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Japanese PM Abe to send FM to Korea to settle sexslave issue

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will send his Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida to Korea some time this month. in efforts to settle one of the most sensitive issues between the two countries. Japans sexual enslavement of women before and during World War II. Thats according to Japanese media reports. Our foreign affairs correspondent Kwon Soa has the details. Could it be the beginning of mending ties between Korea and Japan. when it comes to their long unresolved historical disputes This question is being raised. as Japanese media reported Thursday that Prime Minister.

Shinzo Abe gave Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida the order to visit Korea this month. to seek a way to resolving the issue of Japans sexual enslavement of Korean women during World War Two. Seouls foreign affairs ministry responded to the news by saying this year marks fifty years of diplomatic ties between the two countries and President Park Geunhye and Prime Minister Abe had agreed to accelerate negotiations. at a summit in November. In a bid to get closer to that goal. Seoul and Tokyo held their 11th round of workinglevel talks in Tokyo just last week. with no.

Tangible outcome. While Koreas government has been seeking a formal apology and compensation for the socalled comfort women. the Japanese government has been claiming that the issue was settled under a 1965 treaty that normalized diplomatic relations between the two countries. Tokyo has been expressing its will to approach the issue on humanitarian grounds. Meanwhile. Japans Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported December 28th as a likely date for Kishidas trip. Pundits say the latest developments could be a sign of relations going uphill..given the fact that Seouls court recently cleared a Japanese reporter of defaming Korean President Park Geunhye. and Koreas.

Korea Japan meet again to resolve wartime sex slave issues 9

Korea and Japan are holding another round of talks to resolve a decadesold historical issue that still divides the two countries. Hopes are high the two sides will set a friendly tone for the upcoming KoreaChinaJapan talks. but as our Han Daeun reports. sticking points remain. The Foreign Ministrys directorgeneral of the Northeast Asia affairs bureau Lee Sangdeuk. and head of the Japanese Foreign Ministrys Asian and Oceanian Affairs department Junichi Ihara. met to resolve issues surrounding Japans sexual enslavement of Korean women during World War II. This is the 9th round of talks on the socalled comfort women issue. which first.

Took place in Seoul 2014. With a trilateral summit among leaders of Korea China and Japan expected at the end of next month. pundits say Lee and Ihara will make their best attempt to iron out differences this time around. But sticking points remain. The first being Japans sincerity and style of apology. Tokyo remains reluctant to acknowledge or apologize for its past wrongdoings. claiming theyve already apologized through the 1993 Kono Statement. Seoul does not accept the Kono Statement as a true apology demanding a direct and sincere apology from Japans government and prime.

Minister. Second is the matter of compensation. Japan says it provided compensation through a civil organization in 1995. but Korea is arguing for more comprehensive governmentlevel compensation for the victims who had to endure Japans horrifying wartime atrocities. Experts predict. foreign ministers of the two neighboring countries will likely hold talks on the sidelines of the ongoing UN General Assembly soon. Attention is now focused on whether Korea and Japan will be able to make a breakthrough on the decadesold issue. before the leaders of the two countries meet for the planned trilateral summit.

Efforts made for proper compensation for Korean victims of Japans wartime sex s

There are ongoing efforts in and out of Korea to get Japan to acknowledge their wartime sex crimes and apologize to Korean victims. Unfortunately we maybe losing a race against time to get what the 47 survivors what they deserve. Lee Jiwon brings us this report. The painful days of the past are still remembered vividly in their minds. I was only 14 years old when I was living in agony as a sex slave for the Japanese soldiers for eightyears. Despite the Japanese governments silence for the past two years when the surviving Korean victims of Japans wartime sex slavery.

Last sued in 2013. efforts are still ongoing for them to get a proper recompense including a formal apology. Ten Korean victims have filed for damages from the Japanese government on Thursday. Their lawyer says he plans to launch the lawsuit in the coming weeks. seeking around 85 thousand U.S. dollars in compensation for each victim. Meanwhile the Korean Ambassador to the United Nations is seeking ways to introduce Japans wartime system of sexual slavery to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Ambassador Oh Joon made the remarks during.

A parliamentary inspection session by Koreas Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee held in New York on Wednesday. Ambassador Oh said he was asked by Seouls Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in 2013.to bring the issue up for discussion at the global platform. setting next year as the deadline to do so. Hopefully such efforts may lead to the Japanese government to show regret and give the long overdue apology. but with only 47 victims registered with the Korean government still alive there isnt much time left. Lee Jiwon Arirang News.

Korea Japan to hold 10th round of talks on wartime sex slavery issue

Korea and Japan will once again meet to resolve their differences over Tokyos wartine system of sex slavery. The Seoul government announced today that the workinglevel talks will be held here in the Korean capital on Wednesday. Its the tenth of its kind BUT comes just days after the first summit talks between the leaders of the two countries where one of the major agreements was to speed up the process and resolve this decadesold issue at an early date. Arirang News foreign affairs correspondent Song Jisun has our top story.

Korea and Japan are honoring their commitment to resolve their differences on the sex slavery issue. Seouls Foreign Ministry announced Tuesday the its Northeast Asian Affairs Bureau chief Lee Sangdeok will meet with his Japanese counterpart Ishikane Kimihiro in Seoul on Wednesday. These are the first talks between the two countries since their summit a week ago. and follow a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday where President Park Geunhye reiterated her call for a prompt resolution of the issue. The Korean government remains firm on its position. The wartime sex slavery issue must.

Be addressed as soon as possible. as agreed at the summit. Tokyo needs to promptly come up with a resolution that Seoul can accept. The key for the two officials will be to narrow their differences enough so they can reach an agreement on the matter by the end of the year. However the prospects for the talks seem somewhat murky. Speaking at a lower house session of parliament on Tuesday Japanese Prime Minister Shizno Abe reiterated his stance that Japans legal obligation was settled in a 1965 agreement that normalized relations between the two.

Countries. adding that the two should work together so that the issue doesnt come up again for future generations. Watchers say the remarks seem to indicate that Japan could offer the victims financial aid instead of the formal apology and compensation that Korea demands. The ultimate hurdle for possible settlement of issue is that Japans governments admission acceptance of legal and political responsibilities for the victims. So no matter how much and what kind of humanitarian nonpolitical and financial nonfinancial assistance Japanese government may propose to the Korean side that wouldnt cut the deal.

Denuclearizing N. Korea and mending ties with Japan top foreign affairs agenda

Meanwhile, South Korea plans to continue its push to denuclearize the Korean peninsula while improving relations with Japan. South Koreas foreign ministry laid out these plans during a press conference on Monday. Our Connie Kim reports. Denuclearizing the Korean peninsula and mending bilateral ties with Japan are the main goals for South Koreas foreign affairs ministry this year. At a press briefing on Monday, Foriegn Affairs Minister Yun Byungse emphasized that the government will create a system in which interKorean talks and denuclearizing the Korean peninsula can work handinhand. South Korea has vowed to find ways to deter.

Provocations from North Korea. This will be driven by a socalled Korean formula that aims to denuclearize North Korea and revive the sixparty nuclear talks, stalled since 2008. The formula consists of methods and preconditions for restarting the multilateral talks,. based on the agreements reached by the nations party to the talks including the two Koreas, China, Japan, Russia and the U.S. The nations have agreed on the need for a swift denuclearization process and creative ways to bring North Korea back to the negotiating table. Seouls foreign ministry also outlined plans for addressing one of the most contentious.

Issues for the South the wartime sexual enslavement of Korean women by Japan. Minister Yun emphasized that he hopes to see improved bilateral ties between South Korea and Japan, as this year marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries. Adding that the highlevel talks on wartime sex slavery could bring about a change in their bilateral relations, Minister Yun said Seoul hopes to see some of the changes coming from the Japanese government. Korea wants Japan to properly compensate the victims of sexual enslavement. Japan claims the issue was resolved through.

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Korean victims of Japans wartime sexual enslavement meet White House, State Dept. officials

It has also emerged that,. during their visit to the U.S.,. the two elderly victims of Japan's system of sex slavery also held closeddoor interviews with officials from the White House and the State Department. According to sources this week, Lee Oksun and Kang Ilchul met with the official last Wednesday and Thursday and asked the U.S. to take greater interest in trying to resolve the issue. The White House reportedly said it would closely monitor the situation. keeping in mind that the women don't have much time left. The talks were the first facetoface meetings.

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