Hi, I’m Karina Fraley for Expert Village.I am a lifestyle expert, and I’m the official mom for mommywood . Today I’m going tobe giving you some gift ideas for your husband for Christmas. Now I know that most of usare pretty creative and pretty good at picking out gifts, but let’s face it, in the busynessof our daily lives, we really don’t need one more thing to do in the middle of runningthe kids back and forth, or working, or whatever it is that we do spending our day. We areall very busy these days, so I’ve essentially just pulled together a variety of differentgifts that can suit any man, basically depending on his interests or hobbies, there’s somethingfor everybody on the table here. I have chosen

the more economical ones that will fit intoanyone’s budget, but certainly there are versions of most of these things on the higher end.You don’t have to spend a lot of money though, but if your budget allows you can certainlygo to higher end stores and pick up different versions, but as you can see there’s somethingfor somebody who likes to play golf or darts, something cozy, there’s just all differentkinds of things that you can pick up very inexpensively and very easily, and I’m goingto share them with you in the next clips.

Inside Amy Schumer One Night Stand

All right, well. Bye. Bye. Whew. Here’s the craziestthing about last night. Like his body just It felt like home. Dude, does this tasteskunked to you ?

No. What does he do ? Okay, we didnot get to that, but according to Google,like finance, maybe. What’d you get intolast night ? Nothing. Actually, I got kindof hammered. God, I like,miss him.

I’m gonna text him. Oh,you should wait. No, the amazing thingis that we’re not playing games. Oh my God.( phone alert ) No idea whothat is. How hard is it to opena joint checking account ? And this is for youand your husband ? Husband ?

II guess, I guess. I have a feeling. Mmhmm. This is it. This is mywedding cake. This placeis perfect. Unless he’s Jewish. Whatever, it’s my day,right ?

You know what ? There’s one more thingI’d like to take a look at. You know what ? I justI feel it. I feel like Matt and I willjust be at peace here. Yeah. God. You know what ?

I’m gonna call my booboo,see what he’s up to. ( phone ringing ) Hello ? Hey. Just at the cemetery,thinking boutcha. What are you thinkingfor tonight ? I’m literallydown for whatever. Who is this ?

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