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Marriage counseling can be a really tricky thing to decide do you really need it or not Is your marriage just a little bumpy or is it on a fast track down a very slippery slope Let's simplify that question. Is your major marriage problem something along the lines of which way you hang the toilet paper Simple solution to that hang 2 rolls, one one way and one the other way. Or, do your marriage wishes include your spouse being nonaddicted to anything That automatically becomes relationship advice in the realm of needing professional, qualified marriage counseling.

Addiction is only funny in the cartoons, but unbelievable painful in real life involving real marriages and real people. This marriage counseling book is strictly geared to the realm of nonprofessional issues. Actually, this tutorial contains a couple of marriage quotes that are so true. 1. A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears. Woodrow Wyatt 2. And this gem from Charles Dickens Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts. It is sincerely the author's wish that Marriage Counseling The Best Ever Plan contains.

Flawed Study on Gay Dads June 18 Marriage News Watch

A new study tries to show that the kids of gay and lesbian parents are worse off than the kids of straight parents. We'll take a look at all of the problems with that study, and there's a lot of them. Montana Democrats endorse marriage equality, while Montana Republicans call for throwing gay couples in jail. But now a major GOP donor is throwing his support and his money to a drive to elect more LGBTfriendly Republicans. At the American Foundation for Equal Rights, I'm Matt Baume, and welcome to Marriage News.

Watch for June 18, 2012. Following President Obama's lead, there's growing consensus within the Democratic party for supporting marriage equality. This week party leaders in two conservative states Texas and Montana confirmed their support for marriage. Texas Democrats will send a record number of LGBT delegates to the convention in September. There's growing Republican support for the freedom to marry as well. Paul Singer is a prominent Republican donor and a major supporter marriage equality projects like AFER's Prop 8 case. He's announced a new political action committee to elect GOP candidates who support.

Marriage equality. Singer has pledged one million dollars to start what he's calling the American Unity PAC. But not every Republican has taken notice of the 13 national polls that show a majority of Americans support marriage equality. This week ten Republican Senators and two former attorneys general filed briefs in support of DOMA, the federal ban on marriage recognition. And in Montana, where the Democratic delegates recently endorsed marriage equality, the Republican party platform still calls for imprisoning gays and lesbians. The 2012 legislative session has ended in Rhode Island, with no vote on bills to legalize.

Marriage. Rhode Island currently has civil unions, but very few couples have expressed an interest in the severely watereddown protections that civil unions offer. Meanwhile, across the country, officials in Washington have confirmed that the state's marriage equality bill will be on the ballot this November. A new study out last week purports to show that the children of LGBT parents suffer when compared to the kids of straight parents. But the study is so riddled with problems that it actually doesn't show anything of the sort. The study was funded by two major.

Antigay organizations The Witherspoon Institute and The Bradley Foundation. It also doesn't really compare stable gay parents to stable straight parents. Instead, it lumps all kinds of unstable relationships into the gay parent category. They only examined parenting that occurred decades ago, before parents could even hope to be married. And the study didn't consider the length of relationships. That's a big deal, because when you look at the data, you see that only 2 percent of respondents reported having lived with a gay father for longer than 3 years. The editor of the journal that published the study says that the raw data may be released.

This fall. At that point, independent researchers will be able examine the findings more closely. In the mean time, a wide range of organizations have issued statements in support of LGBT parenting. That includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, Child Welfare League of America, American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry, The American Psychiatric Association, North American Council on Adoptable Children, Canadian Psychological Association, and the Australian Psychological Society, among others. And finally, an anniversary. Fortyfive years ago last week, the Supreme Court of the United States decided Loving versus Virginia, overturning state laws that prohibited interracial marriage.

Questions Former English Majors Ask Themselves

I never knew an English Major who actually wrote a paper in advance, of the night before it was due. Until they sat down and think, well what do I think of white noise And they you get through it with Cliff Notes and plagiarism. It shouldn't be a shock for anyone to learn that when you get out of school, there's no job. There used to be a jobs, that was a thing.but don' exist anymore But, if you're an English Major, there were never jobs for you! In the hay day of the publishing industry, there was still like 60 jobs.

We signed up for having no job prospects. And I think it takes a certain type of person who does that. They gave us an essay, like right at the start of my program called On Bullsht. The idea is that bullisht is something you say that might be true. It could be, it might not be, you don't know. And the idea is to always make arguments you think are true. And then I went and wrote a bullisht essay about bullisht. That's the one thing I learned how do well with my English degree.

A lot of English Majors, they do think to themselves, oh I could TOTALLY be a novelist. If I put the time in I could totally make it happen. But deep down they realize that just because they're selfabsorbed and pretentious and novelists are selfabsorbed and pretentious, doesn't mean the two always go hand in hand. I can vouch for myself, I always thought I could be a novelist.but let's be real. You do end up learning how to think critically. Not just about culture but about the world, and people. And that does open you up to everyones perspective and giving everyone a shot.

Did Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Break up

What's up guys, for Complex News, I'm Emily Oberg. Everybody's favorite new power couple Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, aka Omeek, are currently rumored to have broken up. By the looks of the Instagram accounts from each, its possible that the two have called it quits after just a few months. On Sunday, Meek posted a photo of himself with the caption, Even bosses got feelings ya kno That didn't catch much attention until Nicki posted two thirsttrapping photos, both with captions that felt like subtweets at Meek. The first read Thank God.

Ya blew it!!! Thank God I dodged the bullet!!!! and the second said, U turned out to be thaaaaaaaa.and I'm gon always be thaaaaaaaaa. According to reports, Nicki and Meek stared dating in December of last year, shortly after Meek was released from prison on December 3. The couple managed to keep things under the radar at first, but then rumors sparked about a possible engagement between the pair. In an interview with The Fader, Meek Mill quickly shut the rumors down, saying that while their relationship is definitely real, they're still getting to know each other and.

Jeff Bridges Advice For Married Men

Oscarwinning actor Jeff Bridges has some advice for married men considering cheating go ahead and touch it or do it or whatever early so people are saying his quote means I don't percent over the same way but his actual quote is well live and learn go ahead and do it and we'll see how that goes and so people are taking that to mean well fine I guess what's the difference but bear in mind that based on his very long marriage he says he has been faithful he doesn't think it's a good idea he talks back about.

So the temptation experience as a young actor and so I think he's saying yeah you can try and most willing it's very difficult to resist temptation but you will be better off for case we married thirtysix years that's amazing in holler years mister that's like a billion years in hollywood and so any look and then when you put it in proper context having ties right he said when you touch something hot you don't have to repress the desire to touch you to get so basically saying I go for a man if you are you do the infidelity you're.

Gonna get burned after year bernie realize not a good idea but I also interpret that to mean like that he mighta got burned at some point yeah there's a little bit itself burning in this yeah I think but yeah he's been married 36 years so I mean I think with with the quote that you to show their it's a he it do it if you wanna do it don't do it if you don't do that actually strikes me as a very Jeff Bridges type things a lot to say.

Yeah there's no that's the dude right there a yeah do it do it do it he literally about to ask a Santa also he talks about when he was younger obviously experience la tentation is constantly surrounded by attractive young actresses and things like that so he says no matter how much womanizing you do with a single guy you always think there's more to be done it was basically saying there's you feel this this driver this urge to hook up with the actresses or whoever's around you but it's not like that's something that can be quenched like this author's that.

Eventually be satisfied you this one more bit and so why go through and ruin what could be a great long lasting relationship yeah I i agree with and I think that his philosophy gets kinda cookie in some areas but I think in this area he makes a lot of sense yeah well the reason to do it is doing it yeah I mean there's act so I tried like he's probably right I mean that's what the state that I'm living in right now the flip side is I would I would hold it against anyone.

Should I Leave My Wife for My Soulmate

Should I leave my wife for my soulmate Wasn't your wife at some point your soul mate We were in love, but now we aren't. Maybe you fell out of love with your wife when you let your attention wander to someone else. We have so much more in common. You and your wife have a shared contract, and community property. I think I found my soul mate, and it is cruel to make me stay. This sounds like a line out of a romance novel. But you aren't stuck in an arranged marriage.

you picked her! What do you think I should do Stop seeking emotional intimacy with someone other than your wife. Get marital counseling. She is not my soul mate. To have and to hold, to love and to honor and obey. Well, not all women put that in their wedding vows any more. My wife hasn't been loving, kind, considerate or honorable of late. If you've been chasing another skirt and she suspects it, she may be withdrawing emotionally to reduce the pain later. We've had fights on everything from the kids to the budget.

Money's a major reason cited in divorce, and the divorce attorney and alimony are only going to make the problems bigger. And if you leave for another woman, you'll have to fight to see the kids while she's socially vindicated when she turns them against you. You make it all my fault. The other woman can't break up your marriage unless you allow it. I want to be with my soul mate. At some point, your wife was your soul mate or you wouldn't have married her. And the odds of the new woman staying with you far life are lower than the odds of staying married.

Who Is Bernie Sanders

On April 29th, the democraticsocialist, junior Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, announced that he was running for President. Despite being the longest standing Independent in Congress, many people had never heard of this farleft candidate. So we wanted to know, who is Bernie Sanders Well, despite his 16year tenure as Vermont's only House Representative, followed by his current 8year term as US Senator, Sanders is still considered somewhat of an outcast in Washington. His long standing voting record has regularly been at odds with the dominating political climate. He has voted against the 2002 Iraq War Resolution, the PATRIOT ACT,.

The Bushera tax cuts for the wealthy, and the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act. In turn, he sponsored the Global Warming and Pollution Reduction Act, pushed for an audit of the Federal Reserve, and has repeatedly supported Medical Marijuana legislation. The 73yearold candidate is also a selfadmitted socialist, and has pointed to the high quality Scandinavian social system as an example of effective policy. As a candidate, Sanders has outlined a number of initiatives he would tackle. Among them are efforts to break up the too big to fail banks, raising minimum wage, expanding union power, and promoting.

A singlepayer health care system. However Sanders has been criticized on his voting record against the implementation of the child abduction AMBER alert system, as well as his views on gun rights. And despite his progressive track record and policy ideas, Sanders will be competing with political heavyweight Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Many political analysts, including those who support him, have suggested that he is unlikely to win the primary. Still, some say that by officially entering the presidential arena, his progressive stance could force Clinton to revise some of her more moderate positions to the left.

This is particularly relevant, as a look at their top donors would suggest that Clinton and Sanders have distinctly separate priorities. Clinton's top donors are primarily banks like Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase, along with media conglomerates Time Warner and Cablevision. On Sanders' side, nearly all of his top donors are comprised of auto, teaching, and labor unions. Additionally, 61 of Sanders' donations are made up of individual contributions of less than $200, compared to Hillary's 28 during her 2008 run for candidacy. So, who is Bernie Sanders Clearly, he's a man of the people. But his socialistdemocratic.

Human Sexuality is Complicated.

Good morning, John. Today we plumb the depths of the marvelously complex human. But, first allow me to acknowledge that I am not a sociologist. I am also a straight, white man who doesn't have to worry about a lot of the hate that a lot of other people do have to worry about. But, my goal with this tutorial is I want people to understand, because I think understanding will lead to less hate. And also less selfhate. For a lot of people it is nice to imagine that humans are simple and that you can know.

A person's sex and then you will know all sorts of things about them deeply and clearly. And if you don't fit into this nice little box, people who do can get really confused and sometimes even angry. And if you yourself don't fit into one of these nice little boxes, and you think people should, then you end up hating yourself. And that's probably even worse. I think the best, and maybe only way to solve this problem is for people to understand that there are no nice shiny boxes.

Or if there are shiny boxes, there are an infinite number of them. Enough to put all of the people who currently exist, have ever existed, and will ever exist. So, together, let's understand. We're gonna start simple What's going on down here, in between the legs. That is your sex. Your biological sex. And it tends to be binary, though there are all sorts of conditions that result in intersex individuals. And as interesting and complicated as this is, the rest of it is much more complicated. So, I'm just gonna move on from here.

'Cause we all kinda get what sex is. Now we move on up to the top, to the brain, which is the thing that decides what gender you identify with Whether you feel like a man or a woman or neither or both. Because the fascinating thing is, as much as we try to label things, there is no way to label every point on an infinite continuum. And that's what we're dealing with here. So, to actually visualize how this works I've created a graph for you. On the Xaxis we have gender male to female.

And on the Yaxis we have the intensity of the identification with that gender. I would be about here because I identify as a man though I recognize that there are some womany parts of me. But, let's also put a hypothetical biological female on the graph that identifies very strongly as a man. Now that could be really uncomfortable, especially when there is a bunch of people in the world who insist on calling him a woman just because of the body that he happens to be very uncomfortable with.

Which is why sex does not determine the pronoun you should use. Gender does. Now, moving on to your heart your metaphorical heart, of course. This is who you are attracted to men, women, all genders. Again, it's a spectrum and that spectrum includes intensity because there are people who don't feel strong sexual attraction at all. That's why asexual is a sexual orientation. A newer idea that I was happy to be exposed to yesterday on Tumblr, is the idea of Romantic Orientation. These are the people you want to have strong,.

Intimate relationships with, but it sorta separates out the idea that sex has to be the goal or end point or like end all and be all of every intimate relationship. Now that we've dealt with how we feel, let's deal with what happens when other people actually get involved. That's sexual behavior which is actually very different from sexual orientation. And that might seem a little bit strange at first, but it's not. Consider for example, a heterosexual priest. That priest's orientation is heterosexual, but because of his religion, his behavior is celibate.

Here we're not talking about the preference, we're talking about the behavior. Now, built up of all of this are gender roles which are built by societies, not by individuals. The obvious ones are masculine gender roles and feminine gender roles. But as all dichotomies are false dichotomies, this one is a spectrum too. Now that we've sort of gone over all of this, it's important to note that every single one of these categories is independent from each other. So, a biological female could be a man who only has sex.

With woman despite the fact that he's attracted to both men and woman and kind of, you know, feels more comfortable in feminine gender roles. That may not be the most common combination of these factors, but it's certainly not weird. And another important point, many people move across these spectrums sometimes from year to year, sometimes hour to hour. But, what's really important is that we trust ourselves and we understand ourselves. And we love and respect ourselves and we grant that same understanding and respect to the people around us.

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