Hi, my name is Erik Meldik and this tutorial means revenge to Cenek for waking me up in a car in front of a moving train. Here it is in case you didn't see it. This is Lenka Kucavikova, Cenek's girlfriend and we agreed, that Cenek will catch us in bed, doing it. Banging. I told Cenek's coleague to send him home to get a camera. I sent him home, he'll be there in like eight minutes. He's coming! He's coming. Cenek, my friend, this is going to be awesome. Wait, wait.

He will be here any minute. Are you kidding me Who the fk is it Meldik What the fk are you doing It's not what it looks. Wait, it's a joke! Cenek, it was a joke! What joke Cenek wait! It was a joke. It was a joke. Where's the joke It was a joke dude! Then tell me what the fk are you doing here! We are filming it. Lenka! Stop it. Jesus, dude. Take it easy, dude. We are filming it, look behind you.

Christopher Dorner, LAPD Revenge Killer, Dead

Kristall at the target of one lawrence manhunts in us history is that at twelve twenty pm today we found reports of a stolen vehicle in big bear near of course about eighty miles outside of los angeles turns out california barbara bush efficient wildlife actually spotted him on the road turn around eighteen seven at twelve forty five there was a shootout the wild a life vehicle was shot several times dorfner then went on foot he actually got into another shootout with sambar needle county deputies two of them were wounded in on forcing one of them eventually pass away.

At one point dorfner found himself in a cabin but between the news that he was in the cabin and the news that the concert be shot one of them had been killed and they didn't know word order was there was a moment there where allot of people thought my god he might have gotten away yet that if that happened right or wrong an obvious inc restored it was wrong a hundred different ways he would have been a bit of alleged now not legend and got away necessarily somewhere between rambo and hannibal.

Lecter but if he had disappeared in those words my god it would have been a gigantic story as it is it's already an enormous story and i started thinking in the mix of that time period where they didn't know where he was i think i would have people joined and then we got a report than another former lapd officer had written a manifesto online any the manifesto start in the same exact way that chris daughters manifesto starter remembered or main complaint was that he was let go by the lapd unjustly because of discrimination against.

Africanamericans dollar officer also an afroamerican also saying the discrimination to our described was exactly right but this officer of course renounce the by listed door was goin the wrong direction i had another interesting thought their and and this is a in some ways an admission by me as he was in the words and nobody was going to join in obviously because he doesn't really have a political cause it was a personal vendetta that he was not i thought what if there was two of those guys lewis.

What if there was part of those guys in the woods and i thought was there was two hundred of those guys in the woods yet not all the water was talking about and the reason i say that is because allotted times right wing and sometimes leftwing dot rights supporters say a playwright zumba guess terry weekend and off the government and i think i'll come on the dan us military is droves and every kind of machinery and what they really need to possibly imagine where you know what.

Two hundred orders in the woods asset topf tough situation right so now look i'd government is that a lot of the is wrong but i don't i hope that we're not fighting off their charity in that certainly would be the wrong way to do it but it was an interesting moment there now as it turns out he went into that cabin eventually the cabin was uh. lit on fire we don't know who lit the cavanaugh five cabin on fire or whether it was a mistake but cbs local reporter carter evans reported.

Charlie Sheen Wants Cop Revenge Killer to Call Him

Christopher darden are mentioned charlie sheen in his manifesto in fact here the exact words he said charlie sheen europe an awesome so of course charlie sheen's new uses as an opportunity to make himself relevant again so he made a tutorial where he says the following premature destruction mention the manifesto so thank you for your kind words i'm urgent call me let's figure out together henderson content for the time not not winning losing because he knows a christopher darden i have absolutely no way of reaching him here is a list of called charlie sheen like alright charlie suits as i said.

Reaction how are you gonna do that and is just the way of charlie sheen to remain in the public in public city a little bit belli xa transcript seductive actually believe med he could you know solve this issue but they do was up honest feeling with the shed okay i mean he's a little touched added but i'd meet you guys are being loaded on the rare charlie sheen fantasy strong supporters into strong but i get it i got friends who were a little types yeah i think he means well as he does many questionable for steel vicariously.

Through charlie sheen a little bit waiting for you really well the problem right like what he's buying winning many is winning before his first cup of coffee in his wake up with like seven ever women in the house this it's impossible to get up to a bike tires they throw had not enjoy that and not to seek the leader of your corporate slowly it got better but he's a big city shouldn't have done and that's our started so that in this case i think this interest you require that bob.

Witty and they like seventeen hours later some bizarre throwing he doesn't have a number everyone missouri city charles changes in that tutorial excuses comes off as extremely smart and very light i don't know how to explain he just seems like this like all active fix the situation don't worry just call me a call me up and uh. you write about me a manifesto accuses comes off as a last minute just brought me the wrong way again i feel like a he has actually no intention to solve anything that he just wants set no i just wanted to have you.

By big trip like this drugs which removed or for those of his house and charlie you know and people talk about charlie sheen again yet no nvm note the mediator the salsa aria yes lapd and his it has been a busy melodies on one side of that really nice way counting door is another sign and charlie were killer okay like this would be vagus uh. exit is it your gut no you want to order in your house melissa leo hold your head agreed that really bad idea yeah.

8 Mile 810 Movie CLIP Rabbit is Betrayed 2002 HD

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Answers to Nothing Trailer

Hi everyone from AC News! Let's see the today's trailer, cinema news is coming up! Terraferma is the Italian movie that is candidate to Oscar nomination as the best foreign movie. Director Emanuele Crialese, winner of the Special Award of the Jury at the Venice Festival, has already beaten the competition of Nanni Moretti's Habemus Papam and of other candidates such as Vallanzasca, Corpo Celeste e Tatanka. Various titles and international and Italian guests for the fifth day of Rome Fiction Fest 2011. For Italy will be presented fictions as L'affondamento della Laconia,.

Limbaugh Liberal, Black Cop Killer Gets Media Praise

Rush them was a unique serie about why christopher dormer is getting such positive covers now wait a minute restore order as a guy that they have almost a large manhunt in us domestic history for right and he's getting a lot positive i'd okay i wasn't aware of the let's find out wife from rock toward the fact that he's black is a factor here i'm sorry but what else would explain this what else would explain excusing this forgive not excusing it relegate england murder aspect of what the guys doing the secondary status.

And other primary thing we must see is is an election in his grievance his grievances renewable there is a racism in the lapd and everybody knows to drive making anybody their reworking arose constancy me valid everybody this is the implied content whose praising doors intellect lake had you turn on nbc cbs and abc is set in their life the brilliant scholar christopher corner ca it continues to evade police or the bad guys who sit there but in rush limbaugh's conspiracy filled mine like although ever all think.

Tartars guys easy genius now there's a secondary issue there were reports about the grievance of door say the grievance that he put together and having nothing to do with this intellect or praising him was that he got fired that because of racial discrimination then upto lapd well there is one guy who's saying that we should reopen their case the police chief in los angelesbased it's not some liberals not the media please shoot back said we should reopen the case because we want to reassure the community that there is not a legitimate grievances.

Boy rush you've got a tell me more of your genius theories they do not see that they're ignoring this guy's leftwing ties they don't see that in that and i did not cover the tide this guide to being inspired by liberalism this guy's inspired he wants the approval of liberals bcd never approval meanwhile is null relationship the conservatism always undergraduate committed here you have a direct i may ignore it that notebook direct relation with the serbs at all except the guy who shot that charge in tennessee cuz he said it was a liberal church.

And hear her on fox news that the liberals referred to your church's and except for the guy who would be good shoot up the price for making this he said glenn beck that said the tides foundation was the biggest danger to american except for those guys is no connection whatsoever plaza in name you about twelve other cases uh. but he says here daughter was seen their approval liberals well to be fair he was in favor of hell equipment as an expresident united states you see that of course a second choice was.

Internet Dating Tips For Men How To Meet Women on Ashley Madison

Internet dating tips for men ow to meet women on ashley madison. com initially medicine DICOM admittedly it's a challenge from most men to connect with women own initially Madison but I'd like to offer you a strategy I'd use with much success to connect with women on this website in the strategy any guy can use so if you use initially man secretly thinking abusing it and stick with me because I think you'll like this suggestion about to make the New York Post many medical in retrieving up to Mother's Day about how.

Is the medicine sees a sharp increase in its female membership reason they gave is that many women are dissatisfied with their husbands like carrying a Mother's Day Internet dating tips for men ow to meet women on ashley madison. com on Ashley Madison what this article said true achieved by SEight nickname to check yet NY Post article and my tagline became did you see the postarticle is that why you're here then in the opening line at my profile right up I'm a dimensional the article encouraged women to go search it out for themselves if they hadn't seen it the.

Whole idea is to have a strategy was to grab the attention women who in fact did join the website for the reasons the orkut weeded out Internet dating tips for men ow to meet women on ashley madison. com resonate with them and open the door to make the connection well i'm happy to see that the strategy worked exactly as I hoped it would in weekend for Mother's Day and connected with God women who each told me that's exactly why the jury initially Madison so you can use the same strategy by Google searching for clues.

Infidelity Revenge Affair Betrayal Of A Cheating Spouse

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Social Hour Revenge For Infidelity..

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Do You Want Revenge Feel Angry, Disrespected, Cheated, Infidelity, Cheating

Do You Want Revenge Feel Angry, Disrespected, Cheated, Infidelity, Cheating,revenge, Feel angry, disrespected, cheated, infidelity, cheating..

REVENGE OF INFIDELITY ?Bewafai Ka Badla ? ?????? ?? ???? ?..

Wife Gets The Ultimate Revenge On Her Cheating Husband.Laura Arnolds discovered her husbands cheating ways when she found steamy texts on his phone. So when the husband took a flight to New York for business,..

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