Great Marriages Require A Little Effort

So you want a great marriage Great marriages require great work. We are here on New Year's Eve and we are getting ready to celebrate an incredible, wonderful new year as we think about the year that is exiting. For some of us it was a really good year. For others of us it was a tragic year. Here is what I want us to think about. The reality of it is that if you want a great marriage in 2014.maybe you were on the rocks in 2014.maybe you were struggling in 2013.

In your marriage. Realize that the problem starts with you. The problem starts with me. It's not my spouse. It's not somebody else. The problem is me. If you want a great new year in your marriage then start with you. I always tell my clients if you start changing the way that you think and they way you feel and understand where all of that is coming from guess what you can change You can have marriage you want because marriage is about giving. It's not about taking. But I can't give when I'm a mess. I can't give when there is nothing in my reserves to give.

This new year's if you want a resolution here is what I would recommend Resolve that you are going to figure out what is holding you back. What's holding you back from achieving your dreams What's holding you back from getting all of the things in life that you want What's holding you back from having the marriage that you've always wanted but never had What's holding you back from having the marriage that you once had but has deteriorated over time In call all happen but you have to make the choice to do it. You have to make the choice.

To change the way you think. If you want a first start in that. I really want to recommend Mini Marriage University. It's our new tutorial series that has workbook with it. It's self paced. You can go at your own time frame and learn how to have the marriage that you've always needed, the marriage you've always wanted, and the marriage that you deserve. Because the marriage you deserve is the marriage that you create. Thanks so much. I hope you'll jump over to Mini Marriage University. Have a Happy, Happy,.

What Is a CoParenting Class Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney David Pisarra Explains

Are you wondering what a coparenting class is Let me help you out here. My name is David Pisarra, I'm with MensFamilyLaw. We represent fathers who go into court on a regular basis to try and get more custody with their children. Usually when that's the situation mother and father are not doing well in their communication style. So frequently a judge will order the parents to what is called CoParenting classes. Usually it's a six to 10 week program offered by a psychotherapist sometimes it's a psychologist and what it's designed to do is to help you.

Guys with your communication skills so that you can learn how to communicate about the child, not necessarily about all the bad things you did to each other in your relationship. The goal is to get rid of the anger and to put it beyond you so that you can actually focus on the best interest of the child which is what the judge really wants more than anything and that's what everybody wants. So a coparenting class is just a six maybe a ten week program usually it's done in a group setting of three to five other couples and the therapist facilitates.

It and you go through some workbooks and you go through some exercises to get you guys to learn how to communicate with each other in a way that is actually beneficial to the child. Why do I tell you all this Because I answer questions like this all the time. Please feel free to check out our website, watch the other tutorials, read my books and if you still have questions feel free to give me a call. And remember a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about everything.

Soothing the Threatened Brain

Soothing the Threatened Brain by Dr. Susan Johnson So Jane and Carl seek out Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT. Before their first therapy session, Jane lies in a MRI machine for a brain scan. She is signaled that a shock to her ankles might be coming. Alone in the machine, her brain lights up like the fourth of July sky and if or when the shock comes, she reports, It hurts. When a stranger holds her hand, the results were the same. When Carl holds Jane's hand, her brain activity again.

Indicates real alarm and she says the shock is painful. Contact with her husband does not soothe or calm her brain. After Jane and Carl's last therapy session and bonding conversations, Jane is again alone for the fMRI and her brain lights up when she sees the X, indicating that a shock is coming and the shock hurts. When a stranger holds her hand, her alarm response and her pain are a little less. But this time, when Carl holds Jane's hand and she sees the X, there's a powerful difference.

Little brain activity indicating any kind of anxiety or threat can be seen. The loving contact she now receives from her husband's touch changes how her brain encodes this threat and she reports that the shock is just uncomfortable. Now that is interesting. In fact, these kinds of results make us forget that we are academics and stuffy old researchers and remind us how to do a touch down victory dance with the best of them. But what does this study, especially the brain scan part of it, tell us First, that when we make sense of love,.

We can tune into the attachment channel and shape loving feelings in therapy. Yes, you can evoke this mysterious thing called love just by talking in a new way, a deeper, more emotional way with each other. And when we shape this connection, we can change the way our brains respond to threat and pain. Love is a safety cue that literally calms and comforts the neurons in our brain. Second, these results support all the research on adult love and bonding. They confirm that secure bonds offer us a safe haven.

From the perils of life and a respite from anxiety. Not just when we're two or three years old, but as adults. The quality of these bonds then have profound implications, not just for happiness, but for mental and physical health and our ability to face life and its uncertainties with poise and grace. This is just the beginning of the new science of relationships. Is there anything more important for us to understand and shape We all fear facing life alone, and we all long for loving connections. A hand to hold that changes our world.

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Colorado Addiction Today Treatment Center

It's never too late to stop the suffering and and the pain and addiction we offer unique programs with individualized treatment plans we know that no two people are alike and different people have different treatment needs so we customize your treatment program to ensure the highest success rate for your recovery we pride ourselves on having one of the finest yet affordable recovery programs in the nation we offer lowcost treatment with worldclass care and also accept many types have private insurance your privacy is assured and your treatment is always confidential.

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