I am here with Sanya again and she is going to answer some common questions that most people have while considering counselling. Hi, Sanya!.

Hi! Irvin. Why do you think some people resist going to counselling? The unknown, how is it going to look like? What is therapist going to say?.

What is going to happen within the sessions? There are so much unknown and it’s scary when we don’t know how something will turn out or are we going to discover things about.

Ourselves that we don’t want to see? You know, therapist usually ask you about the past. Sometimes we don’t want to talk about the past. We say past is the past, let’s move on. So I feel like it.

Is the unknown, and it’s scary. It can be very, very, very scary but I therapy not just because I do it, therapy is so helpful. It is something that, it’s like you are giving.

A gift to yourself more than anything. And you find that people are less fearful once they come and experience your session? Absolutely , I’ve had people tell me,.

oh, i feel like, this actually was pretty good. It wasn’t what I thought. I said, What do you mean it wasn’t what you thought? I don’t, I just felt a little bit like scared and fearful of.

What was going to happen in the session. So absolutely. That’s great! And how long does the counseling process take? It depends on your situation. I like to tell people that it can take, I don’t like giving people, I don’t like saying.

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