EXCLUSIVE ELLIE GOULDING on deleting THAT Katy Perry pic

I have been joined by award winning Ellie Goulding! I have to ask you about 'Bad Blood' I'm sure everyone was asking about it! No, no, no! Noone's asked me about it! Wow, when you came on and looked at the camera with the gun, it was unbelievable! I know!And to be honest, I wasn't in it that long! But, I still think that I had the best part! What was it It's just like a bazooka thing, isn't it It was very heavy, I kept having to put it down, too heavy Was it surreal being surrounded by everyone like that.

Just being in that tutorial The reason she's surrounded by these cool women is cos she is cool, and like I said it's important to surround yourself with these people as it keeps you in a good place How long did you do it, were you there all day No I wasn't there long, I think some of the others did maybe more complicated parts with stunts and stuff but no, I wasn't there for that long, it was pretty easy! There should be a sequel! I think that was a very special one off tutorial anyone think that one!.

Everyone's saying about you deleting that picture of you and Katy Perry, surely this is getting out of hand now .oh! I deleted that because I looked bad in it! and I think I was a bit drunk, and I thought it wasn't a very good example of myself. That's so funny that that's even a thing, no, I delete things all the time I think cos I've got so many followers, like six million, that when I delete something, it's a big deal. No, I delete photos of myself all the time,.

I post them and I look and I go 'no, I don't look very good, delete!' Do you think it might be to do with people going 'because you're friends with Katy Perry, you shouldn't be friends with Taylor' I'm very used to things being made up so that's ridiculous I'm great friends with Katy, I'm great friends with Taylor That's very silly, no, no, I just looked bad in it! I zoomed in on my actual photo and was like 'noooo!' You don't look terrible! I did, I was a little bit drunk, I admit!.

Fifth Harmony do celebrity impressions including One Direction and Ed Sheeran

You obviously know a few British people by now, I wonder if you could do a couple of impressions of someone you know, that's British and the other girls have to guess who it could be ALLY Oh, oh, oh! Can I start! OK, let me see. 'Alright girls, here's the thing.' ALL Simon! I wanted more Simon! NORMANI I can't say the name. 'Hello girls, how you doing today' CAMILA Jade ALL CHEER NORMANI She goes 'hello, my name is Jid'! ALL Oh, that's perfect! ALLY That was amazing! Oh, Jade from Little Mix!.

NORMANI I think.is she from the North LAUREN Northern accent From the North! CAMILA I'm gonna do.you guys are gonna get this. in like two seconds, but just let me have it for a little bit. NORMANI I don't know if we will Camila raps really fast ALL ED! Camila keeps rapping fast ALLY Ed Sheeran! CAMILA They gave me like, thirty seconds, and not two, so that was good. DINAH I'm gonna do who I normally do ALLY Oh, I know! DINAH Oh, I can't do the British accent very well.

NORMANI Oh, wait, I know which one you're gonna do! DINAH Hold on, I'm gonna get it! How does it start again ALLY whispering I don't care what they say DINAH sings I don't care what they say, I'm still in love with you! they try to pull me away, but they don't know the truth! Leona Lewis is in the house! ALLY That was amazing! CAMILA She's got it dead on Considering you sing for a living, you're very good at it ALL LAUGH NORMANI She's great. DINAH She follows me on Twitter! ALLY She changed her hair colour..

Can anyone do me a One Direction impression, because I would love that ALL TRY TO DO BRITISH ACCENTS.AND FAIL CAMILA I feel like I could do a good Harry one Ok, ok, it's like.deep breath Nasal bad English Hello.my name is.Haray ALL LAUGH CAMILA Come on, come on, gimme a sentence! I like bacon LAUREN That suitcase is really silver, go! CAMILA Ok.almost Scouse that suitcase is really silver' LAUREN Bad Northern That suitcase is really silver CAMILA Is that ok ALL LAUGH NORMANI Wait, I have one! There was this one that Ally showed me.

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