Common Law Versus Marriage in Ontario

Hi, my name is Brian Galbraith, and I'm the owner of Galbraith Family Law Professional Corporation. We're a law firm of divorce lawyers located in Barrie, Newmarket, and Orillia. I'm often asked what's the difference between the end of a common law relationship and the end of a marriage. Well there are similarities, and there are differences. The way common law couples are treated for the purposes of custody and access related to the children of course and support. It doesn't matter whether it was a common law relationship or marriage.

Really, it doesn't matter except if you're in a common law relationship for less than three years you're not eligible to get spousal support. That's not the case with marriage. So, support issues are treated the same way. Custody and access based on the best interest of the children. The big difference between a common law relationship ending and a marriage ending is how property division is dealt with. In a common law relationship there's an assumption that his is his and hers is hers. That is you don't have a right to share your partner's.

Property when you separate after a common law relationship. That's not necessarily the case in family law. In family law, there's an equalization of the value of property that was acquired during the relationship. So, his is his and hers is hers, but the value of the property acquired during the marriage is equalized. So if one person comes out of the marriage with a larger sum of assets, he or she has to pay half the difference to their spouse. Now there's a complicated formula so I'm just touching on the highlights of the differences,.

Legal Information Tips How Much Will My Divorce Cost Me

Your spouse has just informed you that they want to divorce you. Hi, I'm Robert Todd and I'm here to answer the question how much is my divorce going to cost me Well this is going to depend on whether the parties can resolve the issues and present to the court a signed marital settlement agreement indicating that all issues have been resolved such as the distribution of assets, the distribution of liabilities, whose going to get custody of the children, what visitation is going to be, whether there's going to be any child.

Support, whether there's going to be any support paid from one spouse to the other. If this can all be resolved and set forth in a marital settlement agreement signed by both parties, and presented to the court. The sooner that is done the less expensive the divorce. On the other hand if the parties can't reach an agreement and have to go through other processes such as mediation, pretrial, discovery, discovery, pretrial and then a hearing it's going to cost much more. I'm Robert Todd and thank you for watching.

Orlando Divorce Lawyer What is a Marital Settlement Agreement

Hi! I'm Steve Kramer, I'm a Florida family law and divorce attorney. And today's topic is marital settlement agreements. What is a marital settlement agreement A marital settlement agreement is what happens when you and your spouse agree to resolve everything and all your differences. And that's short of trial. Trial is where you argue in front of the court and the court makes a decision. And in a marital settlement agreement, you and your spouse hammer out all your differences. And maybe you do that at mediation or maybe you do that through your attorneys, or maybe.

You do that on your own. But in any of those scenarios, you work out everything between you. You work out dividing up the assets. You work out dividing out the debts. You work out child support. You work out alimony. And you close the case and it's a good thing that you get things resolved. If you can avoid trial that's fine, if you have to go to trial then it's good to have an experienced attorney. Why am I telling you Because you may find yourself staring at a marital.

Bernie Sanders slams Fox News for attacks on Gay Americans Outfoxed BRAVE NEW FILMS

What you will see of course is in intensive discussion about what we call the wedge issues you'll hear you know affirmative action you'll hear abortion you'll hear certainly gay rights our God in the separation of church and state issues will be on television every single day I think this gay marriage saying is going to be an enormous presidential issue but there again we have to be fair and balanced I mean we can't like run with that. The stampede of sex couples to the altar has excelled President Bush says.

He's deeply troubled by the hundreds 2 thousands samesex couples engaged in Twenty three hundred and counting Same sex couples hoping to Samesex couples wanting to Same sex marriage. Their job which is what the rightwing Republicans want to do is to divide America up ignore the important economic health care environmental issues and they do that extremely successfully. They did start up a gay marriage but I think that they got sorta blindsided they all the sudden couldn't show the usual footage they used to show.

Because I used to love to show the footage of course the parades in the black leather and you know the drag queens then they had you know very kind of normal looking don't be middleaged couples getting married in school check on the steps of City Hall so I've noticed a certain kind of the zest going out of the gay marriage thing but that the opposite uh where they've picked up the slack is on anything to do with religion anything to do with the Ten Commandments anything to do with God.

Why is Jesus so popular right now Well I think it depends on who you talk to I think a lot of people would say that one of the reasons that he's a very popular is that Mel Gibson's movies come out George W Bush because of all this he wants to see it and I'm sure they will set up a special screening there at the White House. Oh sure, you know he's a devowed Christian. Apparently prays daily. Did they think it's about just a movie just entertainment or.

Do they think that there's really something bigger at work Well I think they think that there's something bigger work September 11th threaten people and people look to Jesus for comfort but number two a line was drawn around the world between two kinds of religion, two kinds of societies. Freedom is not this country's gift to the world freedom is the Almighty's gift to do every man and woman in this world. Boy could you see the elite media tremble over that one The president knows invoking the deity will anger the secular media he doesn't care.

Talking points applauded. They're gonna push God very very hard Quickly going up in the Bush's reelection. All of us working together can change America one soul at a time. The Christian fundamentalist movement is one that believes we're right you're wrong no matter what. And I saw a lot of that at Fox. We're right your wrong. No matter what. In terms of Fox overall I think we have got to appreciate and when we look at them this to understand that this is an adjunct on the republican party.

How Movies Can Make a Marriage Better

Man Then why did you marry me Woman I m beginning to wonder Ronald Rogge The early years of marriage are a risky time for couples. We know that about half of couples in the United States divorce, but a lot of those divorces occur in the first four or five years. And so we wanted to try and find ways to help strengthen those marriages, and hopefully prevent some of those divorces. Man Here's to a good marriage. Rogge So in this study, we had two groups of couples that we gave actual workshops, we brought them in,.

We taught them skills on how to communicate. And compared to a group that didn't get any treatment, we found that after three years they had far lower divorce. Woman Just trying to discover where the strings are attached Rogge But we wanted to see, if we did a very minimal intervention, having these couples watch movies and talk about it, would lead to benefits Man What kind of people would just sit like that without a word to say to each other Woman Married people. Rogge The amazing thing is that with just watching five movies together,.

And talking for a halfhour, 45 minutes at the end, we got benefits over three years, we cut the divorce rate in half. Man Do you ever think of marrying just for fun Woman Marriage, fun Fiddledeedee Rogge We wanted to give the couples in the movie condition some choice about what movies they were going to watch together, Woman If I push too hard it s because I want things to be better Rogge There are lots of romantic comedies out there about a man and a woman falling in love, but it doesn't really show them having fights.

As a couple, or giving support to each other after a long stressful day, because they don't end up together until the last frame of the movie. So it needed to be a movie that showed a longterm relationship so it would make sense to talk about, well how did the couple on screen provide support, and how are we doing that How did the couple on screen fight, and how are we doing that Man Well that s not the point. Woman It certainly is Man Not Little girl Bicker, bicker, bicker. Rogge People watch movies all the time,.

And yet they still get divorced. We actually don't think that it's the movies that's the magic here, I mean don't get me wrong, movies are pretty magic, but to strengthen your relationship, we actually think that it's the time that the couples took to spend together and focus on their relationship that mattered. Man You make me want to be a better man Rogge And taking a moment out of their busy life to think about, how am I acting to my partner, this person that I love the most in the world, and is that the way I really want to be acting.

Man and woman arguing Man Could I please get a word in edgewise Woman Go ahead. Rogge What really excites me about this is that it gives us a way that we can reach out and help couples on a wide scale, without needing thousands of therapists trained to work with each of the couples. We can offer couples a way of strengthening their relationships they can do completely on their own, and it's not like they re just, they have to do it with five movies and stop, they could make it a yearly thing they do around their anniversary, watch.

Woman to Woman Root of Marriage Problems

Where's that lady from Tanzania Is she here Could you come up front here And talk to this lady Because this is a real woman Yeah she has a sweet spirit I talked to her yesterday Come and sit with me and talk to her Have a chat with her, woman to woman Tell her what's wrong with her You can tell her Yes I can And I get out of the way So the truth is that in every woman there's an Eve Right And when you get to learn Roy's meditation,.

You first understand the theory of it but it may take a while it still lingers in there and once you're able to acknowledge and see how ugly it is This dark thing that screams around in me That's it. So even She's had it you see She's had the same dark thing that screams like that The same, yes, exactly the same thing. And it lingers in you. And in a marriage the romantic part of the relationship is the frame for the darkness. Yes exactly. For the thing to grow not only in me but in.

Avoiding Divorce by Asking TOUGH Questions on Core Issues BEFORE Marriage

You brought up the church, the religious premarital counselling. And I know there's a lot of churches that offer that, and it seems like a really good service. But do they touch upon or hit upon these really difficult points. I don't know if you know what they go through or not. But it sounds like yours is very much inyourface and very direct about things. A lot of times counselling in various things, you're just trying to get you to, it seems like to me, talk about things, and either create problems or you don't get to the bulk of what the problem.

Really is. In your case, was this written by you Yes. And did you just take kind of these that I've chose from all your past clients. Because you could have seen in real life what it really is. Right. Because I have been practicing for a long time, and I've had just my mediation practice for almost 15 years now. So you can imagine, especially in the mediation, when I'm working with both parties, I get to see the dynamic on both sides regarding each issue that's kind of caused the breakdown of the.

Marriage. And they're usually related to religion, money, affairs so anything kind of sex related. And sometimes it's also the role in the relationship. Like they don't talk about, Are we going to both have careers when were married or When we have children, do we want one of us to stay home, does one of us even want to stay home, would we want to go parttime, can we afford to do this And those really aren't things that people necessarily talk about prior to getting married, because they feel like it's kind of jumping the gun. Or.

If they do, they talk about it very loosely. And I think it's really important to make sure when you're starting something like marriage together, that you're on the same page. Because that just makes you this power couple moving forward, instead of two individuals who could potentially have friction moving forward when issues come up. And again, we're not going to hit on everything that's going to come up, but there are some core issues that are the leading causes of divorce these days that I address. And you're right, it's a little.

Bit inyourface. And the purpose isn't to cause problems and convince the couple not to get married. Because what I'm trying to do is kind of salvage the potential for breakdown later in the marriage by addressing these beforehand. And so it usually doesn't incite problems with the couple because there's no hot topic that's readily apparent. We're actually just working through them before, and they probably think some of the stuff I ask them as sort of silly. But it's good, and the couples that I've done it with have come back and.

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