Wedding Etiquette How to Give Advice at a Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a great time to share laughs and friends, with friends and family. It's also the perfect time to give that extra advice about married life. Hi, I'm Hazely Lopez director of Hazely Academy of Refinement and Modeling. And I'm here to talk to you about how to give that special advice in a bridal shower. Think about what advice, you'd like to give before you actually get there. You want to write it down and make notes on it. When you're thinking about choosing an advice. You may go ahead and look at, in books and movies.

And look for quotes about marriage, love or romance. Also you may want to think about an advice that you would like to receive as a married woman, now. that's going to make it more sincere and more down to earth. You want to make sure, also that you do it in an appropriate way. You can keep that advice with you. You can do, actually you can do three advices. And from those three, choose which one is the best for you. That suits also, the straight point that you're trying to tell. And then, after that during the bridal.

General Education Teaching Tips How to Write a Wedding Shower Invitation

Hi, this is Laura Turner, and today, I'm going to talk to you about how to write a wedding shower invitation. Of course, first, you're going to decide on the style of the invitation. And the style should reflect the style of the bride. And even you could reflect the style of the wedding. If you know the colors of the wedding, you could use those colors in your invitation. Next, you should actually indicate, of course, where the event's going to be, as in my example here. But, of course, this kind of invitation can be less formal.

Than a complete wedding invitation. For example, here, we have whoever's house it's going to be located at Elise's house as opposed to the formal, you know, address and location of these formal events. Next, what you're going to do is actually you're going to add in where the bride is registered so that the guests can go and purchase gifts at these places. This is probably the most important detail of your bridal shower invitation because, otherwise, people are going to show up very confused with no presents. And finally, you're.

Bridal Shower Games Bridal Shower Games Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This is a really funny game called the toilet paper wedding gown and it's going to get your guests involved, and again you're going to need several rolls of toilet paper and you're going to divide your guests into teams depending on how many guests you have. You can do various teams. You want to make sure you have at least four people per team and then you can even do bigger groups. You can do anything from five to ten people, but I figure four works pretty well. Give each team a couple rolls of toilet paper and have them pick one person.

In their group that's going to be their bride. Now she's going to stand perfectly still with her arms out to her side and her legs close together and you're going to give each group 20 minutes to build their best wedding gown on their bride with their toilet paper, and then the bride is going to come back in the room after 20 minutes and choose her best gown. It's really funny, you're going to listen to people break the toilet paper, you're going to have all kinds of things hanging off, but it's a great game, it'll get everybody laughing.

Bridal Shower Game Ideas Tissue Advice Bridal Shower Game

Hi! This is Brenda and today we are working on our bridal shower games. Now for this game we just need a roll of toilet tissue and have all the guests sitting in a circle. Now, you begin and you go to the first guest and you tell her to just take as much as she needs. That is all you tell her just as much as she needs. So let's pretend I am one of the guests and I will just look at this and I think, okay I will just tear off like this,.

Like this. Then you go again in a row and give to each person telling them the same thing. Now, you are going to tell each guest that ever how many panels there are, she has to tell the bride good bit of wisdom for her marriage. So I am looking at this and I see that I have four panels here on my tissue. So it is my job now to tell the bride four different bits of wisdom for her marriage. May be for the first panel it will be about.

Bridal Shower Game Ideas Newspaper Wedding Dress Game

Hi! This is Brenda. Today we are working on our bridal shower games. Now for this game you are going to need some scissors, some tape and some newspaper. You are going to divide your group of guests into little smaller groups and they are going to be making parts of the wedding dress together. So, give each group that is in your own game a different part of the dress to note. Say for instance you want one group to make the sleeves of the wedding dress. So they may take some newspaper like this and a little tape like this and.

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