Teen Pregnancy Ads Completely Miss The Point

Everyone wants to along with the rate of teen pregnancy in the country the question is how do you do so effectively and how do you do so without being extremely offensive while the human uh. restores administration in new york city doesn't really know how because they just launched an anti teen pregnancy campaign known as i think being tina want costs to now they put up these billboards all throughout the city uh. and they have you know images of these cute cuddly looking kids uh. but then add the images also say things like honestly mom chances are he won't stay.

With you what happens to me uh. so you know there's finance a k teens about how hot you know it's going to be sickly ruin their lives if they make the decision to get pregnant have kits right and you think that you did this romance in last forever but it's not that you're gonna take a decade by yourself was contaminated but i think it's a disastrous campaign because even if you want to come push the goal of not having more kids what he did was you personalize that kid he made me really cute kid and put them.

On a billboard inmates who want to have the kit migrated to wiper out of existence or you're making the prolife position for the you are making the prolife position for them and by late like just so we are absolutely clear of course whether it's a teenager ordered all women they should have that actually sounds too white they do with their bodies and whether or not they have that child without being set i'd agreeing with an education campaign to let teenagers now look get rid of that romanticized image of raising a kid a lot of people delta's.

Well have a romanticized image of raising kids so i think the information that they're trying to put out there makes a lot of sense ill for instance i one of the billboard says i'm twice as likely not to graduate from high school because you had me as a teen so that's good information but the question is how do you present that information and they're not doing so in an effective way you know when you put in and uh. now for the really cute little kid than based removing like uh. so that they can't make it looks like that have.

At seventyeight wants mission not accomplished exactly opposite of what you want the big targets of marketing tools had and by the way one of the biggest opponents this campaign is planned parenthood in fact uptime parenthood to police a statement and they said that he had no words the racial economic and social factors that contributed teen pregnancy and create stigma hostility uh. and negative public opinions about uh. teen pregnancy impaired had rather than offering alternative aspirations for young people and obviously plan lands clearly prochoice and if so opposed to this campaign that he's a bad idea.

Govt to create better environment for marriage to boost birth rate 3

The Korean government has been trying to reduce childcare expenses for families. in an effort to boost the countrys chronically low birth rate That hasnt proven to be of much help so instead the government is shifting its attention to create a better environment for young married couples who are just getting started. Kim Minji looks at whether the move could help alleviate the problem down the road. Create a better environment for people to get married and have children. Thats what the government plans to do. as Korea continues to wrestle with the chronic problem of a low birth rate.

Over the next five years. the government will take steps to help young people tie the knot rather than postpone it indefinitely as many do now. The decision is based in part on data showing that the younger a person is when they get married. the more children they will have. In the year 2000. 26 was the average age at which women first got married. But by 2013 it had risen to 30. The proportion of single people ages 25 to ' has also risen. nearly doubling in the past 10 years.

None of this is good news for Korea. as the majority of women who married before they were 25 had two children on average. while those who tied the knot after age 35 had just one. We believe that reducing the burden when it comes to finding housing. or getting a good education or a stable job. will prevent young couples from postponing marriage. To accomplish that. the government is hoping to increase the number of jobs for young people. By 2017. it plans to create 40thousand new positions in the public sector. while.

Top 5 Reasons Why Chinas OneChild Policy Failed.

Top 5 Reasons Why China's onechild policy failed. It Wasn't a policy, but a torture. Millions of women have been forced to end their illegal pregnancies and since 2000, such abortions have numbered about 7 million a year, according to China's Health Ministry. Human Rights Watch says that coercive measures are often used to end and prevent pregnancies lateterm abortions and the forced insertion of IUDs. Couples that have two children could still be subjected to coercive and intrusive forms of contraception, and even forced abortions which amount to torture.

China never had a truly nationwide onechild policy China's population control policies have always varied within provinces and region by region. In rural areas, couples have been allowed a second child if first born was a DAUGHTER , and parents from China's 55 ethnic minorities have been permitted to have more than 1 child. Money has allowed richer to evade the policy. Famously, awardwinning director Zhang Yimou paid a $1.23 million fine in 2014 and apologized for his 3 excessive children. It created a massive surplus of young men According to the China Statistics Bureau, there are now 34 million more men than women.

These men, often described as bare branches because they won't bear fruit, face an uncertain future due to the lack of potential female partners. The spread of cheap ultrasound, which enables sex determination in midpregnancy and easy access to termination, has led to the widespread abortion of female fetuses. Problems caused by policy Because of a traditional preference for baby boys over girls, the onechild policy is often cited as the cause of China's skewed sex ratio. Even the government acknowledges the problem as they won't be able to find brides and may turn to kidnapping women, sex trafficking,.

Man Gropes Nurse In Front Of Pregnant GF

Netflix you money thirty one year olds uh. n adam and eve will at groped anders who was willing to spread eagle friends of the delivery room he got sentenced to six months in jail mansion the balls on this guy i don't know how he walks around can you imagine when you're pregnant looked into the delivery of this guy that last sentence they classic san diego and here are them lipids retarded in eighteen different way if you're going to make a move like that how short you have to be that she's going to be receptive.

And interesting 'cause you're army if you get busted there's nothing it's more about saying and a worldwide every and see if you've got a deal loans so at least the exclaimed with smart about parade but he is lowfat you know building and up and by the way the sexually assaulted her and as it was here of you're the one hangout but they're all federal friend of and updates on several he claims that ten years ago he was in a car accident that impaired his judgment apart that's for some i was when he was somebody was going to come over the sixties that's.

Physical peretz is that a verbal threats so i i have found that accident babcock uproot abut red you write about the debt you brought that into my courtroom i like i a agar when i get corrected guilty dopey guilty but six months twelve months eighteen months but you've got we both have for idiom olajuwon for our that kind of massive six years is about what he said but not guilty as we go grateful yahoo it had no idea at yahoo especially since he had an excuse that landmark easy.

Grandma Has Sex With Grandson, Gets Pregnant

We have some gil faction insist their dollar solicit her name is took uh. than an isp role carter as she is getting hurt twenty sixyearold grandson outcome on and they are going to have a child together off to a surrogate mother oj that if people in this world i've just on real man and so she says that she didn't know all this time miss she'd given up her own daughter for adoption lost track she tried to find her couldn't then of big grandson comes about the trust fund is that what they do animated they meet.

There's instead attraction she says that for the first time in years she feels sexually alive that was a quote that she gave with her grandson yet uh. unreal as she also talks about the first time they had sex uh. yeah i deal with this she says that achchi kinda like a loaded into the room inside and out next to her on the bed and then she went into the case and she found that he would back away but he wasn't sure it is well in and then they may turn out that night.

But buk buk buk buk spectral but not much there k but now in for a couple of weeks before they made love they were that they they said the sexual energy in the room was so arc pocket because he thinks that there's some shit of genetic thing that this that's yes yes yes lays out some sort of not a disorder but some in real physical thing it's called genetic sexual attraction outlet backpack backpack if it was amazing that that is that basically they sixty watts we've heard about that we knew was okay.

It's not ok it's not ok were the first of all that's like this and on his medical journal says i have cancer that's okay like there's still something wrong with you because you did you know it may be looking to do that they like no other kids we have genetic sexual attraction threatened so it must be cool and at and then she told him that example one sees so let's do it uh. i don't know who's worked for here they'd grannie for seducing uh. you know you had.

Fun grandson of the grandson for going in that direction at camp how what will you guys thank him and it so at now here's a look as part of it they how much money spent on asserted mother to get pregnant because of she seventytwo amity and pregnant and thing about who's gonna raise that kitty seventy two well she saved up all her money for retirement and instead of using it for retirement she gave it all to the surrogate right so you know i don't hear unnatural all over retirement money went to it.

And so then ibm if question haynes this kid not really attractive they're above thinkin' hey youknowwhat i don't know her and she's got retirement money i don't know no come on yet accenture i don't know why this is happening and i'm not buying the genetic sexual attraction to you really believe that the person can be greedy enough to have a sexual relationship with their grandmother just to take your money yes that's amazing to me because i've had super night because i don't think that that's possible uh. anand i say the kid that i don't know maybe he's just the regular incest.

VoteWithUs Gary

Hi, my name's Garry and I'm voting for equal marriage and I hope you'll vote with me. I came out about 18 months ago to my friends and family and it was a very positive experience. However, I knew I was gay for many years previous to this and I didn't feel comfortable telling people that I was gay because I thought that being gay was something to be ashamed of or that somehow being gay meant that I was worth less than people who I then considered to be 'normal' people, straight people.

This was a very depressing and lonely experience. However, I now wholeheartedly and gladly know that I was completely wrong. By voting for equal marriage we can show to young Irish people that being gay is not something to be ashamed of not something to be kept hidden not something that we have to hide from our friends and family. I believe that this will have a very positive effect on young people's mental health on the perception of homosexuality and quite simply, will make a lot of Irish people a lot happier.

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Has Pregnancy Before Marriage Become Norm In Modern Nigeria

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