from punching to dog walking, we count 11 ridiculous arcade games from all over the world. 11 Inu no Osanpo, Do you wish you had a dog of your own? Maybe your landlord wont let you have pets, or maybe your parents have said no to you a million and one times, or maybe Nintendogs just doesnt cut it anymore, well this is the game for you. In English it translates to Dog Walking and thats not an abstract term like Final.

Fantasy, the game is about giving you the authentic dog walking experience, without all the allergens. But seriously, I cannot even fathom why anyone would want to walk on a treadmill and pretend to walk a dog, it just doesnt make any sense, but then again: Japan. 10 Sonic Blast Heroes, Imagine a strength testing game except add in a bunch of weird rules and graphics and you have Sonic Blast Heroes. Basically its a boxing game except.

Without dodging or blocking and if you go to taitos website theyre advertising a brand new version, except all they added was some safety features. But hey, how often do you get to punch a TRex in the face? Well reasonably often, but I guess the weirdness of what youre punching makes it a little less dumb. 9 Cow Milking Game, In this game you insert your coins, sit on a stool and milk some fake, but oddly realistic looking udders.

i dont really know how you get a high score, maybe its for speed? all i know is that this isnt designed to teach you how to properly milk a cow, its designed to be a game for fun. I know when I think of fun, I think of gripping and tugging tubes of rubber under a hunk of fibreglass and metal, dont you? 8 Turnip Strength Tester, This ones from Soviet era Russia, and its basically another strength testing game, except instead of hitting a punching.

Bag, you pull on a lever, thing. of course since its from a bygone era theres no fancy graphics, or any graphics at all apart from a digital score display. The weirdest thing about this is that its based on an old Russian folk tale where a kid cant pull a turnip out of the ground, and thats why its called the Turnip Strength Tester. 7 Amusement Washing Machine, So instead of shoving your clothes in the machine and forgetting about it for about.

An hour, this washing machine requires you to complete a game in order to get your clothes to clean. If you suck at the game you need to insert more coins, otherwise your clothes wont be properly washed. I can see this being a fun thing to do in a laundromat, but honestly Id rather just mess around on my phone and not risk the whole process take longer than it needs to. 6 The Tablecloth Hour,.

you know that party trick where you set up a table (cloth, plates, cups and all) and then pull the table cloth out at just the right speed, at just the right angle and all the cups and plates stay pretty much where they were without spilling anything? Well Japan has made an arcade game out of it, for some reason. Ill admit Id play this if I saw it, but Id only do so once and then never again, the only thing about the table cloth trick is that its somewhat impressing,.

But getting a highscore in this wont impress anyone and its almost certainly not very fun. 5 Wall Street, No its not based on the movie and its not a number crunching maths based game either, its a game where you try and catch suicidal stockbrokers as they jump out of windows from the umpteenth story. But then it gets weirder, afterwards you run around mazelevels as a stock broker shooting lightning bolts from your hands and collecting.

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