What Are The Legal Benefits Of Marriage

On June 26th, 2015, the US Supreme Court made the landmark decision to legalize samesex marriage. Finally, after all couples are able to reap the financial, social, and legal benefits of matrimony. But beyond being able to refer to your partner as husband or wife, what are the actual benefits of getting married The US government has long encouraged marriage, partially because it led to higher birth rates, but also under the belief that it would create a stronger country. Historically, marriage promotion goes back to Ancient Rome, where penalties were imposed if you remained unmarried.

Past a certain age. Today, there are about elevenhundred federal benefits, rights, and protections given to married couples. Before the Supreme Court decision, samesex partners in civil unions and domestic partnerships were only eligible for a few of those benefits, largely on a statebystate basis. For many this was a human rights issue, but it also had a huge financial effect. A married couple can file their taxes together, which means that their incomes are added up, while the total amount necessary to enter a higher tax bracket is raised. For example,.

Single people are limited to about $90,000 dollars in income before passing the 25 tax bracket. However, married couples can make up to $150,000 dollars before hitting 28. This is beneficial when one partner makes considerably less than the other, as has historically been the case. But today, many couples see similar incomes, which can actually lead to a tax penalty. For example, if both of you earn $90,000 dollars a year, then filing together would actually push you into the 28 bracket, while filing alone would keep you at 25.

Being married also allows you to give gifts, money, and property to your partner without having to pay state taxes, and the same occurs if you die and your partner receives your estate. If you are unmarried, they will have to pay an estate tax on any property left to them. Perhaps more importantly, those relying on their partner's social security will be unable to continue collecting it after their death, if unmarried. And this also applies to similar government programs, such as healthcare, disability, and military spousal benefits. Getting married is also important in case things go wrong. Often, hospital or jail visits.

Are restricted to immediate family only. And if a medical, legal, or financial decision needs to be made while a spouse is unconscious or unresponsive, unless prior arrangements have been made, an unmarried partner cannot make those decisions. At worst, if someone dies and does not name their partner in the will, their partner will have no control over their last wishes. There are a number of other benefits to getting married, including immigration rights, and interestingly, the right to refuse to testify against your partner in court. An unmarried couple has no such legal marital confidentiality. Obviously, the government favors marriage,.

Treating Depression More Effectively in New Mothers

Laquanda HarrisGeorge I had my first son when I was 18. My son was born sick, he had pneumonia. It was a very hard and trying time. Scared, I didn't know anything, and then I found out when he was 9 months, that I was 5 months pregnant with his brother. I was not aware consciously that I was suffering from depression. It made the simplest things very hard, nearly impossible to do. Sheree Toth We have extensive research that shows that when moms have a baby that they're certainly at significantly increased risk.

Of depression. And when you're looking at moms who have multiple stressors in their lives, including living in poverty, living in neighborhoods with high crime, about 1 in 4 women experience major depressive disorders. HarrisGeorge After dealing with a sick child and having another child unexpectedly, it was hard, and that's when I got introduced to the program. Margaret Figueroa I worked with Laquanda for about a year. The IPT program is a home visiting model, so I would go out to her home on a weekly basis. The majority of the focus is on what's currently happening, right now, and what is contributing to their.

Mood, whether it's events, situations, relationships they might be in. Toth Unfortunately there's a significant stigma still associated with seeking help for a mental illness and I think it's even worse in minority populations. There's somewhat of a sense of, we should be able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps , and, we really don't need any extra help. HarrisGeorge Something's going on, but you can't quite put your finger on it. Until I was presented with the information it was something that I never really heard, or was aware I was going through, but it helped me pinpoint what was the trigger that caused.

It and ways to treat it. Toth It's so important as a field that we continue to expand our efforts to look at whether these interventions can be effective with lowerincome, more diverse populations, and I think this is a really important step in that direction. HarrisGeorge While I was in the program, I got pregnant with my last son. I was at a better place to be able to receive him. Margaret helped me to keep my head above water, to keep levelheaded. Figueroa Laquanda was a bit more unique in that she had the family support, she's.

Married and parenting her 3 children along with her husband. While she had that good support, she was also struggling with the depressive symptoms that were creeping up on that daytoday basis for her. HarrisGeorge I didn't see my child as a burden, so much, but I saw him as a priority. She worked with me to help me see that it was OK for me to set goals and say, I can still do something with my life. Figueroa Well it feels good to see her succeed and attain some of those goals that she had set for herself,.

I wish I had addressed it when I first came back

I served in the Marine Corps from July 6, 1965 to July 6, 1968. And I served in the Republic of Vietnam. I was shot in an ambush. I was told at that point by the guys that were loading me onto the C130 that I had gotten the milliondollar wound, that I was going home. So I got out, decided to go to school, and went to UNC Charlotte, and graduated from there with a BS in accounting. The kids that were there were not that wild, I guess, in.

Their beliefs and what have you, although there were some demonstrations. What I did, how I coped with it, was I grew long hair, moustache, and I became one of them, only in the sense to look at me. I didn't want to say I was a Marine. I didn't want to say that I was in Vietnam. So I didn't want to say anything about my military background from that standpoint. Depression didn't come until a lot later. I didn't have depression as a young man. But I just felt like an outsider.

I felt like I couldn't connect with people. They couldn't get to me. They couldn't understand me, and I couldn't open up to them. And I kept everybody at arm's length. Unfortunately, I was married four times. And I don't think that I ever sat down and told them what I saw, what I felt, in detail. I never did. I didn't get involved with the VA until '98. The mental health, I wish that I had addressed it when I came back from 'Nam. I retired March 1, 2007 from my job.

And that's when I went to the VA, and I said I want you to check me out and see if I've got PTSD. And I had a lot of the symptoms. The nightmares were getting worse, unable to sleep. I knew that I was having some difficulty, and obviously, relationship issues were coming up. Sometimes I was quick to anger. I'll have to admit that the VA, at least the people that I had to deal with, were very good as far as PTSD is concerned and all the services that the VA has given me.

When I retired, I had to make a decision on whether I was going to continue my own health care or what, and found out that I'd get all my health benefits taken care of with the VA. I'm able to cope with things a little better. I still have issues, no doubt. And I think I'll have issues until the day that I die. And they come with the territory. I have found an opportunity to talk about it more with the group that I'm with. Those are the only guys that I really feel comfortable that I.

Marriage Counseling Online Relationship Counseling Online via Skype

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, and I am a professional online therapist. I provide online therapy via Skype for individuals and for couples. I provide Online Marriage Counseling in which I work with each person separately, usually, to help them identify and overcome patterns of emotional reactivity. These reactive loops create a great deal of conflict and stress in relationships, as you will be familiar. So it is very important to find the emotions underneath that are fueling these reactive loops between both partners. And, by changing your relationship with these emotions you can begin to break free of them and establishing.

More positive ways of being with each other. So, that's what Mindfulness Therapy is all about. It's about learning how to break free from your compulsive emotions that drive emotional reactivity. And this is essential in order to begin to establish freedom in the relationship where you can discover how to relate to each other, how to love each other effectively, without being controlled by these habitual patterns of emotional reactivity. So, if you are interested in online marriage counseling, please visit my website and contact me, and we can schedule a session in which I can work with both of you, first of all,.

Christian Counseling San Diego 6198840601

Are you a Christian Do you believe you need divine intervention to heal from your pain Christian counseling may be the key to strengthening your damaged relationships. Christian counseling can help you overcome many challenges Family Conflict Emptiness Marital Problems Grief Problem Children Blended Family Issues Addictions Anxiety Work challenges Depression Guilt Loneliness Sexual Tension Spiritual Blocks Stress and so much more. People just like you learn coping, healing, angermanagement and countless other lifechanging skills with Christian counseling. Saying I need help is the first step. The next step is to find the right therapist.

Marriage Relationship Advice How to Get Past Infidelity

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip we're going to talk about how to get past infidelity. Infidelity is one of the hardest problems in a relationship, and it may not even be getting past it. It's understanding, number one, whether you want to stay in the relationship. And if that is important, then we have to understand together what happened to cause infidelity. What caused the partner to stray What responsibility does each person have in it The person who.

Was betrayed is the one who's hurt, and we have to listen to what that hurt feels like. And the person who is not loyal has to be able to understand how deeply the hurt goes in betraying the relationship and has to listen to what their partner is saying about what it did to them to hear how, how hurtful this was. This is, staying loyal in a relationship is what a marriage is really about. So when this gets violated, it's very, very hard to get past it very quickly. It takes a long time to work through the hurt. And again,.

Set Free From Marital Depression, And Marriage Restored Prophecy

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Troubled Marriage, Depression History Promote Obesity.The doublewhammy of marital hostility and a history of depression can increase the risk for obesity in adults by altering how the body processes highfat foods..

Prayer For Healing Depression - For Women Who Are Overwhelmed By Marriage Problems.rekindlelane previously 1lovespirit Numerous women write to me in a depressed, sometimes even suicidal state of mind as a result of their..

Want A Happy Marriage Watch This! Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

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