Righting the course after money and legal trouble

My name’s brent.I served in the army for six years, active, then i was in the reserves.When i got out i had a hell of a time assimilating back into civilian society.I drank a lot.Every night.And i did it to numb myself or try to forget what i saw, and what i did.I got deployed, called back, deployed, and the night after i got back i went out, got liquored up, and got arrested for drunk driving.It’s was not a good i’m not proud of it.

It was a pretty bad situation.But i was fortunate that the people involved, my lawyer, pulled out, used my military record, excellent record.And we said we just got a guy here that needs help.And i got substance abuse through the city and had to go on probation.I was having a hard time.I was bouncing from job to job and relationships weren’t i just wouldn’t let anybody in.I just told myself i came from a family or generation that you don’t talk to people about your problems.You’re not.

Allowed to have mental issues.And so that’s what i thought.It went on for several years.Just, you know, feeling lost.Hopeless, at times.Just a few months ago i was going on the highway and there was a terrible accident.A guy got killed.A big diesel rv rearended the guy.And i was the median, and then he was there.So i was 100 feet away watching this.And they brought a medivac in, helicopter, and that night i had flashbacks and nightmares.I was medivaced out at one time.

At that time i’d been working with veterans with ptsd, and felt that i was recovering, or recovered.And i had about two or three weeks of that then i called a friend of mine that’s a psychiatrist at the va that i work with.And he’s always told me, every time i see him, i’m talking about other veterans.And he’d say but how are you and he said if i ever needed to talk, to get a hold of him.So we talked.I understand all these things going through the classes, the.

Training, and just picking it up while i’m doing it.And i couldn’t figure out why i couldn’t stop it.And after talking to the , the va , they kind of went away.We had a tornado.It was 2008.We a tornado in our area and i’d been out all weekend getting oxygen cylinders to people that were on concentrators, because they have no electricity.I hurt my back again, and two days later it was sitting at home, kind of depressed because it kinda hit me hard.I thought i was back on top, and the sheriff comes to the.

Door with a foreclosure notice.I had to declare bankruptcy.And i always thought that people who declare bankruptcy are bums and scum bags.And so i’ve got that mentality.So i’m just lower and lower, and then my dog died.All in 30 days.And that’s when i really, really hit rock bottom.And i had already been seeing the va docs, and i just went in and we worked through it.I was depressed.And even with all the issues, i felt i was evenkeel, and then all of a sudden, i just hit rock bottom.

And when i want to the va doc, i said, i don’t know how to be depressed.Which sounds kind of stupid.Who knows how to depressed i mean, i’d never had any experience with it.I’ve probably been that way for a long time, but just didn’t realize it.So the last five years or so i’ve been seeing the doc’s at the va.We’ve got the greatest s and social workers and psychologists around.I’d put them up against anybody because they really care.They’re there because they want to be.

Because, let’s face it, they could be making a lot more money in private practice, but they’re there because they want to be helping veterans.I have all these tools i was given by the va docs.Now i can use them to help other veterans, and i can get these other veterans to the s that they need to see.I’m in no way a counselor.I’m not doing therapy.I’m just a guy that’s been through it, and i can see it in their eyes when i talk to them.

And i tell them, i was there a year ago, and i’m doing good now.So don’t give up.There’s light at the end of the tunnel.There’s people out there that want to help us.I beg you, get some help.Regardless what it is, talk to anybody.Go to the va.Go to a county veterans affairs rep.They can get you into the va system, or they can get you to somebody.There’s no shame in asking for help.I learned that the hard way.I don’t want anybody else to go through what i.

Getting Married Young My Experience

Getting married young my experience,Hey guys every saturday from now until valentines day ill be putting up loverelated tutorials right here on my channel today i wanted to talk about the perks of. Dealing with deployment inlaw problems,My links facebook smfacebooknavywife302 instagram sinstagramkaciedelamare twitter kaciedelamare email. Wife racked up 60000 in debt while i was deployed,Wife racked up 60000 in debt while i was deployed subscribe to stay up to date with the latest tutorials.

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Righting The Course After Money And Legal Trouble

Righting the course after money and legal trouble,After returning from deployment brents battle had only just begun he turned to drinking to deal with stress he bounced between jobs and relationships while. Leaving him bc he works a lot deployment cheating,Kiaras personal youtube channelschannelucpb742ygu1bvkfwhcpej4cq for business or collabs contact us at. Communication issues following a spouses return from deployment,A spouse talks about communication following her husbands return from deployment. Heading off relationship conflict and power struggles,In much of the world marriage in the 21st century is about relationships between peers learning to negotiate decisionmaking helps couples families and even.

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