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David Painter Realtor Greenville SC Testimonial Ultimate Experience

Well, i have been doing real estate transactions for couple decades, both in Los Angeles as well as Minneapolis before coming here to Greenville. I have worked with some of the best Realtors in the country and other major markets as you well know and even working here in the Greenville area I had the pleasure working with some.

The top realtors. i have never seen the quality of professionalism, expertise, compassion, wisdom and straightout smarts that I’ve seen with David Painter. Without question, I would refer him to a colleague a friend a businesses.

Associate, client or family member again without reservation. Some other things that have impressed me the most about him is that he is incredibly responsive. But knowledgeably responsive, not just getting back to you quickly just for the sake of time he does his homework he researches everything to a farelewell and haven gotten my PhD just as I turned 25, education and knowledge means a lot to me.

And this man fills the bill for me in every way in that regard. But I want a realtor with soul, not just the the knowledge, the book smarts and he’s got all of that as well. He’ll hold your hand if you need handholding but he’ll give you the independence and flexibility you need if you’re an entrepreneur or a business person as I am.

One of the other things like really respected and admired about david is that he protects his clients. When I think back to the transactions in the last 5 years which number over 10, not once have any those esteemed Realtors protected me the way david has and I am so astonished with how much I’ve learned you think you know after.

20 years how much more can you learn about real estate investments and you know transactions being on the buying or selling side, maybe it’s my love education and my love knowledge that there’s not a week that goes by that I’m not learning another pointer or tip from David and putting in mind little treasure chest like.

My personal mba for real estate. Lastly, the man does not over promise. He promises wisely and then over delivers which is something I think that every professional whether you’re in real estate or not truly values. Before my house went under contract which has gone I said I wanted I offered, I said I don’t know if you do this I wanna give you a testimonial,.

It was the day we listed the the house and i remember that day je said dol you want to wait until it goes under contract because it will fairly quickly, and I said but David how could it, this is not the right season we’re coming to the holiday season, we’re in a buyer’s market and he said Lillian,.

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