Woman Reports Rape, Imprisoned for Sex Outside Marriage

This next story is based on an article from the AP written in Norwegian that we had translated so up there may be some details that have been lost in translation but the long and short of it is that a Norwegian woman was sentenced to prison for a year and four months in Dubai after she reported being raped she reported being raped to the Dubai Police and she never thought of the fact that sex outside of marriage is a crime in Dubai and then the information that she gave in the police report was then.

Used to actually prosecutor and she was convicted have sex outside of marriage and she's been sentenced to a year and four months in prison can you believe this Louis I can't believe it this is the this is the Middle East this is what happens and I just don't understand why anyone would go to you and your support Dubai especially after some of the other or stories be for dinner right well this isn't the first time this happened just a couple of months ago an Australian woman named a we should ghali 27 years old.

Gave an interview talking about when she was gangraped in Dubai and then had to spend eight months in jail for having sex outside of marriage now here's the point I wanna draw your attention to you a lot love the rightwingers that in the US are very critical of Sharia law and all of the things that brings like this story are basically in favor of a Christian version of Sharia law it's a little bit different in that you see it legislated on the issues of abortion or gay marriage or these.

Faithbased socalled profamily initiatives it's basically the same thing and and we can't allow ourselves Louis to be confused and think that it's two totally different things it's different versions over religiousbased law right and unfortunately whatever religion you subscribe to you makes you blind to everything else so of course when they impose their versions the best it's completely correct as long as it's not the as long as you're ok with the name of any other religion on it absolutely let's take a quick break we'll be back with more after this Dennis Campbell is.

1st Southern State VA Gay Marriage Ban Overturned

Big news out to the south Virginia is the first southern state to overturn their gay marriage ban now when I say southern state I know people say all done Davide Somma california is in the south and new mexico is in the South what we mean by the first southern state is the southeast in the United States very conservative southeast in the United States a federal judge in Norfolk struck down and unconstitutional as unconstitutional virginia's ban on samesex marriage the first southern state and we always think about Alabama and Mississippi when we say we'll the.

Momentum is building for marriage equality but it's hard to imagine states like Mississippi or Alabama ever going in a different direction if there is legal judicial momenta and if judges in places like Virginia look at it and say you know what with the partial repeal of DOMA and with increased marriage equality across the country legally justified by state courts I don't think there's a legal justification for these bans I think we may see the overturning in in places like Alabama and Mississippi eventually I would assume so i mean but say Alabama is the last state and every.

Other state has deemed I the ban unconstitutional I how could they possibly hold out legally in that case a just it would seem to make no sense in that at that point there might even be a federal mandate the judge involved judge a render right Alan said that there is nothing about denying samesex marriages that makes a legitimate government interests I love this have you ever heard a more conservative libertarian argument for why there should be no ban on samesex marriage it doesn't serve a government interest it might serve religious interests it.

Might serve the personal interests of people who seem to think that there's something different about the relationship between two men who are in love versus a man and a woman but it serves absolutely no government interest this is such a conservative argument or samesex marriage and I love it and since when do these people care if something like that would serve a government interest and they're about small government right I i mean they should have nothing to do with government mission this is about personal freedom which day claim to be all about be any claim to.

Google Year In Search 2015

In 2015 the questions we asked revealed who we are. how can I help the refugees For the people out there wondering what this is all about. why can't women be army rangers Whether it's about courage, Or controversy, what does the confederate flag stand for Well, I'll tell you what it's all about. It's about what happens from here. David Letterman Thank you, and goodnight. Stuart Scott Live, fight like hell. It's not just about one person. crowd chanting Black lives matter how can we overcome prejudice crowd chanting Black lives matter.

It's about thousands of people, It's about all of us, why was there a cuban embargo accepting one another. President Obama This morning, the Supreme Court recognized that the Constitution guarantees marriage equality. crowd cheering We're all different. what color is the dress That's not a bad thing. Chewbacca sound Chewbacca!!! That's a good thing. crowd chanting Charlie! And, while it may not be easy to get past the things you don't always understand, how can the world find peace it is absolutely possible if we only do it together. are you born transgender.

On Sexual Orientation, with Hannah, Ze, Tyler, and Meg

It's a long process and it involves your entire life. It's not like one day you're just like 'Oh, I'm gay. Huh. Hm.' I knew I was gay, like for sure gay, because I was finding stuff on the internet and I was all about it. Actually, it was a it was a Disney movie. I remember my girlfriend and I used to practice kissing on each other. And all the girls would be like okay we're just doing this because we're practicing now for the boys. And I'd be like this is the best. Jackpot!.

Like I was super into it. For me it was very much just clear that there was one main driver for my sexual energy and that was women. Women's bodies are great. I just like there's literally no drive within me to like explore them on a sexual level. My coming out story is just kinda like and then I met one girl and then I was like oh f. I just remember being eleven and twelve and all of my girl friends talking about boys they liked and I also liked boys, but also having crushes on girls.

I've never fallen in love with men. You know, and I've had boyfriends. I've never like woken up and be like it's so good to see you and I'm so happy you're in my life. But when I have girlfriends I'm like. I'm like a puppy. All the way through highschool I would say things like Well there's just something about the way a guy holds you that. Women are hot and they're beautiful and I love to touch them, but I wouldn't seriously date a woman. I wouldn't marry a woman.Things like that.

As I've gotten older I feel like I have a deeper I'm able to have a deeper connection with women. That's not so surface. Being gay is about being in love. It's not about sex. I don't know if I agree with that. I could see myself falling in love with a man much more easily than I could see myself having sex with a man. When it comes to like emotional love, beyond sex. Like an emotional just like huge upheaval of everything that I know. I've never felt that intense of something with a girl. Nor have I longed to have that with a girl.

Or met a girl that I thought I could have that with. For me being gay and my personal identity are totally different things. Sometimes I wear heels. Sometimes I wear combat boots. I like jazz. I love the internet. You know what I mean Like that's my personal identity. That has absolutely nothing to do with being gay. I loved collecting Lisa Frank stickers. I mean like I loved it. And I you know to this day like I just for some reason, man. Like these little freaking rainbows are just awesome.

I think for my uncle he saw this as like some kind of like threat. But that never really like interfered with the conversation that I sort of I guess was having internally conscious or not. About what my sexuality was. I definitely didn't want to be gay. Part of me still doesn't want to be gay. Makes life a little bit harder. I think the hardest obstacle for me has been people telling me that bisexuality isn't actually a thing. Like you have to choose one or the other or you're doing it for attention.

It's not true. You can like both. If you're struggling with your sexuality I guess the thing that I have to say is be comfortable and be okay just being the only person who's comfortable with your sexuality. Once you're okay with that, other people's acceptance will come. The good news is it's getting better. A lot of people are gonna be there for you. Umm, and there's tons of resources out there. Whether you are so distraught by it or it's problematic in your life and you need the Trevor Project.

Gay Marriage Bumper Stickers

I wanna play some of your voicemails 2192 David P is the voicemail number I talked about someone in Newton spotting an SUV with the David Pakman show bumper sticker we have determined who that was listen to hey David Lewis's Sam from Massachusetts Newton Massachusetts actually a because a the SUV that was I don't want to see it was probably my nor left yeah he is blue Toyota rav4 so that was what they thought and I any I probably our SUV that they thought a so yeah i'd.

I really it's getting out there we figure that out the SUV which was spotted with a bumper sticker has been identified and here's one more voicemail for you yet it I had a comment about your arm tutorial about that a 61 percent as young American republicans are in Tabor samesex marriage right was for stuff you got that from the Pew Research all few it needs night puny speaks means nothing and second okay what's up there that that credibility attack there's no reason yeah pew like all others has been off.

On presidential predictions but there's absolutely no evidence at all that Pugh is liberally biased and even if they're off by a few points still clear that a huge majority young republicans support gay marriage so that that attack is is baseless because in scheck's unlike I am sex too you know these young Americans that everybody else pretty much does not you know dictate 100 percent of people politics yeah unlike liberals in case that matters seems like being gay is the most important thing in the world for them.

Therefore should pick a dollar policy sports sample you would rather vote for somebody who is you know a warmongering fascist you name it kills people because they're government descent but if they are ever gay marriage her smoke or yet this is just nonsense I I don't know any liberals who want that and at correct me if I'm wrong I'm pretty sure it's the right wing that's obsessed with sex I hate to break it to you but it's not the liberals who are obsessed with sex you should.

Open your eyes and that maybe go on box Newser listen to Rush Limbaugh are stand near a Planned Parenthood clinic for a few days it is not the left that is obsessed with sex excellent bonus show today we will talk about homeopathic products recalled we will talk about Darren Aronoff ski calling the new know a movie the least biblical movie ever and students teaching other students how to get their teachers fired that is on the bonus show today we will talk to you then thanks for watching thanks for listening see you.

World Vision Reverses Decision to Hire Christians in Gay Marriages

World Vision international is an evangelical Christian humanitarian aid development and advocacy organization and this has grown into one of the largest relief and development organizations in the world their total revenue is about to 2.79 billion back in 2011 so the recently announced that they were going to start hiring christians in samesex marriage is kind of a big deal because it is a Christian institution and the immediately received a barrage of criticism from evangelical leaders a bunch of different sponsoring organizations polled their funding essentially saying if you hire gay people.

Then we are going to pull our funding which will make children around the world star so against hiring individuals who are in samesex relationships were some of the sponsoring organizations that they would rather see children start as a result of them pulling their funding then see any gay people be hired and this actually had an effect immediately within like two days or so day World Vision decided to reverse their decision they said oh we're actually not going to be doing that there was a big how bob and then people didn't like it and.

This is this is just incredible i mean to them the estimates are that above the 1.2 million children sponsored by World Vision by World Vision US specifically 2008 those children would have lost so uh sponsorship funding altogether because if the antigay backlash to this decision what's Christian about pulling funding so that kids no longer have money for food over gay marriage it just doesn't sound like what Jesus would have won I guess if you ask these people that tell you that there's no way Jesus would allow for I've out now.

Samesex Christians to be involved in anything happening here right I it shows where their priorities are it's very clear with the priorities are and wrote to me and he said I've seen people advocate two different responses here and I want to hear from you david about which you think is more appropriate one is well everybody should boycott World Vision and move donations to a charity that doesn't discriminate number two is actually we should start donating to World Vision to balance out the losses from those antigay evangelicals who have polled their.

Funding well its kind of mood now because World Vision has gone back on their decision had they not I would say that if they were taking the point of view I V quality then absolutely they should be funded Christian organizations that are that are making sense here they're saying we wait a second were Christians we don't care about gay marriage we care about being the poor and feeding kids and that's what we're going to do that should be applauded uh however since they've gone back on their decision I say absolutely.

Couples in Crisis

Gtgt Dr. Jeff Kreutzer Taryn and I've worked with a lot of couples together and, and we, we, we saw a couple who is in the state of crisis because the, the husband had a very serious injury and had ideas that his wife was being unfaithful to him and he was really concerned that she was being unfaithful. The great thing about both of them was they're very open about their feelings or very honest about of what was going on, their concerns and the husband said, I'm really afraid that because I've changed you may not like me anymore.

And the wife very much insisted that she loved him as much as she ever did, we, we were very afraid for that couple because we felt that the wife was working really, really hard and was feeling very stressed out, was being very supportive and here her husband was meeting her with, I'm talking about how suspicious he was. What, what happened was we continued to meet with that couple over a period of several years, we basically said very firmly, your wife is not being unfaithful, it would help your relationship much more if you would acknowledge the good things that.

She is doing to, to help you and we also let him know that we were concerned about his wife that we would be open and honest with both of them and so over a period of time he began to see that his ideas were not based in reality, there were more fears related to his concerns about his personal shortcomings and the good thing about that is that we, we worked with them over a period of years, he's gotten a little bit better, he's been physically more capable, more ambulatory,.

And they've planned trips together, they've had a lot of good experiences together and so when looking back over their experience, we really thought that what the intervention that we use was effective because this was a couple that may be had they not sought out help, their marriage could have ended in disaster and we would call that a, a successful intervention. gtgt Dr. Taryn Stejskal And I think I would just add the related to that couple in particular, we also found some individual therapy for the wife. She didn't feel like she had.

Any friends or family that really understood what she was going through and so we are able to provide that for her. So she had someone to talk to about her feelings and her experience and someone to say you know this is, this is a really hard time for you and she said some, some weeks it was good to just have someone tell her that she wasn't crazy, she wasn't nuts, she didn't have to be over it yet. And the second thing that I would add is that we'd like to think that.

4 Second News Drama, Refugee Crisis, Superhenge and Late Night TV

Hello and welcome to 4 second news, news with only the headlines Nicole Arbour face allegations of Fat shaming for her dear fat people tutorial her channel was down briefly but is now back online. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiered last night, and this reporter thought it was pretty good the federal trade commission settles with the Machinima network over an Xbox One Promotional Payola scandal jimmy Kimmel Slamed YouTube gamers and then sits down with them to play a game the president of Guatemala was jailed resign this week facing charges of corruption.

Pope Francis announces he's easing the path to achieving marriage annulments from members of the Catholic Church The migrant refugee crisis in Europe continues as hundreds of thousands flock across borders leaving government strange provide services. A county clerk in Kentucky was briefly jailed this week for refusing to issue marriage licenses is there a book deal anyone ISIS announced the destruction of two historic temples in Palmyra Syria dating to the first and second centuries. A new monument site discovered near Stonehenge, having dozens of enormous stones, is so large some are calling it Super Henge.

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