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Hello, have you ever wondered how to file for joint custody Well, I'm Dr. Felicia and I've spent enough, much time in various custody situations so I can happily share that information with you. Joint custody is often another term used for shared custody. And what you want to do is be sure to, when you're doing joint custody, is to be sure to have your rules preset at the time of the divorce before you actually finalize the divorce, that way there's less room for misunderstanding. For instance you would have, want to have times.

For pick up and delivery and methods of pick up and delivery said out in writing. You would also want to have who's responsible for what aspect of the child's care. If joint custody, very often you are both have decision making powers so that you can put your input in as to a sports related activities, school related activities, religion and those activities. What's also very important is that holidays appointment is designated ahead of time. Very often what parents do is they split a holiday, one parent may have the child Christmas Eve,.

Another parent may have the child Christmas Day. Same thing for all to the holidays. If parents live far away and it calls for transportation via airplane, very often they split alternate years. So, one parent may have the child on Christmas on an even year, another parent may have the child for Christmas on an odd year. Those are alternatives that can be made out, very amenable, works for the child. The children are very resilient so it's up to the parents to carry through and make as rational rules as possible, but stick to those rules.

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I'm Steve Kramer of the Kramer Law Firm. I'm a Florida family law and divorce attorney. And today's topic is how do we prove child support in your case The first factor that's going to come into play in child support is determining the income of the parties. So what's Mom's income, what's Dad's income Kind of to make a summary of what happens is we add up the incomes, we look on the chart we have a formula that says you make X amount of dollars and you have X amount of kids this is how much.

It costs to support your kids. Well, then the next step is each parent is responsible for their proportional portion of the income. So let's say you make 90 of the income. Well you are probably going to be responsible for about 90 of the support. Until we factor in the second factor, which is the number of overnights. What that means is where is the child sleeping Right Because where the child sleeps is where the child lives essentially. Right So if you have 5050 split that's going to make it so that the support is going to be more evenly divided,.

Whereas you have a 9010 split same kind of thing applies one parent is going to be on the hook for more support than the other. Now, there's other factors too which include other contributions to the children. For example, let's say you pay health insurance for your child. Well, that's going to come into play there and that's going to come out of the backend of the child support if you're paying for the health care, the health insurance for your child. Why am I telling you this Because.

Child support is going to be an issue in any case involving minor children and there's information that you need to know. And we've touched on the surface of it. But there's a lot more to the child support calculation and it's amazing how numbers seem like they should be clean and easy 2 plus 2 is 4 but the fact is there's always a lot of room in numbers, there's always a lot play in numbers, and there's always a lot of movement in child support. And the thing is child support is an.

Obligation for a very extended period of time and when you add it up, it winds up being a huge obligation most times. It's important to get it right, because by getting it right you save money in the future and it's worthwhile getting an experienced attorney to make sure you get it right on the first shot. To make sure that your rights are protected and your children are taken care of and that you cover yourself. And that's why I'm telling you this information. Because I deal with this all the time. Because I've seen mistakes and I've had to.

How do I avoid making common mistakes during my divorce

We're transitions for life mediation Let us assist in your transition to the next phase of your brighter future so in order to avoid the common mistakes made during divorce you really need to surround yourself with the right support group the group that is aligned with your value system if you want to make it through your divorce with less stress more efficiently both emotionally and financially and the best outcome for your children is to surround yourself for the positive support group here at transitions for life we have a network of individuals and professionals that help people get through this.

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