Yanet Garcia, Hot Weather Reporter, Blew Up Reddit

For Complex News, I'm Sean Evans and last month, we introduced you to Yanet Garcia, the Mexican weatherwoman who's so insanely hot that she has the entire Internet uptotheminute on Monterrey, Mexico's 14day extended forecast. Well apparently, Garcia's celebrity is only getting bigger, as the yanetgarcia subreddit outperformed more than a halfmillion other areas of focus on the site to become the weekend's fastest growing nondefault subreddit, which is nerd for people can't get enough of this woman. So, what will you find on the the yanetgarcia fan page Contents include a photo of Garcia doing her thing in front of the green screen, this.

Stretched out, grainy footage of the weatherwoman modeling a bikini in slow motion, and for you Yanet Garcia diehards who've been down since Day 1 the GIF that made her an Internet legend. In sum, it's a treasure trove of Instagram selects and throwbacks from Garcia's days as a model, curated specifically for you The Creep 2.0. I know Donald Trump would object, but if this woman wants Al Roker's job, I think the TODAY Show has to open up a desk. That's the news for now, but for more Pop Culture coverage,.

Man Gets Revenge on Cheating Girlfriend With Fake, Elaborate Marriage Proposal

What's going on guys, for Complex News, I'm Speedy Morman. Ladies, imagine walking into your house with candles and glitter on each step, and seeing your boyfriend of a long time waiting for you, it can mean a few things. It could mean you're in for an eventful evening of ultimate Netflix and chill, or it could mean he's going to pop the big question. In one of my favorite moves ever, a man knows that his girl is cheating on him with a man named Thomas, set up an elaborate fake marriage proposal. Like, super elaborate. He's playing.

Chess, and she's playing checkers. He's known for three weeks, and has been keeping it on the DL. She thinks she's being lowkey, but. In the tutorial, he describes his plot, and what's about to go down. He even makes her wear 12141218 antlers, for no reason, other than that he wants to make her look even more stupid. After steps one and two, she is to read a heart, with one question on it. She thinks it'll be will you marry me, but instead, it's He then goes straight gmode, and gets in the whip, and pulls off.

How to Vlog From the Vlogbrothers

Good morning, John. today I want to do something a little different that might not be appealing to everyone. I'm going to make a tutorial about making tutorials. And of course, if you don't care about making tutorials, I'm going to do my best to make it entertaining nonetheless. Ok, first let's talk about what I'm not going to do, I'm not going to talk about your equipment. I don't care what kind of camera you have! I don't care what kind of computer you have or what kind of software you have! This is not about that! I believe that skill is honed.

By lack, and there's no reason to have a sword made of Valyrian steel if you're just learning how to wield a knife. So let us talk first about what's actually important, which is how to look and sound. Important Thing The Rule of Thirds. Divide your screen into thirds this way and this way. One of the interesting things about vlogging is that early on both the eyes and the mouth were falling on those lines, but now that screens have gotten a little bit bigger, generally it's just the eyes that are falling on the line, because the eyesnot the mouthactually.

Are the most important element of your frame! I think that says something fundamental about human nature. I'm just not sure what it is. Now, how you sound. Imagine for a moment me going downstairs and talking to my wife the way that I talk while I'm vlogging. That does not happen! This is not my normal talking voice. Surprise, surprise! The way that I imagine it is that I am on a gigantic stage, and there is one person in the audience, and I'm talking to that one person, but I can't.

Talk to them like a normal person 'cause I'm on a gigantic stage! Now this is obviously a difficult thing to hone you're not going to get your vlogging voice immediately. Watch early vlogbrothers tutorials and see that we sucked too when we started. It's nice for me that the one person in the audience is generallyor at least started out beingmy brother. So I knew how to talk to my brother I knew what would make him happy. Now that one person has changed, and it's kind of an amalgam of all of Nerdfighteria.

It's just each of you individually I'm trying to imagine all at once it's very strange. Now moving on, there's Don't Forget To Be Awesome, which is one of the most important rules in life, but there's also, for vlogging, another one Don't Forget To Be Interesting. I even write out scripts sometimes, so that I make sure that what I'm saying.isn't dull as hell. I wrote a script for this tutorial I'm going to post that script on my Tumblr so you can see the difference between the script and what actually gets made into the.

Tutorial. Also never forget that even the best audience, there will be parts of it that will have a very short attention span, and you will have to pander to those people. But honestly, it's fun, and I truly believe that pandering to those people actually makes your tutorial better. There's a lot of ways to keep things interesting, you could move around, put some tutorial over your voice. You could use props awesome, funny hats. Go outside! You can sing, you can sing songs. You can speed things up, or you can slow things down. Use filters, and.

You can use puppets. A lot of times people ask me how I get ideas for tutorials, but really it's not about having ideas for tutorials that's easy. Mostly I'm trying to figure out how to make those ideas interesting. Another very important rule Silence.is extremely powerful! Use it very sparingly. If you watch one of my tutorials you will notice that there are very few moments that do not have sound in them, and that is especially true of the space around jumpcuts. Any silence around a jumpcut is bad bad bad bad, BAD!.

Another important rule Do not be afraid.to try! I know that failing at something stings a lot less.if you didn't really try hard, but, it's also much more likely. And finally, let's talk about editingno we're not going to do that because that would take forever, so instead I am literally going to post a screen capture of me editing this vlog. I'm gonna put that on my second channel at hankschannel, hankschannel! And you will be able to see how I made this tutorial, how I did all the tricks in this tutorial,.

And all the things that I do to make my tutorialblog seem.professional, and crisp, and good, and entertaining, and all of those things. So that's how you vlog! Of course, you can do it however you want to do it, but I figured people might be interested in seeing how I do it. I encourage all of you to vlog, and I encourage you to do it well. The tutorial of me editing this vlog might not be online as soon as this goes up on the internet, but it will be online shortly thereafter, and.

Mexican Weatherwoman Yanet Garca Strips Down in Sexy Lingerie Tutorial

What's up guys For Complex News I'm Tamara Dhia and I've got a present for you. Remember when we first introduced you to Mexican weatherwoman Yanet Garca back in June and the internet did a collective sigh at her beauty and her ample.assets. Well, now she's the cover girl for Mexican men's magazine Revista H and the Mexican beauty strips down to her lingerie in the magazine spread. But that's not all, Revista H has unleashed an accompanying tutorial of the lingerie shoot for your viewing pleasure. For those wondering, Garca seems happily content with boyfriend, Call of Duty pro player.

Wife Takes Out Ad To Congratulate Cheating Husband

A woman in Texas is taking the high road when it comes to her cheating husband and taking out an ad. Check this out I would lie to say congratulations to Shara Cormier and Patrick Brown.They are expecting a baby. Hope you both are really in love and I hope it works out. Signed by Patrick's wife, Timeshia Brown. Via Daily Mail A photo of the ad is being credited to Reddit, but is making its way around media outlets it's being called passive aggressive and a cutting takedown. Via Christian Post,.

Examiner And we're calling it hilarious. It's unclear exactly when the ad was published, but the pic was posted earlier this week. If it wasn't a prank, we say well done, Timeshia. We saw a similar move last March, when a woman named Jennifer bought a billboard to advertise the GPS tracker that helped catching her cheating husband. Via New York Daily News While this ad might be smaller in size, it's classier in wording, which we sort of love. And as the Metro points out, it gets the job done.

Human Sexuality is Complicated.

Good morning, John. Today we plumb the depths of the marvelously complex human. But, first allow me to acknowledge that I am not a sociologist. I am also a straight, white man who doesn't have to worry about a lot of the hate that a lot of other people do have to worry about. But, my goal with this tutorial is I want people to understand, because I think understanding will lead to less hate. And also less selfhate. For a lot of people it is nice to imagine that humans are simple and that you can know.

A person's sex and then you will know all sorts of things about them deeply and clearly. And if you don't fit into this nice little box, people who do can get really confused and sometimes even angry. And if you yourself don't fit into one of these nice little boxes, and you think people should, then you end up hating yourself. And that's probably even worse. I think the best, and maybe only way to solve this problem is for people to understand that there are no nice shiny boxes.

Or if there are shiny boxes, there are an infinite number of them. Enough to put all of the people who currently exist, have ever existed, and will ever exist. So, together, let's understand. We're gonna start simple What's going on down here, in between the legs. That is your sex. Your biological sex. And it tends to be binary, though there are all sorts of conditions that result in intersex individuals. And as interesting and complicated as this is, the rest of it is much more complicated. So, I'm just gonna move on from here.

'Cause we all kinda get what sex is. Now we move on up to the top, to the brain, which is the thing that decides what gender you identify with Whether you feel like a man or a woman or neither or both. Because the fascinating thing is, as much as we try to label things, there is no way to label every point on an infinite continuum. And that's what we're dealing with here. So, to actually visualize how this works I've created a graph for you. On the Xaxis we have gender male to female.

And on the Yaxis we have the intensity of the identification with that gender. I would be about here because I identify as a man though I recognize that there are some womany parts of me. But, let's also put a hypothetical biological female on the graph that identifies very strongly as a man. Now that could be really uncomfortable, especially when there is a bunch of people in the world who insist on calling him a woman just because of the body that he happens to be very uncomfortable with.

Which is why sex does not determine the pronoun you should use. Gender does. Now, moving on to your heart your metaphorical heart, of course. This is who you are attracted to men, women, all genders. Again, it's a spectrum and that spectrum includes intensity because there are people who don't feel strong sexual attraction at all. That's why asexual is a sexual orientation. A newer idea that I was happy to be exposed to yesterday on Tumblr, is the idea of Romantic Orientation. These are the people you want to have strong,.

Intimate relationships with, but it sorta separates out the idea that sex has to be the goal or end point or like end all and be all of every intimate relationship. Now that we've dealt with how we feel, let's deal with what happens when other people actually get involved. That's sexual behavior which is actually very different from sexual orientation. And that might seem a little bit strange at first, but it's not. Consider for example, a heterosexual priest. That priest's orientation is heterosexual, but because of his religion, his behavior is celibate.

Here we're not talking about the preference, we're talking about the behavior. Now, built up of all of this are gender roles which are built by societies, not by individuals. The obvious ones are masculine gender roles and feminine gender roles. But as all dichotomies are false dichotomies, this one is a spectrum too. Now that we've sort of gone over all of this, it's important to note that every single one of these categories is independent from each other. So, a biological female could be a man who only has sex.

With woman despite the fact that he's attracted to both men and woman and kind of, you know, feels more comfortable in feminine gender roles. That may not be the most common combination of these factors, but it's certainly not weird. And another important point, many people move across these spectrums sometimes from year to year, sometimes hour to hour. But, what's really important is that we trust ourselves and we understand ourselves. And we love and respect ourselves and we grant that same understanding and respect to the people around us.

Someone Reportedly Leaked Tygas Dick Pics Amid Cheating Rumors

For Complex News, I'm Sean Evans and it's been a rough July 2015 for TRaww. Last week, news broke that Tyga's fourth studio project, The Gold Album 18th Dynasty, was a hard brick. And on Tuesday, gossip site B. Scott reported that he's had an ongoing, 3yearlong relationship with transgender model Mia Isabella. The story reads like a '90s era National Enquirer cover, but to support, the site published a series of text messages and one heavily tatted dick pic, which would seem to belong to either Tyga or some other dude with eye balls inked on to his stomach.

In response to the story gaining traction, Tyga's business partner Trell took to Instagram where he called out wack ass media sites and weirdos for fucking up a happy home. By happy home I assume he's talking about Tyga's alleged, longterm relationship with Kylie Jenner who is still a birthday away from the legal age of consent in California. Just a weird choice of words. If the allegations are true, though, does Tyga owe anyone an apology You know, besides maybe Kylie 53 Right now, the guy's catching hell from every corner of the Internet, but.

Freeze Yourself To Live Forever The Truth About Cryonics

Cake or death is an obvious choice. Cake. But being frozen in unproven cryonic technology or death Eh. MUSIC PLAYING Hey all, Trace here for D News. Kim Suozzi has joined the ranks of cryonic pioneers, and become one of the few hundred people frozen in suspension, only to be thawed out in the far future. Kim found out she had terminal brain cancer when she was in her early '20s. And on her 23rd birthday, she posted on Reddit, what should she do with the last few months of her life.

And the Redditors had thousands of comments, from try LSD to run up huge debt on your credit card. But there were comments also about cryonic preservation. Her interest was piqued, and soon, with the help of some small donations from Redditors, and some big donations from some nonprofits, she had enough money to cryonically preserve her entire body. Science fiction has long talked about hyper sleep or stasis or cryosleep or whatever it's called, and that technology does exist today. But it's less than perfect. The scientific term for this is not cryogenics, but cryonics.

Cryogenics is studying anything that's kept really cold. But if you put something living into suspension, that's cryonics. As of last weekend, Kim finally succumbed to her cancer and was deanimated. That's what the cryonic people call it. And then, she was put into preservation. Here's how it works. First, you're deanimated. And then, your body is cooled rapidly so that you get to a very cold temperature without damaging too many of the tissues if you can help it. Then you're put into liquid nitrogen, and you're left there for a long time.

People put themselves in suspension for a variety of reasons, anything from fear of death, love of life, hope for a cure for their disease, curiosity about the future, or even wanting to be immortal. The thing is, we've got no way to reanimate people that have been deanimated. The problem with the technology at the moment is that our cells are full of water, and when you freeze water, it expands and creates crystals, and that bursts the cell membrane. So once we would be thawed out, we kind of just turn into mush.

That doesn't really stop people from trying it, though. Their rebuttal is that in the future the far future, whenever that would be they'll know how to fix it. We'll see who's right, I guess. I mean, we won't see who's right. They'll see who's right. There is a separate process called vitrification. That's when you replace the liquid inside of your cells with this chemical cocktail that doesn't freeze and burst the membranes. It's been proven to work on a variety of small bits, like cells and organs that are really.

Small, but not a whole anything. Cryonics have been around for a while. The first institute started in the 1960s in my home state of Michigan. You're welcome, science. Since then, only a few others have popped up, but they're mostly vilified for being frauds and shysters because the technology is unproven, and no one has seen anybody successfully reanimated. Because of that, most of the people that work in these nonprofit organizations are doityourselfers, parttimers, or are just volunteers. So when you think of cryonics, you probably think of slick, seethrough canisters.

With people floating, suspended in bubbly fluid. But it's not like that at all. In fact, it's more like this homemade gizmos and freezers in basements. Don't feel bad for Kim Suozzi. She did have her doubts. But she said that you have to have faith in technology. Would you cryonically freeze yourself I now it's winter and it's probably already cold enough outside, and you don't really want to think about it. But let us know why or why not down the comments. It's easy to do. Also, subscribe to D News.

Husband Catches Wife Cheating, Posts Live Updates On Reddit FoxNewsChannel

Husband Catches Wife Cheating, Posts Live Updates On Reddit FoxNewsChannel,Would you share your dirty laundry online FoxNewsChannel farkyla sunulmutur.Ltfen takip etmeyi unutmayn.Would you lay your dirty laundry out online.

Husband Catches Wife Cheating, Posts Live Updates On Reddit.Would you share your dirty laundry online.

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Woman Posts Sex Life Spreadsheet From Bitter Husband On Reddit.The key to improving intimacy is creating a spreadsheet to document all the times you felt rejected and then emailing said spreadsheet to your partner, right.

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Best Man Catches Bride CHEATING On Wedding Trip Whats Trending Now

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