What Is Included in the Medical History of a Fertility WorkUp

Text on screen Fertility Authority. Your Most Trusted Source Ask the Experts What is included in the medical history and physical exam during a fertility workup Dr. Jane Frederick, HRC Fertility It's important to spend time to ask the patient What is her history What medications has she been on Does she have any medical problems Has she had any surgery in her past Her genetic history. How many babies her mother had. Whether her mom went through an early menopause. Those are very critical in the history taking. So, I would start out with a very careful history, and then I would do a physical exam.

And it's important, at the physical exam, to look at the patient's weight, because we see a lot of data coming out showing that the underweight and the overweight patient do play a role in the success of pregnancy. So, I do check a BMI on the patient, based on her height and weight. And I will give her some recommendations on what's a good BMI that will help her prognosis. I always look at how many pregnancies she's had in the past. So, patients who recurrently miscarry, there are some specific tests that I would run on that patient to determine what is the reason for her recurrent miscarriage.

Dr. Ronald D. Stall Interview

Dr. Ronald Stall I think the real, the big, big story, which I'm sure you've heard a lot about, is the breakthrough on microbicides. It's a gamechanger. And we're going to have to learn, on the behavioral side, how to take advantage and do a better job of doing combination therapy. One of the findings from the trial is that women who adhered better to using the microbicides had better protection. And so the issue is now, how can we support atrisk people, in terms of using microbicides. And I feel inspired by the breakthrough on microbicides.

I feel very inspired by the good work that I'm seeing on all parts of the world. I was feeling very inspired by looking at the community work that's going on and the communitybuilding work and the communitydevelopment work that's going on that will allow us to better work in the fight against HIV, particularly with marginalized populations and especially among injection drug users. So what this means is we've got this interesting interconnection of psychosocial epidemics that are in turn driving an infectiousdisease epidemic. One of them is that the big explanations for poor health among gay men.

Are that homophobia causes poor health in men. Well, that's probably true, but we start thinking about that and realize that if homophobia were a culturewide phenomenon, then it affects everybody, including children, and started thinking about the effects of homophobic attacks on young men, as they are coming of age, for being different and how that would affect their development as men and their health in manhood. This isn't just a gay thing. If you raise young children and teach them, on a daily basis, that their life on this earth is a waste of oxygen and you raise them with a lot of violence.

human beings, under those conditions, do not thrive in adulthood. And so there are many, many marginalized populations at this conference with lots of vulnerabilities to HIV. And one of the principles of HIV prevention is that you can expect greater HIV vulnerability in marginalized groups. And so coming up with a theory to explain this allows us to start thinking about interventions to help keep that from happening. What we're doing now is we're looking at lifetime trajectories of drug abuse among men in a very long cohort study, the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study.

And we've added questions these are mostly gay men and we've added questions looking at their experiences in childhood and being able to explain syndemic production among men across the life course. Lo and behold, you know, the data are really behaving according to the theory. So we've done a direct test of the theory and it's looking like it's rather wellsupported by data from a longterm cohort study. And it seems to me that, from the point of view of interventions, we'd want to look more carefully at the men who are naturally doing what our interventions want.

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