your grandpa, he just asked me to marry him one time, one day, and I was like, no. (laughs) No? Why no? Well, I’d been married before and I didn’t think I was really good at it. (light music).

if you guys had online dating when you had met, do you think you would have used it? Or do you like meeting people? I don’t think so. Personal meet. (foreign language).

definitely not. No? Why? Dangerous. When you’re taking somebody out on a date, do you think that the man should pay on the first date? (foreign language) (laughing).

she’s old school. Do you think the guy should pay? Yes. Well, he would be the one that asked me out. I wouldn’t ask him out. Okay. If he asked me out, he’s got to pay.

so in a lesbian relationship, aka my life, who do you think should pay? Pay for your own. Pay for your own? I actually have a rule. If I go on a date and I like them, I pay for them. If I don’t, we split it.

when someone is in a relationship, when do you think they should introduce their significant other to their parents? When you start dating them? Yeah. When they start dating, yeah. First date. First date?.

first date. you’ve got to get their approval. You think an ideal first date for me, I should bring home the person and have them meet my mom and dad immediately? Yes. Yes?.

and i’ll be there, too. You’ll be there, too? After so many years of marriage, how do you keep the magic alive? It’s very important to understand each other. Take your time, maybe invite her to have a dinner.

An Older Couple Gives Love Advice

hey, how you guys doin’? Good, how are you? Good. I’m Briana. Briana, I’m Odell, how are you? Briana Nice to meet you.

i’m nedra. Briana Nedra, nice to meet you. Nedra Nice to meet you, Briana. Pleased to meet you, Cameron? Cameron Yes, Cameron. Odell Yes, Cameron. Cameron Nice to meet you.

odell good to meet you guys. How did you two meet? I was teaching computers. I was teaching math. That’s right, guess that means she’s a little smarter than me.

no! (laughter) There was a group of men that would sit together and a group of women that would sit together. There’s some pretty good looking women sitting over there. (laughter) So, I think I’ll go over there and join them.

briana you switched tables! So, how did you guys meet? I was teaching in Chicago, but I have a background in acting. I went to the studio and I walk in and he spins around in the chair, and he just had this smile, and I dropped.

So many hints that i was into him. We went into the booth, and I touched his side, you know, like, Oh, thank you. And he wasn’t picking on any of the signs. So, finally, I told him to take my number and that was it. How do you push through those times when you don’t see.

Eye to eye? Don’t hold back anything. Be honest. Right. And let the person know how you feel. Let that person know how much he or she means to you.

something that we’re trying to balance out and figure out, now, is how you maintain your own unique identity, while still remaining partners. We just respect each other’s space. We know that we want time for ourselves, so, we allow time for the other person.

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