The Moment Sugar Ray Leonard Knew He Had a Drug Problem Where Are They Now Oprah Winfrey Network

There was a part of me that's Ray Leonard that's a good man, is an honest man. And there's Sugar Ray Leonard who was egodriven who was a tough SOB in the ring who had money who had fame and at some point, didn't really appreciate it but took advantage of that. And my first wife, Juanita, she always said, you were two different people. And I used to get angry about that then go and have a drink. But then when my present wife, Bernadette said to me, there are two of you, I knew there was a problem.

Chaz Bono on the Pain of Looking at Old Photographs Where Are They Now Oprah Winfrey Network

I thought it was interesting. My producer told me that she brought you out to look at some of the photos because we go back and we pull up all these different photos. And usually, people are like, oh, that's great. That's great. And she shared with me that you shared with her that looking at these old photos is not a comforting thing or a sweet thing. Yeah, I mean, for most transgender people, we don't really like to see pictures of us before transitioning because life was really hard beforehand.

So they're generally not happy memories. You're kind of being like, OK, that was me living a life that wasn't me. I wasn't being myself. And I was really happy. So it doesn't bring back fun nostalgia. You just are reminded of the pain you were in. I had this fascinating conversation on Super Soul Sunday with Janet Mock, who shared with me what you're saying. I'm going to paraphrase it, Janet. I know you said it more eloquently. She's so eloquent. Very eloquent. So I'm going to botch what you said.

She was saying, when will I ever just be seen as myself. I'm just trying to be seen as myself. And I so get that. Yeah, I mean, that is really what it is. And I mean, it's interesting because It made me tear up because I thought, well, that's what everybody wants. That's what everybody wants. And the thing that gets so frustrating with transgender people is so often we get, I think, thought of as we're trying to hoodwink other people by being something we're not. And it's like, no, no, we're actually.

The Pit Bull That Gave Linda Blair a New Life Purpose Where Are They Now Oprah Winfrey Network

I'm trying to figure out what to do, and a big pit bull had followed me home. Well, the news media had said, they're going to kill you. I really didn't know what a pit bull was. And I ran home, put my dog in the house. And he turns into the driveway, and I realize, this dog is not attacking me. This dog is asking for help. And I brought him some water, and his demeanor told me that he was the angel that I now know was sent to me.

DOG BARKS Good job! Yay! So we rescue animals that are abandoned to the streets, the high desert. I'm so cute. I know you are. I know. We do rescue all up and down the California what I call the Farm Belt. City shelters, county shelters. We want to put an end to backyard breeders, and so we need to change the laws stop a lot of things that are going on. We treat over 100 dogs here at any given time. It's a huge undertaking. There are so many rescues in America.

How to make the Bubble Gum Shot Tipsy Bartender

Country rock music Today is a big day! Jessica does a shot. You only did one shot on the show so far. So what, but I'm ready! Skyy Uhhuh I'm pumped, I'm hyped! This one's a bubblegum, and she was so nervous! She's like, Skyy, I got to put on my bondage outfit! That's right, that's real leather, I bought it. Jessica laughs Just to do this shot! You ready Jessica I'm ready. Skyy You sure Let's do this! Your leather's good Jessica Ready.

Skyy laughs Vodka, Midori. Creme de Bananas, Sweet Sour. Oh, Grenadine, whoo, yay! Skyy laughs What's this Orange juice, it don't get no better. She's gonna try to dance to the rhythm of the shaker, go ahead. Ayy! laughs That's it Skyy laughs My Tony Yayo. laughs Jessica Yay. Skyy laughs Dominatrix. Yes And there we have it! The bubblegum shot! Tastes like bubblegum It should. If it don't, don't blame me, I just follow recipes. Jessica laughs.

Go ahead! Wait, do I have to do this all in. Or can I just take like No it's a shot, you're supposed to do it at once! Ohh, okay. But you can go like mimics drinking Right, right, right, like you chuggin' water. Look at her holding her breath, choking! That's good! But you looked like this! Jessica laughs It's good, what the hell is that I have to, left the alcohol aftertaste, and then I could start tasting all the fruity stuff.

But it kinda fruity, right Jessica Yeah! It's kinda like gum. Jessica It's good. It tastes like bananas! Yeah, yeah, yeah, it have like a little banana, gum feel to it. Okay, you're wearing your little leather, got your dominatrix thing goin' on, What would your dominatrix name be Lady what Lady Cake Face! Skyy laughs Since that's what y'all call me out there. It's cool though, I'll see you on the street! When I see you in the street, me and Skyy just go.

Mario Lopezs Infidelity And Split From Ali Landry Where Are They Now Oprah Winfrey Network

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Mario Lopez's Infidelity And Split From Ali Landry | Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network.Tune in Sunday, August 17, at 98c. In 2004, Ali Landry, the former Miss USA, and her thenfianc, Mario Lopez, appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show for the..

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