Women Are Cheaters Too

The national opinion research centers general social survey indicates that women are cheating at record rates in fact over the last twenty years out the number of wives cheating on their husbands has increased significantly so let's quickly look at those numbers uh. what they found out through their survey was that uh. men about twenty one percent indebted to you at cheating on their wives in twenty ten however for women that number rose forty percent fourteen point seven percent so fourteen point seven percent of wide admitting to cheating on their husbands in twenty ten so the reason that those numbers are.

Stark is use justin twenty ten oakton so while that's a lot of cheating them so it's not over almost and other various statute's going on right now and i should clarify that arose out forty percent in the last two decades throughout the entire reason why i really wanted stein this is because for very long time what basil first i should note that this is based on some purporting right so so people art it may need to their infidelity and in a lot of case when you're doing a survey you tried to.

Answer the questions in a way that's favorable to you in your personality he writes a lot of people might be cheating but they're lying about it yet look if you don't know they're doing a phone survey of two and maybe they roseanne position with the that shirt right now so the numbers are likely high in both for men and women and river manor so high and low basil cheap right according to the selfreported etcetera the woman attachment quickly now walking the this get reappear that is partly due to independence although it yet and.

So in the past you have a choice you're stuck with that guy he caught cheating or something you need to the marriage you could be in a world that romeo endanger your financial wellbeing because you're financially dependent on your husbands and you don't have that opportunity and that's not to say like bowen marriage is just about money and if your financially independent you should go crazy and she had not saying that it all but i think that it's it's human nature to mean in that direction and we have.

The societal expectation of monogamy so you know they're constantly fighting these urges when you're in a monogamous relationship and then when you have that independence and you have less to lose means if you get caught you're more likely to get into the city of course look in the real world it's about her options in this interruptions if you're in a certain number at home and you never can weave all we have very many options right now of course the service of the business horrified by the like all my.

Government and aided dependence and i love to see the notebook around on strike and i'm not in favor of cheating on this is a bad thing in this today the consequence doesn't mean you should be against independence for women would you do itself then i did they adopt you get the jr major business analyst so what should we do to you a men's independence now we should do is that you know having equal pay act that way everyone can see the police pam but i'll tell you though.

It does get reopening to be with us and a friend this is really a friend margaret the fact that we're talking about the story about how like one of the guys a lot of having social woman who was married right in woodbury your right android well hifi of the major story and he said in the back there's a relied that sort and so what happens there you know we got was there right at this half the group was made that was at that point right asleep wilfred ron's.

The Sperm Struggle is Real

Sperms aren't the mindless, flagellumwielding, dolts you thought they were. They are wily little devils with war on their nuclei. Music Hey dudes, Trace here with the lowdown on your sperms' struggles for DNews. Sperm are the male gamete, the counterpart to the female's egg. When a sperm reaches the inside of an egg, a zygote is created the first step on the path to a fetus. But to reach that goal, a sperm have to overcome a lot of different problems one being there are millions of other sperm. They're like, WATCH OUT DUDE. Imma tryin' to get to the egg!.

For instance, we've evolved what science calls sperm allocation. As the point of sex is to get your sperm to the egg first and thus spread your genes, sperm allocation was one of nature's ways of getting the most bang for your. buck. IF a male believes his female sexual partner has committed infidelity, or if he's simply spent a long while away from the partner, his sperm count will increase when they pair up! The authors of a study published in Current Directions in Psychological Science believe this is why males get lustful feelings after.

Being away from their partner they want to make sure they can get as much sperm in there as possible to compete. Once inside the woman, sperm continue the struggle. This has to do with that creation sperm are formed based on HOW the species fertilize AND how much sexual competition is present. It was assumed that the bigger the sperm, the faster they are. Bigger and stronger is better Right Wrong. A study published in the journal Evolution uses Bonobos as an example. These apes share almost 99percent of their DNA with humans and have a lot of.

Sex with lots of partners. The competition has evolved sperm with bigger head and a smaller tails. The larger sperm were actually SLOWER. The researchers found only animals who fertilize OUTSIDE of their bodies have a large sperm advantage. The shorter head and longer tail of fish and squid sperm were super fast and thus got to the egg first. Yah bro! Then there's the theory that there are two kinds of sperm the goal scorers, and the ones who play defense. Of the 250 million sperm cells released into the female reproductive.

System, 27percent are defective, right off the bat. The normally ovalshaped head is spherical or quite pointy in parts, the tails are malformed or whatever. This theory of so called kamikaze sperm also comes back to competition between mates. The idea is that these malformed sperm hang back to block those from competing mates, thus ensuring the first male's DOMINATION OF FERTILIZATION!!! Since the hypothesis was proposed in the 80s, scientists have tried and failed to reproduce their findings, so while we're pretty sure this isn't real, it's still being tested.

Most scientists now believe the 27percent defect rate occurs because of poor quality control in sperm creation. Which. is a little embarrassing. Dudes, this is our big moment and we're halfassing it out there! 110percent, c'mon! Of the millions of sperms released, remember you were the fastest. So tell us your strategies in the big empty white box below and subscribe! Also, double check you're still following us on Twitter AtDNews. We made some changes. You can get behind the scenes pictures and cool stuff that never makes it into an episode. Thanks!.

Orange County Divorce Mediation Infidelity with Finances Recommendations Part Two

I run a mortgage company and obviously, I see everybody's finances in the process of it. And it didn't dawn until now but I actually had a client where after the conference call with him and his wife were done, he called me back separately. He asked me to keep a few things confidential. He actually had a different amount of money every month from his paycheck going to a separate bank account that she didn't know anything about. And what I find as odd though is that I remember hanging up thinking, well this is a bad situation.

For me to be in , first, but then remember hanging up going, how does she not know When they do their taxes at the end of the year, the W2, the paychecks I don't know how he's pulled it off. She may not even look at it. She might just sign her name if she's not worried about checking it. A lot of people just sign. Yeah, I guess so. So what do you recommend in a situation like that Obviously, your business is divorce and getting it over with as easy as possible. But I'd like to say,.

Don't get divorced. Make an effort not to. I would think that from somebody like you that's pretty much heard it all, what's some good advice you can give for people to not be in that situation Is it, don't have separate accounts and maybe you should just have one or is it Have a financial date as one of our TLPs says all the time and talk about things. Well, I think I want to start off by saying that the show isn't supposed to promote distrust on your spouse, first and foremost. We don't.

Want our listeners to take this, go home, and start doubting what their spouse is spending their money on. But I do think that you need to trust your instincts. If something feels like it's a little bit off, look into it. Don't just pretend like it's not there because your instincts are oftentimes right. But as far as some practical advice, I would say that in my opinion it would be better to have one main account that all money goes into, whether it's a dual income or single income. And then if you guys want to have separate.

Shreveport La. Divorce Lawyers.wmv

Are you and your spouse heading for a divorce During this most difficult time of your life, you need the security and comfort of having an attorney who is truly on your side. Great divorce lawyers don't just know the law, they know that there are lives and people involved as well as intricate financial decisions and possibly even battles to come. Imagine getting through this time with a knowledgeable lawyer who will be a trusted confidant, a friend, and a tireless fighter for your rights as well as the rights of your children.


Laci There was a point in my life where I had major insecurity about my labia. The two lips that are outside your vagina. The only times I was really seeing labia was in porn. And I was like, Aw, that must be what I look like. Is that, what's going on Eventually, I just decided to check things out and I was like, What the Jay, what does your vagina look like Then I remembered Jay doesn't have a vagina. And I was, like, all alone with my mirror.

And my porn and my freaky labia. My insecurity with my labia continued to grow until at one point I was in college and then some people that I knew said, Hey, guess what Labia come in all different shapes and sizes. No, they don't all look like they do in porn. Not all labia are, like, this big. simulates explosion Mind blown. gentle music So, like I said the labia are the lips that are outside the vagina. There's two sets of them. There's the inner set that's called the labia minora.

And there's the outer set, it's called the labia majora. These lips are very sensitive and have lots of nerve endings, and they act like a doorway to the vag. The lips can be lightly colored. They can be darkly colored. The inner can be dark, the outer can be light, the outer can be dark, the inner could be light. It might be straight, it might be kind of wavy, it might have lots of wrinkles, it might be really smooth. The inner lips can longer than the outer and the outer lips can be longer than the inner.

Or they can be about the same. They can this long, this long, this long, this long. It's actually kind of amazing how many types of labia there are. Which is why the real reaction to looking at my labia shoulda been, That's pretty rad. Not, Oh my god. gentle music Labia distortion is a problem all over the world. Depending on where you go, you're gonna find people changing it in different ways. In parts of Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa there's a tradition of elongating and pulling the labia.

Oh, small twinge. But in other parts of the world people are chopping their labia off. Big twinge, big painful twinge. Why would anybody do that Well, some of them, namely porn stars, are expected to. I'm lookin' at you, Australia. Laws in Australia say that protruding labia are too obscene for pornography. And even though we don't have laws like that here in the US it sort of works out the same way. As a result, labiaplasties and vaginal rejuvenation are on the rise. gentle music I have received emails from people who are.

Considering getting a labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation because they feel insecure about it and also because of pressure from their partners. Pressure from partners to cut off a sensitive body part to make a more appealing hole for them to put their penis in. It's clear to me that it's not your labias that need tucked or your vaginas that need a rejuvenation. These assholes need a rejuvenation of their fucking human decency. Maybe they're great while they're at it but as for that insecurity, for me it helped to sincerely.

Recognize that labia do all look really different. There is this book, what was it called Femalia, yeah, I really liked that one. But there are lots of websites that are dedicated to showcasing all the diversity of labia. I'm gonna put some links down below. Another thing to keep in mind is that people do enjoy the diversity of labia. Yeah, there are assholes but you don't have to waste your time with those ones 'cause everyone else is gonna be like so happy that you even have a vagina.

A last tip for overcoming insecurity spend more time with your labia. Pull out a mirror, check out what's going on down there, and become familiar with your labia. You and your labia can't build a loving relationship with each other if you're not spending time together. Relationship facts. All right, y'all, I gotta be out. Thanks for watching and make sure you add me on , Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. You do that stuff and I will see you next week. kisses Please, play everyone, except your mom, oh..

Why Does My Husband Blame Me for His Affair

Why does my husband blame me for his affair I'm not the one who had sex with someone else. If he can make you think it is your fault, then he isn't considered responsible for the affair. Also, If he can make you think it is your fault, such as not having enough sex or gaining weight after the marriage, then he can manipulate you into being like the other woman. I hardly ever give him the cold shoulder, much less blue balls. He could only use that excuse if we were living like roommates without benefits for years.

And there are women who actually do that to their men, and for them, divorce or marriage counseling with someone who doesn't automatically heap all the blame on the men is the only solution. That used to be the main reason men were willing to marry. You couldn't get the milk for free, and the market rate was expensive. So yes, lack of loving could drive him to cheat, but there are so many options other than cheating. He's also blaming this in ADD and impulse control. That explains him blurting out a dumb excuse like it is all your fault, instead of getting.

On his knees, apologizing, and offering to go to counseling. It takes a lot more than a few seconds to have an affair. And a lot of thought and effort into hiding it. If he's not getting cut off and hated at home, he's only got himself to blame for the affair. And the other woman. She couldn't have done anything without him, honey. Though a man whose wife has turned into a shrew and shows him only hatred and contempt at home could discover he's having an affair to get what he isn't getting at home.

Strippers and Hookers Prep for Inauguration

Inauguration is set to take place on monday and uh. about just a prison sex workers in dc are getting prepared for the lunch because anytime you have a massive political event you see uh. huge blooming in the sex industry cases so uh. in just a few guys some pretty incredible numbers uh. a seating arrangements bailout received thirty four point thirty seven percent increase insight views from dc during the two thousand nine inauguration and of course that an increase in membership as well and that was at five.

Point four three percent so what's happening is not only others there's more to report is actually charge more to do it in order issued sisters more demand vichar gye a lot more uh. apparently they're charging at six and fifty to some of those for to grow fantasy trip there's yeah answered rose only three hundred hours uh. answer three fifty eight guy history and also this is less demand for that which is surprising because it's one thing you would think of arrival transient what amounts to respect there right now the from the.

School straight to the voters so uh. see later for example is of course where you get to do surveys and sugar babies than having the heaviest fighting in traveling as well as the lot of these you know cheating websites during inauguration let this make sense that happens every time there's a big event like a super bowl within the republican convention but the seating arrangements like saturday may say the sugar daddies eleven percent more likely maybe repulse we have a graphic on that so let's look at the party breakdown.

Silky mention arrayed eleven percent more traffic than democratic ones sure daddy's who identifies gop forty two point one percent sugar daddies who identifies democrats thirty four point nine percent yeah thanks for correcting that so there's a little bit more over democrats and it takes up more during a republican ties to campus republicans more than democrats right which may says rose up more money story that of course this was the family lives but meanwhile their own seating arrangement dot com been offered to be sure but that is for sugar babies ok uh. but now.

To be fair the sugar babies those of the girls that are seeking arrangement to get paid for sex or like me to be done okay so now not only does all this happened but what what they were things in this story was trip uh. also demand for dominatrix is billion dollars something some sort of class in dc some sort of company that teaches you how to participate in uh. that kind of activity and how to do so where you spankin individual or you get space and it's our relatively painless but isn't decide the point like.

Isn't it because you like the pain yeah i i i thought to be economists out out on what's happened here i a clip but i don't know i'm not in that world so i don't know the proper spanking purchase procedures of generally be destined for so uh. so she points out of course again the republicans uh. like the domination stuff than everyone's lobbied to swing a parties and his odometers minimum bella blisters according the story and they have that these so that you know new years and halloween they say.

I do no more Gray divorces hit record high in Korea

Fewer Koreans are celebrating their silver and golden wedding anniversaries these days. The number of socalled gray divorces or divorces between couples who have been married for 20 years or morehas hit a record high here. Connie Lee tells us why. Its until death do us part. or not. New data shows that more older people are getting divorced in Korea. Its the socalled gray divorces or the splitting of couples married for 20plus years that have been on the steady rise for the past five years. And last year it hit a new high. More than 32thousand of these couples ended.

Their marriages in 2013 making gray divorces the largest portion of all divorces. at about 28 percent. Experts point to the ageing population of baby boomers for the large number. but other than that, there is a change in how older spouses view marriages that is prompting them to split. Different from before, older spouses now seek their personal happiness and fulfillment, especially after their kids are out of the house. If they are not getting that in their marriages, then they are opting for divorce. The professor adds that theres less of.

A social stigma attached to divorce than there was decades ago making it a bit easier for couples to officially end their marriages in court. So what were the top reasons why Koreans got a divorce last year Data shows that personality differences was number one followed by financial problems, and domestic issues, such as infidelity. However, gray divorce isnt just a trend seen in Korea. The United States has been seeing this phenomenon. for similar reasons. A recent report called The Gray Divorce Revolution by Susan L. Brown and IFen Lin. says that.

The Truth About Marriage

My name is Claire, I am 18 years old. I have always been interested in the way the brain works and where our thoughts come from. I picked art because. Well art kind of picked me. It's a way of expression where you don't have to use your words. And words are never really something I've been good with. Art has always kind of been the one thing that I can run to when I can't express it to anyone or anything really. Talk about my feelings Just like. worry. That I'm not going in the right direction. Whether I like it or.

Not, the littlest things will affect your future, and that scares the crap out of me. My family when I was little, we were well put together I think. Things were good. I mean we didn't really have a lot to complain about. What me and my sister didn't know was that we had a false representation of love in front of us. As of right now, I am currently watching my family fall apart. Because my parents are going through a divorce. And. seeing that happen to your family literally in the time frame of a few months can really.

Change your perspective on family and marriage and how important it really is and how easily it can be thrown away. It makes me even more scared because my dad, he set up a table full of over 200 pictures of him and my mom over the past 23 years and he's been up since 6 in the morning doing it and my mom already has a new boyfriend. If you're going to marry someone then you have to be willing to put in equal amounts of effort. You're becoming one person almost and if you marry someone just to throw away in the end hurt them, then.


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The Cheating Debate Men Vs. Woman

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