If I Were You Movie Review 2012

This is a comedy with a classic feel that you need to see. In if I Were You, a woman discovers that her husband has been cheating on her when she sees him and the mistress at their favorite restaurant. A wild series of events happens that leads to the two women making major life decisions for each other. This crazy film had me laughing no matter how impossible this story sounds. After catching her husband out with another woman, Madeline then witnesses the break up of the affair. Lucy then steps into the same shop she is hiding in to by scotch and rope.

The wife follows the young woman home and ends up saving her life. Even though she doesn't tell Lucy who she really is, an odd friendship develops between these two. They agree to make major life decisions for each other because their own choices have led to pretty crappy lives. Now Madeline takes her advice on a lark and things begin to get change, her life gets better. She uses her influence over the Mistress to keep her away from her husband but she honestly cares about this woman's future. When I was finished watching this movie I immediately needed to tell people.

I knew who were going to love it as much as I did. This film easily could have gone vindictive in the dynamic between the mistress and the wife and you would except that but instead we a woman being destroyed by betrayal actually caring about the other woman involved because she is a good person. That's the major point that got me into this movie. Now there is some comedy that's based on deception by Madeline but really the humor here, the jokes, are positive. They are light even though they come from bad places at times.

And that's what made me enjoy the movie so much more. It was a breath of fresh air with this entire story. Marcia Gay Harden headlines this movie and those headlines are deservd. She is drop dead funny here. It's in her line delivery, her screen presence, and he timing alone. Now I have seen her in some darker, twisted roles but this one was just eye opening for her being a comedic lead. Now the rest of the cast is also good. From the lovely, extremely talented Leonore Watling as Lucy.

And Aiden Quinn who shows up as a possible love interest everyone here had me smiling and laughing right long with the main star. One thing I really appreciate in any comedy and especially this one is there was no hoakey or annoying character. It was all hands on deck to make me laugh and enjoy a pretty rich story. I have never been married so I have no idea what it's like to discover your spouse is cheating on you! But I do believe, If I Were You takes that betrayal and puts it into a comedic light.

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