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The subject as relationships causes people a great deal of pain now human beings are social creatures and relationships are important to them whether this is real personal relationship work relationships family relationships it all matters. Yes to some extent some people will find their happy home coordinating, getting right but many people do suffer so at divorce with the divorce rate near about 40 percent and in surveys of financially successful couples showing that the equally unhappy if not more so. Anything you read in the press saying that happy relationships are based on finance are.

Utter nonsense. Happy relationships are based on treating each other in the right way and yet, why is it that intelligent people in the relationship will have an utterly miserable time. I'd put forward that a lot of people are utterly clueless about what a relationship means and this is not due to the rational components of the mind but the fact is that we operate from the emotional level and we are very often quite unconscious of our bejeweled behaviors so over the years we found rather than the regular marriage counseling type.

Approach which has limited success we've used hypnotherapy an coaching to help people get a better understanding of themselves and what they want in a relationship. Its a fact that some relationships do need to end there's no doubt about that, but people are just not suited and not willing but what has puzzled many many people is why do people who are perfectly capable of learning and excel in many areas of their life why do they carry on repeating the same mistakes in relationship simple question worth asking because very often couples will leave the situation get worse and worse.

Knowing that it isn't working, but they sit there hope that it gets better, that's not how a relationship improves, it takes understanding and it does take effort and we have the expertise to help you in that process and we offer a free initial assessment so please consider coming in to talk to us before you leave it and then too much resentment too much pain ends up finishing your relationship. We're here to help We're a team of experts we understand how you feel and we are very ethical in our approach, thank you.

Marriage Problems vs Life Problems

Hi I'm Athol Kay and this is a short tutorial about the difference between marriage problems and life problems. Typically I have guys coming to me and asking me to help themfix some sort of problem in their marriage, to help them get a better relationship, to help them get a better sex life, and stop the fighting, stop the nagging, fix the relationship. And they're often a little bit confused and frustrated that I ask so many questions about their whole life, everything about them. And the reason I do that is because very, very often things.

That are causing problems inside the relationship, inside the marriage, are actually coming from somewhere outside the marriage. They are some sort of external problem. Which means, the solution you want to bring to it needs to be something directed to that. So one of the most common ones is people fighting about money, and if money is what is making your relationship suck, the solution is not marriage counseling, the solution is not reading a book about relationships, not talking about your feelings, not emoting or anything. The solution is how I fix the money problem. And lots and lots of these problems, the marriage.

Is struggling but the marriage is actually supporting you through this life problem. So this is why I ask all these questions about your health, your fitness, your whole life, your career, your personality, your circle of friends, all these sorts of things. Because very often you're going to find that somewhere behind the sex life problem is some sort of just normal every day life problem, and if you can address it and fix it that way, then very, very often the relationship problem and the sex problem seems to magically selfresolve.

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Hi. This is Michelle from Counseling Recovery. And today I want to talk to you about the four signs of emotional meltdown in relationships and what to do instead. So, these are from the Gottman Institute where they did research with 677 couples on what predicts divorce. And what was amazing about this is that they actually predicted divorce with 93 percent accuracy, which is pretty incredible and why I want to share it with you today. The other thing I'm gonna say, starting off, is that if you find yourself relating to any four.

Of these characteristics, don't freak out. It doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed or anything is gonna happen. It's just a warning sign for you on what to correct because these predict divorce not when it happens once or twice, but when it's a longterm pattern of behavior. Ok So the first two are criticism and defensiveness. And they go together. Back and forth, one person starts with a critical comment, the other one reacts. Those are pretty basic and most of us find ourselves falling into that on occasion until.

We learn better skills. The third one, and this is the one that predicts divorce the most, is when there's contempt. And that's a much more intense form of criticism where you're really implying that your partner is stupid, ugly, not enough. You feel better than. This can be indirect with a look or directly with a comment. It can be very abusive. That's the part where you really want to look at because that's the one that really predicts divorce. Now, the fourth one is stonewalling. And, typically, the research says that men.

Do this more than women, but not always. And that's when, during a conflict, you are shut off. You just say, Eh, I'm done. And you get silent, you leave the room, you no longer participate out of anger. So, that's where your partner feels abandoned, feels like, Well, you're not even participating in the conflict. Why can't we work this out But the partner, for whatever reason, just shuts off and usually that's because either lack of skill or stress level is way too high and they can't continue it and they need more.

Skills in that area. So, for the antidotes, what you do instead is, with criticism, instead of being critical, ask your partner up front Hey, can we talk about the money tonight I really need to talk. And get an agreement up front. Or, if your feelings are hurt, just say that. Use an I message. Defensiveness, the antidote is find the grain of truth in the feedback you're given. So, if your partner is giving you some critical feedback, what's the grain of truth that you could feed back to them and say, Yeah, you're right. I did.

Do that. You don't have to agree with all of it. It's just one part that you could validate for your partner where their feedback is correct. Ok. Now, contempt, that means you've really got to look at your stress level because usually when there's contempt, there's a lot of underlying resentment and hurt that hasn't been expressed. So, it leaks out in the contempt. So, the antidote for contempt is tell your partner how you're feeling when it happens. If they hurt your feelings, let them know it up front. Don't let it build up. Now, for stonewalling,.

That's more about managing your stress and getting the tools so you can do it differently. So, if you know you're an eight on the scale of one to ten in terms of stress level, tell them that. Say, You know what, right now isn't a good time for me to do conflict. Let's talk about it tomorrow. I need to calm down first. The other part with stonewalling is you have to be willing to have the conflict and sometimes people need to do that by getting therapy, by learning some skills, or just by doing some breaths and saying Ok, you.

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I found it hard to enjoy planning for this wedding, when I knew it would leave us struggling financially for the next few years. It wasn't that bad. It was. I mean we weren't going to break up or anything but it was a strain. I mean, I know I doubted whether it was worth it for a while, this one day was building up a mountain of debt. Credit cards, and the overdraft and you know we had the rest of our lives to be together, but when I saw her walking down the aisle I knew that it was going to be something I would remember.

Forever. and he also realised that I was always right laughs Of course dear. To be honest though, the wedding even helped us notice all the little differences, that we didn't even notice were there. I think we both had to get over a lot of insecurities, and just learn to laugh at things. Yeah it's true. I mean once I had the ring on her finger, and even when we'd moved in together, that the battle was won and I could look forward to living my life with her. But the stresses of the wedding did bring out some difficulties,.

A lot of little difficulties that we just had to sort out. Even aside from the money problems. To be honest I was more worried about the long term. About how we could support each other, how we could share everything like we did in that first week Well, we talked over a few things, but, you know, I felt that we really just wanted to know that we loved each other and that we could overcome anything. Which we do. As you can see. Yeah there was a period after the wedding.

That was like a come down, um and that was just as bad wasn't it Well for me it definitely was, and I had this whole fairytale idea about how everything would be, and after the big day was over. Reality just seemed like a chore. And that's when it's lucky that I am happy with the little things. So you don't mind not having the takeaway's then Well, do you miss your girlie nights out Hmmm.laughs You see how she does that It's amazing how accustomed you become to people's habits when you are with them all the time, and I sometimes.

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