What Is a CoParenting Class Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney David Pisarra Explains

Are you wondering what a coparenting class is Let me help you out here. My name is David Pisarra, I'm with MensFamilyLaw. We represent fathers who go into court on a regular basis to try and get more custody with their children. Usually when that's the situation mother and father are not doing well in their communication style. So frequently a judge will order the parents to what is called CoParenting classes. Usually it's a six to 10 week program offered by a psychotherapist sometimes it's a psychologist and what it's designed to do is to help you.

Guys with your communication skills so that you can learn how to communicate about the child, not necessarily about all the bad things you did to each other in your relationship. The goal is to get rid of the anger and to put it beyond you so that you can actually focus on the best interest of the child which is what the judge really wants more than anything and that's what everybody wants. So a coparenting class is just a six maybe a ten week program usually it's done in a group setting of three to five other couples and the therapist facilitates.

It and you go through some workbooks and you go through some exercises to get you guys to learn how to communicate with each other in a way that is actually beneficial to the child. Why do I tell you all this Because I answer questions like this all the time. Please feel free to check out our website, watch the other tutorials, read my books and if you still have questions feel free to give me a call. And remember a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about everything.

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