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Hi! Welcome to the YouTube page of Wedding Night Bliss. I’m Driana, The Blissful Wife! Now every Christian couple that’s getting married, should be looking to get premarital counseling. And that’s what this tutorial is gonna be about. Premarital counseling activities. So you should be looking to get premarital counseling, however, this tutorial is going to give you a little tip, a little activity for premarital counseling, that you can do on your own outside of your regular premarital counseling. So today I’m gonna talk about how to use open ended questions in your communication and in your arguments. Now I know it can be difficult to communicate with men sometimes because they’re just not great communicators.

And women, we love to talk, so we like to communicate a lot more. But in my case, it was a little more communicated because my husband, although he’s amazing he was not the greatest communicator, probably less of a communicator than the typical guy, and so I had to think of a way that would work for our relationship for us to have great communication. So what I learned was that instead of just asking simple questions, I would have to ask multiple questions, and a lot of times I would have to use open ended questions. So instead of just saying, “Did you hear me?â€� And he could just say, “Yeah,â€� and really he didn’t hear me, I would say, “Can you tell me what I said so I know you were listening.

To me?â€� And he’ll say either, “Ok, I wasn’t really listening.â€� Or he’ll say, “You said, get some milk.â€� And that’s perfect so you don’t have to get into an argument later because he didn’t pick up the milk. It’s solved. And so that’s simple communication, just everyday life, but also during arguments there would be a lot of times be spilling my heart out, you know venting, whatever, telling my husband why I was upset, and then at the end he’d just say, “Ok.â€� And I’d be like, “What?! Is that all you have to say to me?! Ok???â€� You know? I’m like, “Why don’t you have anything else to add to this?â€� But he’s just not the type of guy to offer up information if you.

Don’t ask for it. So I learned that I need to ask him questions. And so after I would pour my heart out, then I would say, “Does that make sense to you?â€� And he’d say sure. And sometimes when you’re in a heated argument or whatever, sure is just not good enough. And so I’d say, “Well, can you tell me, you know, what made sense to you?â€� And so then that gives him an outlet to actually give me some dialogue instead of just yes or no. Or if he said, or sometimes I’d say, “Well, do you think I’m overreacting?â€� And hopefully he’ll say, “No.â€� But sometimes he says, “Yes.â€� And I’ll say, “What do you think I’m overreacting about?â€� And that helps him to be able to communicate.

Why he thinks I’m acting insane and that helps instead of him just saying yes or no. So, I want you guys to try this premarital counseling activity with each other. The next time you argue I want you guys to remember this. And instead of freaking out because your guy is not contributing to the conversation ask a series of open ended questions. Sometimes you can’t just stop at one question. Then you have to say, “Well why? And when? And where? And How?â€� until you get the answer that you need. And that’s ok. As long as your partner is willing to communicate with you. That’s the key. My husband has always been willing to communicate even though he wasn’t the greatest at it. He just was not.

Used to doing that and so he doesn’t mind me asking multiple questions. And that gets us to where we need to be, which is on the same page. So, please leave a comment down below letting me know that you tried this premarital counseling activity and let me know how it worked out for you. If you’re a virgin bride or an abstinent bride please email me at Wedding Night Bliss at yahoo dot com because I have some information for you. I know you’re nervous about your wedding night, you have the right to be, but I’m gonna help you. I’m gonna tell you all the information that you need to have the best wedding night and transition into the first year of married sex possible. If you want.

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