Ronald Reagans Marriage Advice To Son

Letters the ronald reagan written to here’s son michael getting marry fusing she got married and ronald reagan wanted to get into the so he could have a longlasting happy marriage what is really interesting because he basically tells his son make sure you tell your wife and love her every day make sure you don’t let yourself go these are all very important things to keep the happy relationship but he also says the following and can find a twelve q america will go along with cheating and it doesn’t take.

All that much manhood it does take quite a man to remain attractive and to be loved by a woman who has heard him snore cn unshaven tended to him while he was sick and washes dirty underwear do that and keeper still feeling a warm glow and you will know some very beautiful music you know i have to say annexes wrote the letter was moving it was very moving in fact itne made me see uh. about personal side of ronald reagan but i intelligent at like.

Yet and you know from time to have you made during the reagan was now bright and i’ve always objected that partly and because by remember seeing his speeches and how he changed his feet the original traps the speech back in a result paper any crossexam right things and he saw the wrote significance the speech in is right it was really good in the seat in this letter as well now you disagree with reagan.

A million times over but they say that he’s not intelligent i felt was unfair especially a career of george w_ bush morning pocket back some intelligent made and so is you read this letter it’s possible it’s romantic grade and he’s right man the fact that in the dirty underwear linus funny instru and he noted initiative for a white that i was going to be able to keep each.

Other that they should have to use in the worst of each other you know twentyfour seven kazi can turn it off and then have that person still love you that’s that’s being manly i agree with the it was very sweet and you know ending up in about one rate is the way she says i didn’t know that he was married prior to getting married since the reagan but he had a wife uh. from nineteen forty two nineteen forty nine so i started questioning whether it’s the world this letter out of experience because he talked a lot.

About cheating sounds like to teaching on his first wife is that what upgraded research and there’s no real like definitive evidence that indicates he cheated on her of course there are ten of rumors but uh. his first wife out was jane wine and she was also an actress habit less i mentioned they were married from nineteen forty two nineteen forty eight they got their uh. official divorce in nineteen forty nine and it turns out that they had three children together but that their child was born prematurely and died a day later and allied jane wyman said that they never really recovered from that.

Rama so that was one of the reasons why they got divorced right but look he spoke to eloquently about how well you can do is a tremendous cheated for me to think that he wouldn’t even have some poor mistake he’s saying in the latter you know she’ll know she’ll know that you came up with a flimsy excuses comment uh. home at three a_m_ even if she.

Chris Kluwe Gay Marriage Letter

Minnesota vikings hunter chris adc louis wrote a very strongly worded letter to up politician maryland by the name of amit birds other reason why he did that is because uh. another about football player are ravens linebacker brandon i had buys you know uh. wrote sparse made this tutorial where he was very supportive of gay marriage right differences incorrectly good not good enough okay so i have a tutorial for you guys this tutorial really really irritated out this politician and burns let’s watch and figure out why so first of the line yes.

Notice you that she cannot enter part for about this but ran out of court issue in our state is whether or not to allow gay and lesbian couples who love each other tzameret they should not be subjective issue gay lesbian couples one america for similar reasons as we all hope loving committed.

It’s time to run the opportunity to build a family to marriage too matter of fairness this is one asking marylanders to join the it supporting marriage equality for samesex couples having the primavera remains committed couples and their children will have the same crucial protections under the laws of the families church is the most other police the government is forced to treat everybody the same.

And that’s the or america’s close to the land of the free but order for this to be true for all of us then we must have the ability to american about regardless of their gender think about in join me in the land of the brave for standing on side of.

Although this was hope all quieted ever lived that was a very eloquent tutorial i i i love that and i love that he’s getting politically active uh. brands is not like that okay academic birds basically said that had the owner of the baltimore ravens should basically shut him up uh. and prohibit him from speaking his views.

Intact and loves this apartment in america say hey you know what how do your that football player speak out listen with realistic cell some story gets even better okay because minnesota vikings panic chris chloe gets involved in your rights to strongly worded letter now the letter is written so brilliantly and jobs he calls out uh. burns on a number of different things so just to give you a little excerpt of that he.

Says what on earth would possess you’d be so mind boggling argue fondly stupid it baffles me that a man such as yourself a man who relies on that same first amendment to pursue your own religious studies without fear of persecution from the state consult justify stifling another person’s right to speech to call that hypocritical would be to do a disservice to the word mind fucking absurd obscene lee hypocritical starts to approach it a little bit again it gets the works of the action say better because he just uses.

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