If I Were You Movie Review 2012

This is a comedy with a classic feel that you need to see. In if I Were You, a woman discovers that her husband has been cheating on her when she sees him and the mistress at their favorite restaurant. A wild series of events happens that leads to the two women making major life decisions for each other. This crazy film had me laughing no matter how impossible this story sounds. After catching her husband out with another woman, Madeline then witnesses the break up of the affair. Lucy then steps into the same shop she is hiding in to by scotch and rope.

The wife follows the young woman home and ends up saving her life. Even though she doesn't tell Lucy who she really is, an odd friendship develops between these two. They agree to make major life decisions for each other because their own choices have led to pretty crappy lives. Now Madeline takes her advice on a lark and things begin to get change, her life gets better. She uses her influence over the Mistress to keep her away from her husband but she honestly cares about this woman's future. When I was finished watching this movie I immediately needed to tell people.

I knew who were going to love it as much as I did. This film easily could have gone vindictive in the dynamic between the mistress and the wife and you would except that but instead we a woman being destroyed by betrayal actually caring about the other woman involved because she is a good person. That's the major point that got me into this movie. Now there is some comedy that's based on deception by Madeline but really the humor here, the jokes, are positive. They are light even though they come from bad places at times.

And that's what made me enjoy the movie so much more. It was a breath of fresh air with this entire story. Marcia Gay Harden headlines this movie and those headlines are deservd. She is drop dead funny here. It's in her line delivery, her screen presence, and he timing alone. Now I have seen her in some darker, twisted roles but this one was just eye opening for her being a comedic lead. Now the rest of the cast is also good. From the lovely, extremely talented Leonore Watling as Lucy.

And Aiden Quinn who shows up as a possible love interest everyone here had me smiling and laughing right long with the main star. One thing I really appreciate in any comedy and especially this one is there was no hoakey or annoying character. It was all hands on deck to make me laugh and enjoy a pretty rich story. I have never been married so I have no idea what it's like to discover your spouse is cheating on you! But I do believe, If I Were You takes that betrayal and puts it into a comedic light.

TDOR Unite! 2013 Reflection by Carter Brown

Hi, I'm Carter Brown. And I am proud to be a Black man. I'm proud of the immense advancements that the black community has accomplished with unity and resilience. AfricanAmerican history is built on unifying in the face of injustice to bring about progress and equality. From the time our ancestors were brought to American to the current day if there's an injustice against some black people ,we rely on our black leaders to stand up and speak out to be a voice for us all. We may call on Al Sharpton if a young black brother has been shot or murdered by.

Someone of a different race. Or we will will call on Jesse Jackson if a black sister has been unlawfully imprisoned. We called on Martin Luther King Jr and other leaders, when black people were being lynched or denied service or our churches were being burned. And as a community we've shown visible and vocal support of black pastors accused of infidelity, black athletes accused of rape or even murder. Whatever the case, we are sure to show up to defend our brothers and sisters. But sadly that is not the case transgender people in the black community.

You see, it's painfully apparent that the AfricanAmerican community and our leaders are either ignoring or ignorant to the discrimination being inflicted on a large group of brothers and sisters on a daily basis. Just last year, there were over a dozen black transgender women who were reported murdered by such horrific means as multiple gunshot wounds, strangulation, or even burned to death and the number of women killed in this way continues to rise. Yet after years of this ongoing discrimination and hate being inflicted on our own people,.

We have not heard from one of our socalled black leaders. To the AfricanAmerican community, I ask on what scale must a person's life be considered valued or worthy of your protection and support or at least acknowledged. Must I be a pastor of a megachurch or star professional athelete to be worthy of you to fight for me Am I not worthy of your protection and support Why can't you walk with me Every year, the transgender community and its allies gathers to memorialize the precious lives taken so brutally and senselessly. As a leader and a community organizer,.

I ask that you show your support this November 20th by showing up at your local Transgender Day of Remembrance event. We need your help to fight this deplorable injustice being done to our own community. Give a voice to all of our children killed unjustly, because all of our lives are valuable. Give hope to all of our brothers and sisters that are in jeopardy of death or violence just because they're different Give a damn about what about brothers and sisters because all our lives are valuable. Our lives are.

counselor psychotherapist new york city nyc

Leading Psychotherapist and Counselor in New York City Hello, this is Moshe Ratson. It is only normal and human to experience challenges. If you struggle and have difficulties in your personal life, facing issues such as challenging relationship, anger and emotional issues, self esteem and confidence, and find it hard to be more successful in your life or your career, I invite you to call me for a consultation. Coming to therapy is not an easy step to take, but after meeting with me, people find it comfortable because they feel understood,.

Not judged and also because they become proactive in taking control over their situation. They feel empowered to establish change in their life and willing to take the necessary steps to help themselves to be in a better place. Psychotherapy as well as coaching challenge individuals to work toward their goals while supporting them so they can stay at their course to success. It can prevent years of hardship in helping you become more fulfilled and satisfied in many aspects of your life. For this reason, it is the most important.

Top 3 Ways to Avoid Money Fights in Your Marriage

Hi. This is Andrea Travillian with TakeASmartStep. Today I want to talk a little bit about money and marriage. Money and marriage is a huge fighting ground. In fact it's one of the number one reasons for getting divorced. So I wanted to share some tips with you that my husband and I use to successfully manage our money together. We've been together for 16 years and to be honest, rarely fight about money. But it's because of these very key things that we have this success. The first one would be is that we share goals. We both have the same vision for our life.

We've set out our goals together and we're working to achieve them. So having a shared goal with your spouse is huge. If you're both fighting to get different things, obviously there's going to be arguments. So make sure that you set your goals together and that both of you want them. If you do have different goals, you need to make sure that they're somewhat in line and that they're not completely conflicting. So if one wants to work until 60 and one wants to work until 65, that's totally manageable. If one person.

Never ever wants to retire and the other person wants to retire at 40, you have more issues. But when you work on shared goals, you can at least address those issues. Now shared goals leads me to second tip I want to share with you and that's teamwork. In a marriage, everything is a team. My grandpa used to say that it wasn't 5050. It wasn't 100100. It's 106, 110 percent. Everybody has to give more than their all. So you set your goals. Now you need to work as a team to achieve those goals. If one person is working their.

Hiney off to achieve these goals, and the other person is blowing money on the side or just sitting around, lots of resentment and hostility will build up and it will destroy everything that you've worked for even if you have shared goals. So really focusing on teamwork is fantastic. Now the third tip that I want to share with you is communication. Now I understand completely life is hectic. There are kids' activities. Even if you don't have activities, just jobs alone and life at our current pace is very hectic. So you have to make communication.

A priority. Now we do this in a couple of different ways. One we always have at a bare minimum one date night a month. This gives us a really good opportunity to sit down, have a meal, relax and just talk about where we're going. Now in between, we make it a point to highlight things that are important and this never has to be always face to face. So it might be an email. My husband and I are on instant message with each other throughout the day. It might be dropping a note like that.

It might be I run a financial report, print it out and set it on his desk. The key is continual communication to keep each other on the same page. Now these are just three tips to really help you guys address money issues and money problems in your marriage. If you want more of what my husband and I do about keeping our money and our marriage semi fightfree, click the link below and head over to the article. I would also love to hear what you and your spouse do to make communication better. Have.

The Family Man 112 Movie CLIP Do You Want to Die 2000 HD

Relax, son. Relax. I got you four numbers. Check it. Bust it. 6, 14, 16, 49. That's a winner, son. $238, B. Cheddar coming. Give me my money. I'm sorry. Your ticket bad. You draw in the lines. What are you talking about, B. You draw in the lines with a pencil. I know about this. Yo, buster, check the ticket, son. No, you get out. Yo, you ain't even looked at the ticket. You looking at me, son. Check the ticket. You get out now! You take the ticket somewhere else!.

Next customer in line! You get out or I call 911. Oh, my God! Check the ticket, stupid. Look at the ticket. Shit, now I'm gonna make you call God. That's my word. You best check that ticket, fool! Let me see the ticket. Was I talking to you Maybe I'll buy it from you. You know, make a little business deal. Stupidass white boy in $2,000 suit gets capped trying to be a hero. News at 1100. That's what you wanna see You wanna see Cash up in here You want me to set it, son.

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