The Chemistry of Love

Hello welcome to fact a day, the series where I bring you at least one fact every single day for as long as possible. Today's fact is what exactly love is. Most people believe the feeling of love has something to do with the human heart. This superstition arose in ancient times when people believed the heart was responsible for our consciousness, thought process, and emotions and not our brain. After scientists discovered our brains were responsible for these thoughts and not our heart parts of this superstition stayed because of love's physiological effects. For example.

When someone is experiencing love, their purples dilate, and heart rate and blood pressures changes. Now onto what really controls love, aside from psychological studies we can look at neuroscience. When someone experiences love high levels of various chemicals can be found in their brain. Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are commonly found in the initial attraction phase of relationships and are responsible for infatuated feelings. Oxytocin otherwise known as the love chemical and Vasopressin are linked with long term relationships, more passionate emotions, and attraction. And finally, Testosterone and Estrogen are related to lust, and sexual behavior.

Why Youre Attracted To Certain People

This episode of DNews is presented by Kay Jewelers. Every kiss begins with Kay. Attraction feels kind of crazy when it happens, like, there are times when I have to physically stop myself and say, Trace. WHAT ARE YOU DOING! What's going on in here! Humans are big animals, big dumb animals. You, me, them, everybody we're all slaves to our brain chemicals and biology and when we fall in love, that's a big one. Obviously, we can make our own choices, but attraction, lust and love are driven by animal nature.

We want to find a good genetic match, mate, reproduce, raise young it's part of our ancient programming! In the modern day, we have more social restrictions, but essentially the brain is handling stuff backstage and it's doing a poor job of it. According to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, Romantic love is akin to an addiction. Yeah, you might as well face it. We're addicted to love. But in a very specific way scientists believe when we're attracted to someone we're subconsciously weighing their genes, looks, and cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. As we grow to know someone, the.

Brain releases hormones which cause us to bond with someone, and different levels of different hormones will affect different people differently. Which is why love stinks. Hormones like dopamine which is for rewards like cocaine or chocolate, norepinephrine which causes excitement like adrenaline, or serotonin which is the chemical that makes you feel like you're going temporarily insane are all squeezed out of the brain and into the bloodstream In fact, studies from Rutgers University found four chemicals affect the attraction cycle dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogenoxytocin and they were each tied to a personality.

Type! According to the studies, the more active a person's dopamine centers the more rewarddriven and impulsive they are in love. Serotoninheavy people were less anxious, but more risk averse. These two groups tend to be attracted to others like them but sometimes as Paula told us, Opposites attract. Testosteroneheavy people are analytical and competitive while estrogenoxytocinheavy people were more empathetic, trusting and social each of these groups were more likely to be attracted to the OTHER. It's important to note, that none of these hormone types determined along sex lines. In the brain, males can be estrogenoxytocin heavy, testosterone.

Heavy or serotonin heavy and females can be any of those things too It can go any way. With all these chemicals squirting every which way, messes can happen, but if the pairing makes it through the crazy serotonin stage, OTHER chemicals come into maintain a coupling. Vasopressin and oxytocin are released after the initial love addiction to form longer term bonds. A study in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience found that during the initial love period, the Ventral Tegmental Area was very active, as was the areas controlling addiction, but as love wore on, the brain changed. When in new love, people report pining.

And anxiety, and a heated NEEDINESS but after 20 years married couples had more activity in the posterior globus pallidus, which is associated with pleasure and pain relief. This part of the brain usually activates when you eat to the best food or take morphine! Other parts of the brain showed pairbonding for longterm couples is similar to maternal love, and even stronger than love for friends! In the end, the initial spark of attraction might be based on pheromones, genes, hormones and looks, but a strong bond can be created too. What do you think Are you a slave to.

Where Does Love Come From

It's February, which means at least here in the the U.S your eyeballs are getting accosted by a barrage of red and pink heartshaped loveydovey stuff. Now, I don't want to rain on anyone's Valentine's Day, but this is bogus for a few reasons. One, our hearts look nothing like those symbols, and two, our hearts have very little to do with how we actually feel love. So if you want to make a more accurate valentine, I suggest you cut that construction paper into the shape of a brain. or more specifically, the limbic system or even more specifically.

The hypothalamus. See, the limbic system is the emotional center of your brain. It guides your emotional, motivational, and reward processes, and basically makes you feel all the feels, from pleasure to fear to anger. It also influences some of your biological rhythms, like sex drive. Nerve receptors all over your body send sensory stimuli say, the sound of a loved one's voice, or the feeling of a hug to the limbic system, where it eventually gets forwarded to the hypothalamus. Perched on top of your brain stem, this small but mighty bit of brain is your body's visceral.

Ground control, overseeing your entire autonomic nervous system meaning it's in charge of processes you don't consciously control, like blood pressure, digestion, and heart rate. It's basically the boss of all the bosses the CEO of your body. When it comes to love and other feels, the hypothalamus uses those autonomic pathways to cause physical responses to match your emotions like how the sight of a secret love can leave you sweatsoaked, with a heart that feels like it's going to jump out of your chest. In the same way, someone who's heartbroken may experience their emotional stress in a.

Very visceral way for example, through heartburn, high blood pressure, or changes in sleep and appetite. Guided by your hypothalamus, your autonomic nervous system also influences the skeletal muscle system that lets you pull off facial expressions and posturing. So when it comes to communicating emotions, from back off to come hither, that's your hypothalamus talking. And, it influences your endocrine system, which uses hormones to make your body do and feel all sorts of things, including, probably, love. For one thing, it controls your pituitary, the master gland that then manages most of.

The other endocrine glands in your body as well as the hormones they release. That covers everything from your stress and excitement response to your libido. But the hypothalamus also makes a few special hormones of its own like oxytocin, the famous cuddle hormone, which is involved in social bonding, among other things. So in the end, if you want to get real about love, toss out the heart and start saying I Hypothalamus You. And what better way to do it than with a special SciShow Valentine's Day card that actually.

Its Okay, Thats Love , Romantic Chemistry Between Jae Yeol and Hae Soo

Ltigt Oceans apart and it's heavy on my heart ltigt Oppa! ltigt I'm happy, you know. ltigt ltigt I'm spending my time watching the ship and the globe ltigt ltigt Why, beauty's in the simple things ltigt ltigt Your sweetness and your elegance ltigt ltigt I'm happy, you know. ltigt ltigtOppa Jang Jae Yeol. ltbrgt He's so good looking. What do I doltigt ltigtOppa, please look here!ltigt ltigt Oceans apart, and I'm sailing on my dreams ltigt ltigtSunbae Dong Minltigt Yeah, Sunbae, what's up Desensitization. What I heard that Jang Jae Yul did a very aggressive behavior treatment on you.

LtigtDesensitization! He must be the doctor since he knows that.ltigt I heard that you guys kissed. Hey, hey. This. If you do it continuously, touching then not touching, over and over, ltigtyour anxiety will decrease for sure.ltigt I can't do it for you. ltigtTo Jang Jae Yul, ltigt Hae Soo Hae Soo Hae Soo! This girl. It's a celebratory cause. ltigtIs my anxiety disorder funny to youltigt ltigtDon't live like that. Touch me one more time like you did last night, and you'll die!ltigt ltigtBut when you slept last night, my heart fluttered a bit.ltigt.

Chemistry Hate it or Love it The Game ft. 50 cent parody

Yeah Let's take 'em back Uh huh Comin up I was confused my homework made me hurl Confusion occurs comin up in the chem world Joar ain't around he's sleepin when we tryna find them densities My favorite teacher made him ccomit to memory People tryna keep up they was strugglin to cope But I got them good grades now I'm one of the last folks Teacher said if we passed we could get into AP direct quote If I could ace a few tests, and not call her fat, that'd be dope.

Tossed and turned in my sleep last night, woke up the next morning the test was in sight Different day, same struggle, new chapter resets the clock, looks like today's gonna have another Gblock Hate it or love it, I just can't stop Imma keep crammin till I'm on top Learned PVnRT, now I'm chem's MVP And I ain't goin nowhere unless it's an AP Hate it or love it, I just can't stop Imma keep crammin till I'm on top I know stoichiometry, now I'm chem's MVP And I ain't goin nowhere unless it's an AP.

SSSSQUAD In the reaction shown by my equation unbalanced on both sides but after calculation, I'll've balanced that equation Didn't say sorry, changed, and really did it That's the true lesson Add 273 to get Kelvins from Celcius And believe you me homie I know all about gases And that leavin' numbers naked makes you look like a novice One miscalculation will have your grade dropped below a C That's why you needa confirm with others in chemistry Be careful goin' from grams to moles, G There's five rules when talkin bout that KMT.

One being temperature coming from kinetic energy Usin' Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure, helps you find that total when you put it all together Now you may be askin' how all this coincides But you best sit down son, and come along for the ride Don't even ask why Homie QmCT, yeah I'm chem's MVP, And I ain't goin nowhere unless it's an AP From the beginning to the end Losers lose, winners win this is real we ain't got to pretend The chem world that we in is full of pressure from gas.

Knowin' all this is what got us to pass Them states of matter mess with my state of mind But now usin that phase diagram, it makes sense all the time My teachers happy she ain't help us more than once Now that hat's sittin' in the corner, there's no longer a dunce Who, me Now let's not forget molarity and molality You're starting to get it now, come on and rap with me Solvents and solutes, now we're gettin' into solubility Water is the universal solvent when it comes to polarity.

Lesbian Dating Advice How Do I Retrain My Chemistry to Be Loved

This question was submitted by Brittany, who resides in Atlanta. and she writes. How do I ReTrain myself to react to chemistry from women who will treat me well instead of women who won't. With a history of dating women who were either abusive, recovering addicts andor narcissus I've done a lot of recovery, therapy and even EMDR to repattern my thinking. But I still find myself being attracted to having chemistry with women who ultimately treat me poorly, any advice Yeah! So this is a hard question to answer in a minute or two, but I would say that, first of all, I want to commend you for.

Doing your work for going you now to see a therapist doing EMDR and really trying to get to a place where you can be vulnerable and comfortable in a relationship and you're wanting that the thing is you're noticing now that you have sort of a blind spot and being aware that blind spot is the MOST important part being successful in changing your pattern So, what I would say is To try to break a pattern you have to do the opposite of what you're inclined to do. so you're attracted to women who are going to repeat the same pattern which.

Is comforting to you because it's familiar we are drawn to things that are familiar to us whether it be people environment types of food that kinda thing so what I suggest is, have your friends, have your family have people in your life try to introduce you to people that they think may be a good fit for you. that you may not generally be attracted to you. And try it out and keep trying it out and keep exposing yourself until you START to become a little more comfortable with being with somebody you're spending.

Quality time with somebody that you may not normally be attracted to you it's just something that you have to do and practice and to shift the pattern keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and eventually it'll feel familiar and more comfortable to you to be with somebody who can be loving who can appreciate you and who can who can adore you and give you what you need and what you truly deserve Brittany, it's also really important to remember that you're worthy that you're deserving. you're deserving of a good partner.

Hydrogen A Love Story Constellations of Chemistry 1

.Well.It seems to be a cloudy night for looking into the deep sky and pondering things. We have some equipment and a strong desire to see the unseen. Tonight we are looking for hydrogen. While in fact it is nearly everywhere Oh.what are Ben and Liv doing here Atoms are impossible to see. or are they. We hear it and smell it everyday. Lets put it in some boxes to help organize it. In the atmosphere on earth hydrogen tends to combine with itself to form H2 hydrogen gas. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, highly combustible gas. H2 also readily bonds.

With oxygen to form H2O water Hydrogen contains at least one proton and one electron. The main focus of research has been the high energy bonds contained within. Hydrogen is the lightest element, less dense than helium Its incredibly explosive. It is the most abundant chemical substance, in the universe. Naturally occurring Fusion of Hydrogen atoms fuel the universe. This energy released gives us the light we love. But there are dark things that hydrogen has been apart of. We have in our never ending quest sought for mysterious features in the universe. We.

Chemistry I really love this place.

Music playing My name is Vinod and I come from India, Delhi. BYU has a really good chemistry program. They have a bunch of very good professors, really nice research work and one really important thing is that they have very good instrumentation, which you need to do in a PhD a lot. I work with Dr. Savage here. And the stuff I am working on is related to the immunology of the body so we are trying to develop some vaccine adduents which are the things that you add to the vaccine which.

Makes things work really better. And you can reduce the dosage by, say, 110th so that the vaccine is available to the rest of the world at a cheaper price. It is a quite big group and there was a lot of success in the past and we do publish in some really good journals, like Nature and Science, frequently. That is a pretty big plus for working here with Dr. Savage. I applied to a bunch of places in the United States and finally I chose BYU to come here. I am married and I have a daughter. It is.

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