Marriage Advice From A Divorce Attorney Laura Wasser, Family Law Attorney

Communication is my advice for somebody considering getting married. I actually believe that communication is important if you are thinking about taking the relationship to the next level and moving in together. I know a lot of people have prenuptial agreements, I think they are great but in young marriages or marriages where the parties don't have a ton of money, it may not be necessary. What I do believe is necessary is determining what the expectation of each of the parties are, determining what the deal if you will is. Every relationship has a contract,.

And when you enter into a marriage contract, you are being governed by the state where you live and even if it's an easy divorce, when you go through divorce, you have to file paper work and pay fees, and fill out forms that means that getting into this should be a little more difficult. You should discuss, Do we want to have kids What religion is our family going to be How much are we going to put away for savings Are you going to continue working after we have kids Are we going to a family vacation every year If.

My mom turns 80 and has a stroke can she come live in our back house Obviously, you can address every single thing that's going to happen every single course of your hopefully very long marriage, but there are certain things, particularly financial things, that are not very sexy or romantic to discuss but I highly advised having this conversation with either a priest or a rabi or a good friend, somebody that you both respect that's had a little life experience, a mental health professional again and maybe taking some notes.

And jotting things down. There will be times in your relationship when you will have to renegotiate the terms, things have changed, one of us is working more now, one of us is making more money, we re buying a home my mother did end up coming to live with us. Things need to be discussed and you need to have good communication about what the deal points are even if it may not sound like the most romantic, it will save your relationship time and time again, and if you start doing it before you get married, it will be easier.

Relationship Breakup Divorce Advice How to Decide if Your Marriage is Worth Saving

Hello! Have you ever wondered how to decide if your marriage is worth saving Well I'm Dr. Felicia and I'd like to give you a few tips on that. One thing you want to look at in a marriage if you're weighing up whether it's worth saving or not is making a list of all the things that make up your character. For instance, are you still the person you were when you entered that relationship or did you have to give up many of the things that you like For instance if you like writing and your spouse or your partner tried to detour.

You from writing or detour you from having other friends outside the marriage. Sort of crippled the personality that you used to be, if you gave up all the dreams that you had because of this partner then you know that maybe you weren't fully realized or fulfilled in that relationship either. The other thing about if it's worth saving was the person considerate, did that person have good qualities, was the person a type of character that you admire and that you want in your life for the rest of your life, is that the person.

That you want for the parent of your child, and are they setting that kind of an example. The other thing that you also want to look at is if in fact both of you together communicated and had a healthy relationship on both the, all of the above, of spiritual, physical, and intellectual sharing. They say that usually a person has to be of equal intellectual ability in order for the two of them to communicate in a partnership. So, was that really part of your relationship. As you're sizing up whether your marriage is worth saving or not.

Marriage Divorce How to Leave Your Husband

I'm Bill Cuenco with Family Resources. Today were going to be talking about how to make those difficult choices successfully. Specifically, how to leave your husband. Now, chances are that you've made this decision because counseling or therapy, or some type of a.a friendly break up probably isn't rational or working for you. So, and if you haven't sought counseling or professional advice, please do so, and particularly so if there are children involved because this is much more than an individual decision. Leaving generally applies that you're not leaving on good terms, and it, it also implies that maybe there are some relationship.

Issues there that are unsalvageable. So, realistically, what's important is making preparation for your journey. Where are you going to go How are you going to get there And how are you going to sustain yourself for how long So, and it's really complicated. You need to treat this almost like a household move. A relocation may be involved, where you're going to stay, again, thee travel arrangements and how long you into sustain yourself when you are there, and may even involve getting a new occupation or doing something very different.

But, you can not do this alone, or you shouldn't do this alone. You need to get support from your friends and family. There are other support groups in many areas. You can take a look at websites, resources that are there online, or some federal programs, or some community, community programs that might be a resource to you. The important thing to do is to get back into the routine as quickly as possible because you're really dealing with a situation that has been negative, and you want to get yourself back engaged and rebuild your selfconfidence,.

If We Celebrated Divorces Like Engagements

I brought you here for more than just a view. Oh yeah I have to say, the last five years have been a nightmare come true for me. Yeah. Will you be my exwife Oh, my God! Yes, of course I will divorce you! Yes Oh, my God, baby, I hate you so much. Oh, my God, I hate you too. We're getting divorced! The more I think about my future, the more I don't want you in it. Will you give me my ring back.

Yes! Your kids are gonna love having two Christmases. Mom, Dad, we're ready to end this bleep! Oh, I knew he wasn't the one! screaming in delight Oh, my God, now you can travel whenever you want. You're gonna be so happy sleeping with other people, honey. Well, Daddy's little girl can finally spend all night alone watching reality TV again. Aw, Dad. My friend, Denise, had a divorce. She recently had oral sex with Jason Derulo. We've had some good times,.

How to Get a Jewish Divorce

Just as Judaism offers rituals to make marriage sacred. when divorce is necessary, Judaism also provides a sacred context. Most Rabbis do this with a Jewish bill of divorce, a Get. Notably the Reform movement, and others, don't require a Get, feeling it's outdated. Rabbis in these movements sometimes tweak the traditional get, suggest complete alternatives, or offer more contemporary ceremonies. Sometimes, they'll still recommend a Get through the Conservative or Orthodox branches of Judaism, to avoid running into future problems, and there are a few. For instance, when entering into a new Jewish.

Marriage, you could be told you were never technically Jewishly divorced, so you need to get in touch with your ex to get a Get digging up what might be an uncomfortable past. And there's the problem of the Agunah. In traditional Jewish law, if a husband refuses to give his wife a get, she's forbidden from remarrying. These issues are messy and complex, but worth reading about although a little in the weeds for those not concerned with Halacha, or traditional Jewish law. So what is a Get It's a document that says nothing about.

The marriage or details of why you're getting divorced. It's very basic saying the marriage is over, and the man gives the woman permission to marry whomever she wants. When the woman physically accepts the Get, she frees the man to marry whomever he wants. Yes, the gender roles are lopsided. The Get process is performed by a specialist DivorceRabbi yep, totally a thing Most often the exes go together, but they can go separately, if needed. The ceremony includes a rabbi, scribe and two witnesses who make up the Rabbinical Court called a Beit Din.

Marriage Divorce When Is it Time for Divorce

I'm Joe Cuenco with Family Resources. Today we're going to be talking about turning the page on this particular chapter of marriage. Specifically, when is it time for divorce. When is it time for divorce Well, the only thing we're really assured of in life is death and taxes. Everything else is really open to negotiation. Unless you are married to the Antichrist, I would suggest that before you divorce, you sit down and have some professional help. Counseling, marriage workshops, really working one on one with the issues that you.

Might be dealing with. And particularly if there are children involved you should have counseling sessions and give this decision the appropriate weight and consideration that the situation requires. Many times couples break up over silly things like pushing the toothpaste at the wrong spot, toilet paper in the wrong, hung the wrong way, and these are just real indications that something of much greater gravity is at issue or at work here and they really need to be worked through. And often times they can be. But if you don't.

Have the fundamentals, trust, love, friendship, communication and mutual respect, these are things that you're really going to have to work on before you can say its time to liquidate the marriage and move on. Take the balance sheet approach. Take a look at the pluses and minuses, where you really come together, what your strengths are and take a look at the areas that really need work because its important to work from strengths first and then take a look at the areas that need improvement and put together a plan. Before you come to.

That divorce, I would suggest a trial separation first because couples have successfully come together once they spend the appropriate time apart and understand what part they really play in their lives and how important they are. You have a choice. Its important not to settle, but understand you made quite an investment here and perhaps a little bit more investment can help build that long term successful relationship. And so that's how we determine whether or not its time for divorce. I'm Joe Cuenco with Family Resources, relationships for life.

Marriage Divorce Letting Go of a Relationship

I'm Joe Cuenco with Family Resources. Today, we're going to be talking about when it's time to make a new start specifically letting go of a relationship. In order to determine if it's time to let go of the relationship really need to do the math. You really need to have the pluses and minuses of what you're getting out of the relationship. Is it friendship that you're getting out of the relationship or is it some type of sexual satisfaction or are you building and working towards something long term and you really need to consider.

If you see this partnership going together going on for a couple of years or even longer term. So, you really need to the math and comparison and have an honest evaluation about rather you have to write compatibility for this long term relationship. Of course the fundamentals have to be there. If love, trust, respect, friendship and communication are not there, then you really have not much of a chance or a diminish chance for success if these things can't built upon. You need to weigh facts against the emotions and really.

Take that hard look at the relationship what you're putting into it and what you're getting out of it and if it doesn't work out, then you really need to respectful of the other person. Don't berate the other person and just recognize that you're two different people. It just didn't work out and perhaps you can actually be friends. I don't want to sound clicheish but realistically people who can't be lovers and friends often times be supportive as friends. So, recognize that you may have the ability to run in the same circles. You.

Marriage Divorce Should Infidelity Lead to Divorce

I'm Joe Cuenco with family resources, today we are going to be talking about relationship paths and the choices we make in our life. Particularly should infidelity lead to divorce. For many individuals infidelity is a deal breaker. Once that bond of trust has been broken, it's really gone. And there's nothing that can repair this. Even when there's children or perhaps a very significant situation to deal with. And so when you have a deal breaker like that, it's best to just go ahead and move on put as much closure as you can to.

The situation and begin to rebuild a life somewhere else. For others infidelity maybe an issue where it maybe a one time thing and it's really not in the character of the individual, they basically perhaps made a mistake or got involved in a situation where they let go. And weren't as careful as they should have been. So in a situation like that it may be possible, many couples do recover in this type of relationship and go ahead and work through this and sometimes it even makes them stronger. But if you have an individual who.

Is selfish, self centered, maybe looking at things like whats in it for me. Who is cold, calculating and actually plans something like this, then you may want to consider really give it some way to think about is this individual worth while to be with in a long term. This type will generally be prone to these bad behaviors and that's something that you want to consider. And actually basically do you want to live your life looking in the rear view mirror all the time. For those who want to work together, build some trust, then that's.

A very positive thing but it has to be two people who are willing to undergo this. Counseling may help, workshops may help but the net is trust is equivalent to love in importance for happily married couples and those in long term successful relationships. So go with your heart, remember you don't want to be the victim here, you want to be a person who works to build a happy relationship. And counseling can help you work through this if there is a separation or divorce involved. If there is love, true love,it will survive and if.

Relationship Breakup Divorce Advice How to Survive a Divorce

Hello have you wondered how to survive divorce Well, I'm Dr. Felicia I have a few tips for you. The first thing you want to do after a divorce is kind of pamper yourself, everyone has wondered feelings so it's important that you indulge yourself and do something that you like. Whether you're a female and you want to go for a beauty make up and you want to get some facials, maybe massages, do activities that you like. For the fellows, you know, whatever maybe they been putting off a long golfing trip for a long time, maybe they need.

To just go out with their friends and hang out for awhile, that's all pretty natural kind of a, you're going to be in a little bit of a funk so you want to do things that are going to pick you up quite a bit. The other thing you want to to do is remember that from this day forward, you're moving forward, looking back is only hurtful. If you look back on the past, try to remember the good parts of the relationship. Try to remember the goods and minimize the bad. Don't dwell on the bad because that's not all of.

You. Your future is coming and that will be better. The other thing you want to do is stay positive, stay active, surround yourself with supportive friends and family and just to get into activities whether it's an art class or some other activity that you've been putting off and keeping yourself busy. That's the best way to do it. Many people travel, many people change residences to new location, all those things are different ways to coping. But remember, by the two year process, you should be through the grieving process and.

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