hey guys so today my prank is going tobe pretty selfexplanatory I don’t really think I need to explainmuch so Carson and I have been apart from eachother all day and he’s going to be home any minute so i thought i would givemyself some fake hickeys and when he gets home it’s got a freak out it’s gonna be really funny you have arrived

really morning um faculty from whoa reflective never stopped in therewith him up we need my real yet everyone we do youwant you want to call her stop already want neither shoppingaddiction whoa what is this guy what do you do knowwhat I don’t know what is this what are you doing what is that nowwhat’s the worst what are you planning on telling me likeit should be what are you doing bruise

you’re going to sound dramatic you knowwhat do you want bros it’s not true of one problem with all the way to go backto school not knowing what is this fellow want that no way you can say you felt you’re beingdramatic that’s Nicki Nicki I can take youbefore I don’t think II Miami we’re goin to Haiti before well don’t we all try to his family whatis this what is this going on here what is all of it

ok now we’re going now I was good i canmove for chickfila now I’m not now i can’t really eat more because i don’tknow what the hell’s going on let me know it’s a fucking Bruges i fellyou don’t even care where I know you care where you fall where was the floor and get you yourpoops broke your fall cookie wait what are you talking about but you stopped no you’re lying to meright now I can tell your life that is a hickey on your boobs

you did to me that I don’t wear I wouldknow fight i would i would know I ya didn’t happen so dont try to pull an epic hickey prank Christie minor oh I don’t know what Iwas it did someone give you a hickey what youlike where you going while goes on while we turn a shot at the deli cool andwhat’s going on because i’m sure i’ll give you at the pool carson cashmore by getting it was your way of showing methat are you like admitting a set of what I don’t get what’s happening

I don’t know why are you you trippydidn’t cover it up kind of i don’t know what’s going on thank you obviously how did not try tocover it up exactly did you want to show me what do you want to tell me that shedid something thats a new funny prank why don’t get wet so less why is it likethat tell me what happened I literally found where default drinkingand I fell on the floor at the pool I fell and you don’t fucking care aboutyou didn’t have to leave okay okay well who who sought whostarted with Holly didn’t call her

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