pergunte a um japons voc quer um namorado(a) estrangeiro? legendas por cristian schwatz Sim eu quero um! Eu quero casar com um estrangeiro! Ah, europeus talvez. Britnicos. (Tipo favorito?) Toby Maguire. HomemAranha!.

Eu prefiro caras japoneses. (Por qu?) Eu no falo Ingls. (local para namoro) Disneyland. (situao para encontro) Ele passa por voc e diz Hey! (Oi!), durante uma refeio. Hmm. Ucrnia. Loiras de pele plida o que eu admiro.

(situao para encontro) provavelmente baladas, mas eu no as frequento, ento. A situao ideal a ajudando na rua com as direes. H uma loja em Asakusa que tem uma tima Tarte de batata doce. Austrlia! Eu tenho uma imagem de pessoas muito bonitas l. (local de namoro) reas Tradicionais.

Locais com um estilo japons mais antigo. no as partes mais badaladas. Europa. Itlia. Ah, Alemanha. O uniforme militar da Alemanha legal. Elas no so roupas do diaadia.

Sim, mas eu achei que elas pareciam to legais. Eu prefiro a Noruega. (local de namoro) Kyoto. O que!? Eu tambm acho. Kyoto muito bom! Arashiyama em Gion.

Eu tambm acho, e ir para o templo kiyomizu juntos. Vestir Kimonos juntos e dar uma volta pela cidade caminhando. Rssia ou Itlia. Sua. (situao de encontro) Ser chamado na rua para ajudar com as direes. Se encontrar em um Caf??.

Apenas ajudar talvez. Soa como o Destino. (local de namoro) Hakone bom. Sim, Hakone. Ocidente, uhmm. Algum lugar ao redor daquela rea. Europia? Sim sim, Europa.

Isso podia dar certo. (local de namoro) Asakusa. Dar uma voltar por aquela rea. Ir para a Sky Tree (rvore do cu). Algo assim. Algum lugar mais Japons, bom.

The Truth About Single Moms

Hi, everybody! my name is stefan molyneux. i’m the host of freedomain radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show in the world. This is The Truth About Single Moms. Yes, it’s time to get comfortable. Grab your ovaries, pull up a cushion because this is going to be lengthy but I promise you, it’s going to be fascinating, mindblowing and lifechanging for you. Full disclosure, I was raised by a single mother. My parents divorced when I was an.

Infant and my father moved to africa. i grew up in england and canada and i have now been very happily married for 13 years. I’d been a stayathome dad because nothing succeeds like potential overcompensation so I sort of viewed it from both sides of the lenses. This is going to be heavily datadriven but first we need to talk about the underlying conflict in society and within really the human condition, I would argue. You know how we always want to rest but rest is bad for us. We always want more calories than we need.

But excess weight is bad for us. these are fundamental aspects of being carbonbased biological entity and one of the most fundamental conflicts in society which really shows up in this single mom situation, this explosion of single motherhood in the West over the past 40 or 50 years is the relationship between risk and security. So think of insurance. So if you have a house and you buy insurance against being robbed. Well, if you never get robbed then you’re out a lot of money for no purpose but the.

Point is you don’t know ahead of time whether you’re going to be robbed or not. if you don’t take out insurance and you do get robbed, you’re out even more money. Now the reason that people take out insurance against being robbed is because people get robbed and if they get robbed, they don’t get paid. That’s sort of the fundamental driver of these things. And there’s no right answer, it’s just constant benefits. There’s no right answer to this. Some people Ambrose Peters made this point that some people will choose to buy insurance.

And clearly they are paying more than their generalized risk; otherwise the insurance company couldn’t make any money. But they’re paying less than their specific risk like if they get robbed. Some people say, Forget it, it’s a sucker’s game. The odds of getting robbed are very low and so I’m not going to buy insurance and a lot of those people do fine and a lot of those people don’t. It’s sort of like when you were a kid, you’ve got a test coming up and you want to really.

Go and ride your bike rather than study for your test. well, you can go ride your bike and maybe you’ll be fine on the test. Maybe it will be easier than you think, maybe the teacher will get sick, or maybe something will happen and you don’t have to take the test on that day. So you’re doing that kind of risk and reward where if you don’t ride your bike, you study for the test, you’ll probably do better on the test. So what’s the right answer? Well, it’s hard to say. But I think most people who study.

For their test would not want some of their marks taken away from them and given to the kids who didn’t study for their test. In the same way, like in the United States, a lot of laws went into place in health insurance which would say that you could not refuse someone health insurance if they had a preexisting condition. In other words, you couldn’t refuse health insurance to somebody who was already sick. So of course a lot of people just said, if they can’t say no to me if I’m already.

Sick, i’ll wait till i get sick and then i’ll apply for health insurance which is not at all how it’s supposed to work in the free market. That’s like phoning up quickly and saying to the insurance company, Hey man, I really need some theft insurance because I’m currently being robbed. They’d say, A little late for that. You have to kind of do it when you don’t know. So because people were not allowed to discriminate against people with preexisting conditions,.

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