Relationship Advice Life After Domestic Violence

I'm Joe Cuenco with family resources, and today we're going to talk about moving on from one of the worst relationship experiences, and that is life after a domestic violence. It's important to recognize here, that you are the victim, that you have self worth, and that actually, it's important for you to recover from this experience. Whether or not you are male or female, it doesn't matter because domestic violence hits both veins. You do have to deal with a failure and the host of emotions that are carried and when.

Dealing with this issue. And also remember that the right people in your life will judge you negatively from this experience. And it is a horrible experience to go through. Violence isn't something that most people deal with successfully on their own so it's very important and I would encourage you to get professional help. Seek counseling, seek therapy and sometimes even medication is required to help get through these experiences. You are going to be going through a host of emotions you know, feeling the loss of a relationship, diminished self.

Worth, you may have an issue where you don't respect yourself the way you should. You may be dealing with worthlessness, anger, denial and things of that nature. And also you may need some help dealing with the legal issues. You may have to get a restraining orders put all these things into place. So it's important not only to seek professional help but also join support groups. Deal with your family you know search with help from your family and friends and also these organizations there are many community resources that are available.

To help you deal with this challenge. Next you do is engage in positive behaviors, feel the void in your life. Getting a hobby, reading, doing something to benefit yourself, building up your character, building up your inner strength so that you have that confidence that you once had before you are dealt with these challenges. Work to put the challenge behind you, focus on the positive things, your future and treat this as hitting a speed bump in a relationship of life. Remember you are worth it, and it's important you, for.

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