Discussing UTs Commitment to Diversity

So the summit was a wonderful venue for us to come together and to begin that system wide conversation. We had the ability to have all these people from across the system get together and talk about things that have worked for them and things that haven't worked for them. It's important that we are talking across campuses to see all the good work that other people on other campuses are doing so that we're not kind of working in silos and that we can collaborate with each other and create kind of a state wide climate that's inclusive.

Of diversity. Our society is diverse. Therefore we've got to offer a diverse environment that's conducive to learning and work. That has high quality students, faculty and staff. I think of not only race and ethnicity, which are an important part of it, but also social class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and spirituality, I think ability status or disability, veteran status increasingly so, age, nationality. So I think that multiculturalism includes a lot of different topics. It's important to me because I really recognize that diversity and inclusion are core values.

Of higher education. Well it's really important to me for two reasons I grew up in rural Midwest in an environment where it was a monoculture of people more or less and my experience at the University of Illinois, going to be a big place right out of a small high school, really changed me because it was an aspect of my education I never expected when I went there from the standpoint of learning about all these different people from all over the world, let alone from all over Illinois. It made me appreciate the benefit of that kind of environment and.

What it's done for me through my career. In addition within our family you know we have a grandson from Ethiopia so we're a multiculturally diverse family with a bunch of Italians and a little boy from Ethiopia. You know, learning about Ben and his culture and his background has helped me appreciate how important it is to have our university welcome to all and hostile to none. The process is topdown and bottomup and it involves everyone in order for us to be successful. My hope is that it becomes so much a part of the fabric of the institution that people.

Phillip Phillips Home in ASL by Deaf Film Camp at CM7

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Monroe County Family Law Attorney 3 Things to Know Before Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Today's Pennsylvania divorce tip tells you 3 important things you have to know before you choose a divorce attorney. Hi. I'm Connie Merwine, a Pennsylvania divorce attorney. And I'd like to talk to you today about 3 important matters that you should review before you hire an attorney. First, you need an attorney who practices almost exclusively in family law. Family law is an everchanging and intricate area of the law practice. You can't go to someone who handles all types of different matters including family law and expect to get the expertise that.

You need for your case. Go to somebody who does this on a daily basis and knows the judges and the masters and the other attorneys who practice family law in your area. Second, you need to have an attorney whose personality fits with your personality. This attorney that you choose is someone who you're going to be working with for months and maybe even years. You can't have a relationship with your attorney where you don't believe you can divulge information to them or share all the information and data that attorney needs to represent you.

As best as they can. You have to be comfortable with them on a daily basis because you're going to be working with them for quite some time to get the best result that you can. Third, you need to have an attorney who is honest with you about your case. They need to tell you what your strengths are but also your weaknesses. And only with knowing what your weaknesses are can you do a better job at making sure that your attorney represents you as best as they can and gets the best result for.

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