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Most of us invest in our retirement portfolios, we invest in our children's college funds, and we invest in our physical health and wellbeing. these investments make sense. But I wonder. How much do you invest in the relationships with people in your life Many of us will spend 10, 20, 30 or more years of our life with a spouse or significant other. We'll care for our children for a lifetime and be part of a family network. We even commit to long term relationships with our colleagues for the length of our.

Career. We spend every moment of every day with ourselves. How much do we invest in those relationships When our relationships are balanced and healthy, they are the very thing that makes life vibrant, full, and rewarding. I'm Jenny Glick, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the owner of the Counseling Center of Cherry Creek. It is my privilege to and passion to guide individuals and couples in finding healing and fulfillment in their relationships. Sign up now for a free 20 minute phone consultation to see how I may support you in finding the.

Isa Jones, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Sexologist

Hi. My name is Isa Jones, and I'm a sex and couples therapist with a background in marriage and family therapy. As a sex and couples therapist, I create a very safe and comfortable space for you to discuss and resolve some of your most difficult and very personal life challenges. I specialize in couples' communication and reconnection which involves enhancing both the emotional and physical relationship. I teach couples how to recapture and fuel their relationships with erotic desire. I also work with couples to heal and recover from the devastating impacts that an affair can have, as well as treating many other sexual concerns.

Ultimately, I do this work because I see sex as an amazing gift with incredible potential to nurture ourselves and revitalize our relationships. You know when sex is good it's a place of renewal and a refuge, of fun and comfort. Great sex invigorates us and bonds us together. It's our sexual relationship that distinguishes us as lovers without it, we become roommates, and with this, we create disconnection and distance. And often as a result, people get angry and frustrated and become resentful and withdrawn in their relationships. So if you're having these kinds of challenges or if you're in need of some support,.


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