A lot of people, they write a beautiful speech, and they’re just not sure how to communicate it. Its hard you don’t know what to do. There are so many unfamiliar and unfriendly looking faces in the crowd. So how do you give a speech that is confident, funny, debonair and charming? Well it all comes down to execution our first tip in execution lose those notes! If i’m looking down at my paper all the time, its really hard to form a connection. You’re just not going to register as much because.

It doesn’t seem real. so lose those notes, buy instead of having a whole script that you have to get through having a few key points that you illustrate with stories. Stories are easy to retell without needing notes because you already know them. So limit yourself to using stories, and your speech is going to be much more effectively communicated, and you’re going to feel a lot more confident giving it. Second point when you’re delivering a speech is eye contact.You want to make sure that.

You’re looking all around at the various guests in the room. you want to make a personal connection with each and every one of them. Try varying your gaze every few seconds to different parts of the room and that will make a huge difference in peoples ability just to interact with you and feel like they’re being personally spoken to during your speech. It can get a little intimidating looking into the eyes of complete strangers, especially because people tend to have their tv face on when they’re watching a speech they’re.

Just deers in the headlight kind of thing. so one tip we can give you is to look at the friendly faces focus on a few key people in the audience who are smiling, who ARE engaged, and just keep alternating between them when you’re looking during your speech. Tip number 3 you’ve lost your notes, you’re making eye contact, that’s great. Now you have to make sure you’re watching the clock. Stories are fantastic but they can also be long winded and drawn out. A 45 second speech is no good because people won’t think its.

Heartfelt, but a 45 minute speech is going to have your audience in tears and not the good kind! So make sure you’re practicing your speech in advance. Pull out your iphone, your smartphone, and time yourself ahead of the wedding so that you know exactly how long it is. A good speech length is anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Of course if you’ve got an amazing story, and amazing connection with the groom or bride it can go a little longer. But generally, the shorter, the more people are going to appreciate it, and the better.

They’re going to be engaged. Once you’ve timed your speech and you know how long its going to be you go a long way in keeping peoples attention. And finally our last point in giving a strong, confident speech, is to be conversational. You don’t need to have every little word scripted out. If you’re telling stories and you’re talking just try to stay natural. Keep your body language active, don’t stand rigid at.

The stage, and just relax. pretend its a conversation between two people not a conversation with 500 other people. A speech shouldn’t really be a speech it should be more of a conversation. Each member of the audience should feel like they’re being personally spoken to. If you do that you keep it conversational, you use stories, you make eye contact, you lose those notes, you’re going to give an incredible wedding speech. So feel confident and enjoy this opportunity to tell the bride and the groom how much they.

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