Man Tattoos Daddys Girl on Underage Daughter

Victor scroggins decided that he wanted to make the bond between father and daughter extremely public and so why not try to answer so the uh. allegedly taxied the words daddy's girl but his fourteen year old daughters wrist in addition to attacks during downey's girl he also included at the logo for his arms company frowning i mean you want to do a bit of advertising that's viral marketing right there why is it that conference vendettas people in this country every exactly an au pair earlier biotech you machines perhaps on either.

But now that he was it that he was arrested uh. it's uh. glitzy touch a little minor as one of the charges child neglect and not having a required certificate and know that uh. charged with type two minor whistling realize i set it up with our director to first um. do you think that parents should be allowed to talk to their children a certificate what would you think the agent re basic tax increase however is not a joke any i'd get it with parents you know you should have as much freedom as possible.

When it comes to raising your kids but you shouldn't make a decision to attack to your child care it's affordable idf here's our decision it's it's not her decision and even if it gets her decision prior to her turning eighteen it sat back physician she should be an adult if she makes the decision to do something permanent to her body yeah so the dot that's my at take on that now i know people are filing deadline hypocrite because you're in favor of like the young people getting plastic surgery.

We talked about that before of course that's a permanent i'd change the makes your body i'm only supportive of that if your under the age of eighteen and you have some sort of deformity right uh. adhere to a twenty year so that's the first thing that comes to my mind that young girl who batter ears at to and or whatever it is an when it comes to talk to us now it's a bad idea xd so stupid don't don't do that to a minor ever going to be honest uh.

I don't know this guy i don't know what goes on in his brain but daddy is for a lot of respect that makes me want to investigate him a little bit more because that has obviously sort of pseudo sexual connotation to it but it's already bizarre and creepy without the sexual stuff but i wouldn't worry about that if i want to talk to the daughter ninety percent of cops you have act i don't want to sound like a typical liberal who believes that the government should be butting in every part of a person's life but.

And i also understand too that these stories come up on like helping the post weird news buzzfeed stuff like that and at the same time millions of people are raising their children and not doing crazy stuff but i wonder if perhaps we should do more to train people in how the rear children what's a good decision a bad decision for parents and i don't know if training that is the right word i definitely think it's important to really criticize out pro reproductive uh. culture because we have this culture here where if you make.

The decision to not have kids your looked at as a radical weirdo janet you know were constantly told reproduce reproduce reproduced in fact we did appoint episode on there so i think it's better to give people as much information as possible about what it's like to be a parent and how it's challenging of question when does it challenging the do people really know how to tell you sing it is yeah before they have kids i mean when you think about the average cost of having a child which is around.

Answers to Nothing Trailer

Hi everyone from AC News! Let's see the today's trailer, cinema news is coming up! Terraferma is the Italian movie that is candidate to Oscar nomination as the best foreign movie. Director Emanuele Crialese, winner of the Special Award of the Jury at the Venice Festival, has already beaten the competition of Nanni Moretti's Habemus Papam and of other candidates such as Vallanzasca, Corpo Celeste e Tatanka. Various titles and international and Italian guests for the fifth day of Rome Fiction Fest 2011. For Italy will be presented fictions as L'affondamento della Laconia,.

Hematrace Test

The Hematrace test is used for the detection of blood. Take a small cutting of the suspected blood stain no larger than 1cm by 1 cm. Place the cutting in the vial with buffer provided in the kit. Allow the stain to extract in the buffer for at least 5 minutes. The stain can be extracted for up to 30 minutes if the sample is aged or washed. After the sample has soaked in the buffer vortex or shake vigorously for at least fifteen seconds Open the pouch provided and remove the test card and dropper.

Label the card with the appropriate information. Using the dropper draw up the extracted liquid and place 4 to 6 drops into the S well of the test card. A positive result is indicated by the presence of two lines one in the T region and one in the C region. A positive result can be seen in as little as 2 minutes. A negative result is indicated by one line in the C region. A negative results should only be read after 10 minutes. If there are no lines present or only a line in the T region after the.

Charlie Sheen Wants Cop Revenge Killer to Call Him

Christopher darden are mentioned charlie sheen in his manifesto in fact here the exact words he said charlie sheen europe an awesome so of course charlie sheen's new uses as an opportunity to make himself relevant again so he made a tutorial where he says the following premature destruction mention the manifesto so thank you for your kind words i'm urgent call me let's figure out together henderson content for the time not not winning losing because he knows a christopher darden i have absolutely no way of reaching him here is a list of called charlie sheen like alright charlie suits as i said.

Reaction how are you gonna do that and is just the way of charlie sheen to remain in the public in public city a little bit belli xa transcript seductive actually believe med he could you know solve this issue but they do was up honest feeling with the shed okay i mean he's a little touched added but i'd meet you guys are being loaded on the rare charlie sheen fantasy strong supporters into strong but i get it i got friends who were a little types yeah i think he means well as he does many questionable for steel vicariously.

Through charlie sheen a little bit waiting for you really well the problem right like what he's buying winning many is winning before his first cup of coffee in his wake up with like seven ever women in the house this it's impossible to get up to a bike tires they throw had not enjoy that and not to seek the leader of your corporate slowly it got better but he's a big city shouldn't have done and that's our started so that in this case i think this interest you require that bob.

Witty and they like seventeen hours later some bizarre throwing he doesn't have a number everyone missouri city charles changes in that tutorial excuses comes off as extremely smart and very light i don't know how to explain he just seems like this like all active fix the situation don't worry just call me a call me up and uh. you write about me a manifesto accuses comes off as a last minute just brought me the wrong way again i feel like a he has actually no intention to solve anything that he just wants set no i just wanted to have you.

By big trip like this drugs which removed or for those of his house and charlie you know and people talk about charlie sheen again yet no nvm note the mediator the salsa aria yes lapd and his it has been a busy melodies on one side of that really nice way counting door is another sign and charlie were killer okay like this would be vagus uh. exit is it your gut no you want to order in your house melissa leo hold your head agreed that really bad idea yeah.

Horrifying Illegal Butt Injections Lead to Arrest

Calvin edward butler has been arrested yet again because of his legal but injection business that he's been running illegally drugs that are supposed to do that he doesn't have any sort of medical certification whatsoever i'm now he was arrested again earlier this week is being held a hundred uh. thousanddollar not charged with practicing without a license resulting in bodily injury out there you see a picture of calvin edward butler vacate amigo butler um. the now another one of the uh. the victims of this although they did go.

Willingly and get the surgery done i has come forward we've got some interesting information about the witnesses under this was previously talked with young turks but i thought to be really interesting uh. now this is in regard to one of the men who'd previously come forward and is the quote once the injections their word on that uh. buttons actions were complete butler would clean any blood or food from the skin and use crazy glue on the incisions report said the woman that the woman at the at this point was charged two hundred dollars.

Per injection fashion not four people have come forward there possibly others out there what's wrong with people this is a apparently a huge issue in miami i'm derek in a string of arrests related to elite gold plastic surgery procedures i am not against plastic surgery uh. i think that if you aren't adult and you want to change something about yourself and you do enough research and you make an educated decision then you should have the ability to do so but one thing that you definitely should not be cheap about is plastic surgery you know don't.

Look for someone who does plastic surgery out of their homes in a safe medical environment with the professional research the hell out of him or her uh. and as i said on the show before insecurity is the most expensive thing because it leads you to do stupid things that cost a lot of money yeah uh. and you know two hundred dollars isn't chump change uh. i would have no obviously preferred for these people to go to uh. licensed professionals act to get this yet it's easy to love the people i was even laughing a little bit but we don't.

Know how this guy advertise the services for all they knew maybe it was semiretire uh. i mean obviously getting a very good deal but look i got you please ask you know we can all get drawn in for various ideals begat the injuries that they they suffered are pretty serious that these people some of them still have chronic pain as a result of bacterial infections one of the guys who'd been calling in to calvin ever butler like saying like that i could live like this is a killing.

If in weeks later at the obviously infected was given like just collect topical antibiotics and things we are told to man up it is exactly the ac dot my doctors as old as i thought that all the time to and but when the uh. at one point five billion the infected but the products of this man and found cultures of mercer i know right now it's it's horrible and terrible and i i'm glad that authorities are cracking down on this and a lot of people are coming forward.

Of course this is an in embarrassing situation for these people they caught up and so some people might feel embarrassed to go forward and tell of the reasons happening but you know if you're experiencing anything like this or even if you come across someone you hear about someone doing something like this turn them in immediately because they're messing with people's lives here this was sick individual yeah okay i i don't know what kind of pleasure you know he's getting by injecting fix a flack into people's but thoughts yeah yeah i would i say i consider bringing that up to you think.

Gingrich ProAdultery Site Endorsement Ashley Madison Billboard

As soon as a dot com has indoors add their political candidate ad they have endorsed newt gingrich and they're doing so by putting billboards up that say the following uh. baseball republican unfaithful husband actually madison dot com welcomed accidents in the gulf ivig practically well the in any of the guys in the race of it actually has a bag of is newt gingrich but instead began moved things hey look my wife has cancer well life is short either if you don that's the kind of guy were done as soon as america remember repeat survey worse.

Papers to his first wife while she was in the hospital with recovered from cast held by the way i've been having a fair on you life is short especially your response to your wife marianne gingrich his second wife said dade new once told ur these rules are applied to me it's important net by uphold uh. what should be the rules for everyone else and morality in the country but uh. as a leader obviously i don't have to put at the same rules apply to me obviously is the second point is that that so you immediately become a little.

Skeptical about it but knowing newt gingrich of bathroom repair uh. he's itself that are also love the quote from the ceo bassinets in dot com he says now in new isley a leading contender in the race for the gop nomination we thought compulsory ca points at the lowest rate house hasn't changed when a serial towards a doctor is capturing the hearts of the american people affect thirtyseven there is a very good people but and he is a very large those folks person for and they put the billboard of.

A pennsylvania which is uh. you might be like whether the navy says that's not in the any early primary state or anything like that but interest directed track records they like uh. pennsylvania is the only state apparently where they're even in the middle of the recession their membership is growing up so this one to keep that going for their side an electoral on issues of has a baby is so newt gingrich would appeal to them and that's why we put up with us today modified newt gingrich is getting a lot of classy endorsements first gary bsc nationmaster.

Steak and WHAT Day!

March fourteenth is state and bj day and it's a day to celebrate mad because you know a month ago we were celebrating women for valentine's day also this sound like a fun holiday why not have made a politician say and the plastic chest in west hollywood is offering and orel sex class to help ladies who do wanna help about out are now how much work did at this uh. of it uh. really out of the statewide statement pages but they state fair because they're not someone up.

Right dist homework is not the case they can be treated spray this you have said in order for to work you really got to get the captain's machine behind people have a lot of money on so you've got a call or something more pleasant than you know familyfriendly and get the same result the river they had called valentine's day you have to get better girlfriend roses and chocolate other what's your take it with the workers while right attitude and that's the reality we want to work as well.

This is this like some of the this is too true yet fit which is for the car that that's that's it that that so i went to the statements working out great this is probably better names so that with the man suddenly pressure or grow friends wives of like partial it should celebrated the consumer i feel like there should be a campaign to do in seeking the same day as part of our and steady i thought that was already what was happening all really and what we're gonna believe that that's a good word red.

Article about this is really about thriller that states that the defense about the real issue and one another and i can take that one side so indicted officers dilettante one you know naming at the at the same day you get roses its not a bad behavior got big bets that they would admit weapon dot state westchester flu active answers courses can't sort that out by insult you that i get my wife bruises actor adding that the smart way to do it with it that would be like four times more.


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