from wristbands with all the answers, to writing all the solutions on a lewd body part, the Planet Dolan crew renact some of the best true stories from our subreddit about cheating on tests Im Danger Dolan and today Ill be your narrator 10 TacoTownUSA Pringle My friend Pringle found a great way to cheat this guys knows a bit about electronics and he has Photophobic eyes, which basically means that his eyes are super sensitive to light and so he has to wear sunglasses A LOT.

(even indoors). so for his final exam he took a small, mildly flexible screen that he cannibalized from an old Nintendo DS, fit it to the inside of his right lens, and rigged it up to connect to his phone through a wire running down the earpiece and through his shirt, hidden by his hair. After finding a brightness that wouldn’t destroy his eyes and a resolution he could read, he put all the formulas and notes on his phone and walked straight into class. Aside from the lack of depth perception, it went perfectly for him.

9 cooper775 shima well what shima did, the cheeky little cat she is, was to write the answers on her thigh so that the teacher wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he noticed she was looking at her own thigh quite often; he would come off as a creep if he were to ask her to pull up her pants so he could take a long suspicious gander at her thighs. 8 MentoToothpicks Melissa Melissa, in order to cheat on her test she.

Created her own language, so that each symbol would represent a letter. after memorizing the whole alphabet in her new language, she would write out the answers on the back of her binder. When the test came around and they had to clear their desks, she put the notebook on the floor and covered it with some papers. When the teacher wouldn’t look, she would nudge the things on top of it over so that she could read it. If the teacher came by and saw it, they assumed it was gibberish and didn’t question her.

Later on, i did explain that if youre so desperate to cheat that you would literally MAKE UP A LANGUAGE TO DO SO, that you may be better off, yknow, just studying the damn topic. 7 CommonFate Gooby When Gooby was in grade five, she had a horrible teacher. Everyone in her class hated her, she gave impossible tests only people with photographic memory would pass, so for a particularly difficult test coming up, she and two of her.

Friends met up and decided to cheat to pass. her friend devised a way to cheat by making rubber band bracelets with paper on one end. They had to have 8 on each of their arms for a total of sixty five answers. They didn’t get caught as rubber bands are always popular at school, and so Gooby passed the test with flying colours. 6 Vtcrob DDs Bro One time my brother wrote the answers on the side of his shoe so all he had to do was tilt his foot slightly. Another time, taking inspiration.

From pringle, he wrote the answers on the interior side of his glasses. all he had to do was take them off and act like he was thinking. And for the final exam, he wore contacts and carried glasses but didnt wear them. He wrote on the glass with a white marker and because the desk was black he could see all 40 answers to the quiz. He ended up getting 100% for every test. 5 ClashmanTheDupe Nixxiom This one time Nixxiom managed to teach a homing.

Pigeon to retrieve the answer sheet for himself midtest. the teacher never saw it coming. Why would he think Nixxiom and the pigeon were in cahoots?! Im surprised Nixxiom didnt write the answers on the birds thigh just to be absolutely certain he didnt get caught. Asking Shima to drop trou is one thing, but asking a pigeon to bend over for examination is another thing entirely. 4 TheRulerofEarth Slapped Ham This one happened to our friend, Slapped Ham.

The Science of Cheating

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