Actress Tisha CampbellMartin on Infidelity Its Not You Its Men Oprah Winfrey Network

Can infidelity ever, ever, in your opinion, be a good thing we can actually forgive the actual act.The worst thing for a woman is the lie.Right tyrese gibson mm, ok.Ok.I swear, when i discussed with my husband, when we decided to actually get married, it was one of those things where, please don’t ever put me in the position for some woman to walk up to me and go, hi, tisha.Laughter that’s that’s the look.How you doing rev run yeah.They don’t even have to say a word.

You’d be like, oh! tyrese gibson yeah.Rev run right.Tyrese gibson you’d get it.Where is he you know what i mean like, don’t put me in the position.Because women don’t even have to say the words.It’s a body language.Tyrese gibson it’s an energy.Which it’s something that we say.It’s an energy.It’s, hey, how you doing tyrese gibson yeah, yeah, so the woman’s sending the message.Tisha campbellmartin yeah.Because here’s the thing.I’m going to tell y’all real, not throwing dudes under the bus.Right.

But if you are married because i’ve had plenty of conversation with married dudes.I used to be married.Didn’t last long.But i was married.I tried.But listen, when a dude is on a mission to get whatever it is he is trying to get, if the woman is aware of the married woman or the fact that he’s got a girl, his mission is to create comfortability in you to get whatever it is he’s trying to get.So he’s going to make up whatever little he’s creating movies in his head and running with it.

Husband Gets Revenge On Cheating Wife

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How Was My WifeThe Last Boy Scout

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