It takes a long time to work through the hurt. And again,.

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Have you ever been unfaithful in a committed relationship Well, if so, you are not alone. Because if you look at figures for the UK, for example, the estimation is that 50 of men and 9 of women have overlapping sexual relationships in one year according to the British attitudes and lifestyle survey. Well, I as a couple therapist and family therapist, I'm especially interested in the aftermath of infidelity. So how do couples cope with infidelity once it's disclosed and how do counsellors and therapists who work with couples where infidelity is an issue.

Not all couples where infidelity has been an issue separate. So those couples who go through this coping process successfully, they go through different stages. It's kind of comparable to the stages people go through in the mourning process. And counsellors and therapists can support this process by helping couples to make sense of what happened, to take responsibility for their actions and, most importantly, to work on underlying issues in their relationship. And interestingly, those couples who manage successfully to go through this process, they report afterwards that the quality of their relationship.

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When couples first meet, and fall in love, they are filled with the excitement and joy of finding the right person. However, overtime, as couples move from being in love to being more intimate, the magic that brought them together wears off and things may start to go wrong. At a certain point, many couples find themselves in challenging situations They find themselves fighting over the same things over and over again, unable to agree on how to resolve these issues They have difficulties communicating with one another, and find it hard NOT to blame, criticize or just give each other the silent.

Treatment They feel angry and resentful for unfulfilled needs and expectations They have unsatisfying sex life, making them feeling more like roommates or business partners rather than a loving couple They withdraw, disengage and try to avoid each other, while keeping themselves busy with activities outside of the relationship The key to a successful relationship is an open and honest communication in which both partners feel safe to express their real needs and desires. I teach couples skills for resolving their problems, while rebuilding intimate connections, and creating stronger more vibrant intimate.

Partnerships. In couples therapy or marriage counseling you can learn how to Communicate with clarity and honesty Manage conflict and deescalate argument Learn how to deal with anger and other negative emotions Turn disagreements into opportunities for growth Build respect and trust Have a satisfying sex life And collaborate as a team for your common goals My experience has taught me that the majority of couples can turn their relationship around for the better, while using their problems as signal for opportunity to grow. Most of the time I find that couples wait too long.

To get the support they so desperately need, and by the time they come in, they are already feeling discouraged and exhausted. Dont wait until it is too late. If you are watching this tutorial because you are curious about my practice or trying to find ways to help yourself, I do understand that it can be a little scary at first. But if you just take that fear and turn it into courage, and then you take that courage to call me or email me, we can figure out ways to create the shift you desire in your life.

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