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When couples first meet, and fall in love, they are filled with the excitement and joy of finding the right person. However, overtime, as couples move from being in love to being more intimate, the magic that brought them together wears off and things may start to go wrong. At a certain point, many couples find themselves in challenging situations They find themselves fighting over the same things over and over again, unable to agree on how to resolve these issues They have difficulties communicating with one another, and find it hard NOT to blame, criticize or just give each other the silent.

Treatment They feel angry and resentful for unfulfilled needs and expectations They have unsatisfying sex life, making them feeling more like roommates or business partners rather than a loving couple They withdraw, disengage and try to avoid each other, while keeping themselves busy with activities outside of the relationship The key to a successful relationship is an open and honest communication in which both partners feel safe to express their real needs and desires. I teach couples skills for resolving their problems, while rebuilding intimate connections, and creating stronger more vibrant intimate.

Partnerships. In couples therapy or marriage counseling you can learn how to Communicate with clarity and honesty Manage conflict and deescalate argument Learn how to deal with anger and other negative emotions Turn disagreements into opportunities for growth Build respect and trust Have a satisfying sex life And collaborate as a team for your common goals My experience has taught me that the majority of couples can turn their relationship around for the better, while using their problems as signal for opportunity to grow. Most of the time I find that couples wait too long.

To get the support they so desperately need, and by the time they come in, they are already feeling discouraged and exhausted. Dont wait until it is too late. If you are watching this tutorial because you are curious about my practice or trying to find ways to help yourself, I do understand that it can be a little scary at first. But if you just take that fear and turn it into courage, and then you take that courage to call me or email me, we can figure out ways to create the shift you desire in your life.

Dr. Miller on Alcoholics Anonymous AA at Rogers

We are certainly 12 step based and have a tremendous foundation in 12 step facilitation therapy. What that means is we don't just tell people to go to AA but we actively incorporate it into the treatment process and we help people understand why AA is important and how it can be a mechanism, a tool to get you where you want to get with your recovery. We ask people to reflect on their experiences at AA. Don't just attend but participate and we probe at nights afterwards to reflect. We have residential counselors meet with the.

Patients every night to reflect on the day and include what was your experience like at your meeting How was it to meet your new sponsor Are you having any trouble finding a sponsor How do you relate to other people there Do you show up and just occupy a chair and pass or do you actually say something What was it like for you How anxious do you get when you're there What are the barriers to successful participation One of the things we're very clear on at the Herrington Recovery Center is that we don't.

Want somebody to go through a treatment experience and at the end say, Oh, I don't believe in AA. I don't want to do AA, I don't think AA is for me. And to make those statements based on some preconceived notion some philosophy they have with out really experiencing it. After experiencing it, if you find that AA is not for you, we understand and that's ok. But we want to give you a full opportunity to experience what AA is all about. We have a wonderful recovery community surrounding Oconomowoc and of course we have a wonderful.

Alumni association who provide temporary sponsors for people who are here so that somebody who's been through treatment with us and has had a good experience with AA or NA can be a temporary sponsor and help people understand what a sponsorsponsee relationship can be like. They don't stay with the folks after they leave because they will free themselves up for the next Herrington Resident. We just love our alumni and what they can contribute to the recovery for people here. So this is how AA is involved in our program.

Coping with negative memories by visualizing them

I think the more you.for me anyway, the more I was able to visualize them and say oh yeah, I remember that. That was really ugly. That was nasty or that was really medically very interesting. They soften, you know, the edges kind of soften. Instead of being sharp and defined it becomes kinds of rounded and molded and easier to deal with and it is kind of like personal memories. You know, if you are in a difficult relationship and you get out of it and get into another one.

I am on a second marriage my first wife committed suicide. Even that memory, while it is very painful, softens over time, and you tend. the bad memories tend to kind of dissipate into the fog and the good memories kind of come forward. At least in my life. So you tend to focus more on the good ones and every once in awhile the bad or the uncomfortable memories come forward but because you focus more on the good I think it is, for me, it is more. it gives me a better way to cope with those memories that are not comfortable or are difficult to deal with.

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Smartphone Apps and Sex Addiction

It's kind of cool these days I can find an app for my smartphone that will tell me where there is a good Italian restaurant within three blocks. And, I can find an app on my phone that will direct me how to walk to that Italian restaurant. Or, I can find an app on my phone that brings up all of the pictures of my family that I've been storing on my phone. I can also find an app on my phone, an app meaning application, that will lead me to a sexual partner within three blocks or three minutes. Applications like Ashley.

Madison and Grinder and the like will help you find a sexual partner by geolocation. Your phone notes where you are in the world and then these applications, when pressed and used, will help you find sexual partners that are located within a block or two blocks, or half a mile, or a mile of where you are. These are other people who have the same application open, who are looking for a sexual or romantic experience, and are literally nearby. The problem with this, in terms of infidelity, is that you really can't track these applications.

On a phone in the way that you used to be able to track things on a website browser. I can't necessarily tell when my spouse comes home that they've been on this application, or that they even have this application, or that they have been hooking up. I can't tell that from looking at their phone necessarily, if they've covered their tracks. Back in the day, I could look on their website, I could look up their web history, I could look in their browser, I could put software in their computer to follow where they've been and.

It was much easier to figure out. So part of the problem with digital age, and especially with applications related to sex, is that they're very immediate, they're very anonymous, they're difficult to track, and literally I could be having dinner with my spouse and go to the bathroom and geolocate a partner on my phone to say, Let's have sex in a hour when I'm done with dinner with my wife or husband or whatever it is, and go back to dinner, finish dinner, and then go hookup with that person. And my spouse would never.

Sex therapy 90 second lecture 111

As a sex therapist and somebody who researches sexualities, something I'm really interested in is the idea of normal sex, because what I find with therapy is that most clients coming in say that they just want to be normal and have a normal sex life, in fact, they often prioritise that over having an enjoyable sex life or having pleasure. And part of sex therapy is often questioning that notion of what is normal sex and helping them towards their own sex or sexuality that works for them. Because what we find is that the idea of what is normal varies over time.

And across cultures, so what was normal in terms of sexuality in Victorian times or in the 1950s is different today. And we've got programmes like Sex in the City telling everyone to swing from the chandeliers. And also, you know, in our culture, kissing is a big part of the sexual script, whereas some cultures would find that disgusting. So, it's important to be aware that whatever one person enjoys sexually, somebody else somewhere will find horrible, and whatever somebody is really turned off by, somebody somewhere will find it exciting.

Is Sex Addiction the Symptom or the Problem

People come into treatment for sex addiction because they've had some kind of crisis in their lives related to sex. That's what drives someone to a treatment center like The Sexual Recovery Institute or The Ranch. So what happens is, a wife has found out something, a boss has found out something, you know, you're looking at porn at the work place, someone found out about an affair or they saw all the money you were spending on prostitutes, on a credit card or something like that, and they say this is unbelievable, I'm not putting.

Up with this and the person ends up seeking treatment or help. But, once they get into treatment, it isn't only the sexual behavior that we're treating. I mean our primary goal in sexual addiction treatment is to stop the sexual acting out behavior because that is the cause of all the symptoms, that the cause of somebody's selfhatred. That's the cause of somebody having an angry spouse. That's the cause of risking arrest or disease. The sexual behavior itself is the cause of all those things, but there are a whole lot of.

Issues that underlie it. You know, there are people that have recreational sex who don't do it compulsively, addictively, or in ways that cause them to have consequences that's very different than most sex addicts. The sex addicts are engaging in recreational sex over and over and over again, not as a means to go out and have fun and distract themselves, but as a means to calm themselves, to soothe themselves, and deal with emotional problems that they have not found another way to deal with. So, a shorter way of saying this is.


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