Ayaan Hirsi Ali When The Victims of Radical Islam Organize, The Horror Will End

Today I read a report by the United Nations saying the spread of Islamic extremism across the world, and especially the countries that seem, you know, so many people of different nationalities seem to be going to the Islamic state or Al Qaeda or that is on the rise and there's this helplessness. And we've tried military means, we're still trying them. We've tried counter surveillance means. And those means they answer certain problems, but there's not ideological confrontation. I don't think that the answer lies in some top down solution.

I think the answer lies in figuring out who are the people who will most benefit from the change and what is it that they will, you know, what are the tools How can we reveal these tools of manipulation to them and how can we get them best to unite Within this mass of humanity we were subscribed to Islam, there's something simmering. There are changes. People are being pinched in many different ways. If you're a woman you're sexually harassed. You're subjected to honor killings. You're subjected to a force marriage. There's suffering.

Your children are denied education. If you're a little boy you are subjected to a whole host of cruelties. You're probably taken advantage of, sexually abused. There's all of these going. There's people are thinking, they're getting together and the means are there. The Internet, if you can read and write, but before the Internet there was audio and radio and tutorial and all that. If you look at a mass of one fifth of humanity, 1.5, 1.6 billion people and you think I'm going to look for some leader up there who's going to manipulate.

Them all like puppets, which is what we have been doing the last however many hundred years, and we are now coming to the conclusion it doesn't work that way, but at the same time we find ourselves through technology that there is a bottom up variant. Do you remember Occupy Wall Street It came out of nothing. The Ferguson Baltimore demonstrations. All of us as far as we know it was a bottom up event, something bad happens and then poop, the masses are out there demanding their heads. But there's something simmering in there.

How is Islam impacting England

GtgtAnkerberg What about in England gtgtErgun Caner Well, in England they've not only taken over vast portions, you know, of London, but one of the more interesting things that we see is that when Muslims immigrate, they don't mix. Our people don't come in and become part of the fabric. You know, people say America is multicultural it's not. I believe America has a culture, but we're multiracial. But the Muslims don't come to assimilate. They come and then immediately demand that their culture be recognized within somebody else's culture. You're basically just an outpost.

For them. And in England, that's seen in triumphalism. They buy churches and turn them into mosques. So much so that it has, it actually affected, you know, you understand England is the birth of human rights, the Magna Charta, 1215. And yet in England they have sharia councils, 85 sharia councils. They've got five places of deputation where they actually carry out their sharia law. They don't want English law they want Muslim law in England. And, of course, they ultimately want England as a Muslim country. gtgtAnkerberg And why have the English permitted that.

Should We Raise the Minimum Wage

Good morning, Hank. It's Tuesday. So you've started a lot of businesses Crash Course, Scishow, DFTBA Records, VidCon, the ceaseless juggernaut that is 2D Glasses. And Hank, your companies employ dozens of people, none of whom work for the federally mandated minimum wage of 7 dollars 25 cents per hour. But Hank, let's imagine that your next project is a fast food restaurant, Corndogs and Sodium. What impact would raising the federal minimum wage have on you and your employees At first glance it seems like a no brainer any minimum wage is terrible, both for Corndogs and Sodium.

And for its employees. The Econ 101 argument goes like this the free market is going to set wages where they need to be, like if you want to pay 5 dollars an hour for Corndogs and Sodium employees, but no one takes the job for 5 dollars an hour, you're gonna have to pay more. You'll increase your wages until you can attract the kind of employees that you need to, you know, batter and fry and serve encased, castoff pig meat. And we know that economies tend to grow less when governments set and control prices, so higher minimum wages restrict economic.

Growth. Plus, unemployment will go up because of minimum wage is 10 dollars per hour, Corndogs and Sodium could only afford to hire one person. But if there was an unrestricted wage market, then they could attract two people who'd be willing to work for 5 dollars an hour each. So in the end, setting a minimum wage is an attempt to alleviate poverty, that actually increases it. However Hank, surprisingly enough, it turns out that actual labour markets are a lot more complex than the models of labor markets created by college freshmen.

This brings us to a famous study by two economists, David Card and Alan Kreuger. So in 1992, the state of New Jersey raised its minimum wage 18.8 percent. Pennsylvania, right next door, did not raise its minimum wage. Card and Krueger had the bright idea to go to the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and do employment surveys on either side of it. And what they found is that restaurant employment in New Jersey actually increased when the minimum wage went up. Since then, a bunch of other studies have confirmed Card and Krueger's.

Findings, while some have found that there actually are negative effects to employment when you raise the minimum wage, although it's surprisingly and consistently mild. Why Well, a bunch of reasons. For one, the minimum wage is probably near where the market would set it. But also, lowwage workers tend to spend most of their pay raises, which leads to increased economic activity, which in turn leads to more jobs. And higher wages also mean less turnover, which leads to lower costs of training, and hiring, and firing. On the downside, higher wages are also associated with higher prices on goods and services that.

Rely on lowwage labor, which means that your corndogs, Hank, would probably be a little bit more expensive. So Hank, the larger question is whether raising the minimum wage actually reduces poverty. And on that front, there is growing consensus that at least in the medium run, it does. A number of big recent studies have shown that raising the minimum wage 10 percent reduces the number of people in poverty by about 2.5 percent. Even many opponents of the minimum wage acknowledge this, but it's important to know that like,.

That won't always work. At some point, raising the minimum wage will lead to inflation and slower job creation. It's just not clear where that point is. But it's just as disingenuous to call the minimum wage a jobkiller , as it is to say that the minimum wage is gonna fix economic inequality. In short Hank, in economics, there's no such thing as a free lunch , but when it comes to reducing poverty without affecting employment, higher minimum wages seem at least to be the cheapest lunch available. But ultimately, Hank, now that I'm, I guess, an employer, I'm more persuaded by the personal.

Argument. We found that paying a living wage, which we would do even if we opened Corndogs and Sodium , leads to happier, more productive employees. Now, I know that's hard to quantify, but it's also what's allowed VidCon and DFTBA Records to retain employees for years and years, and grow sustainably. Now Hank, obviously I am not an economist, although I did win a bronze medal in Economics at the Alabama State Academic Decathlon tournament in 1993, but our strategy has worked out pretty well for us so far, and it's also working in much larger companies like Costco. Hank,.

Israelis What do you think of Goyim nonJews

What do you think of nonJews What's the difference Yes Shelly and Assaf Tel Aviv That's the answer There is no difference between Jews and nonJews Aharon Jerusalem What do you think of nonJews What is there to think of them There is nothing to think Everyone has their own way What is there to think I don't understand If you ask something specific about them, ask but what do I think of them. I think they are asking if you think something negative or positive Neither negative nor positive It depends on the person.

According to who he is, I will judge What can I say Everyone is as they are What do you think of nonJews Eyal Rishon Lezion In what way I have no idea Many have asked, what do Israeli Jews think of nonJews I have no problem with them The same I think of another Jew any other person as a secular Jew, I have no preference on the contrary, it is even interesting If everyone was the same it would be a boring world Elad Givataim people are people it doesn't matter where they are from.

You take everyone as an individual and not where they come from Actually, we who went through the Holocaust and all the implications that came after We are not in a position to judge others We have no right to judge and we are all human beings in the end that's the beauty of the world I will take this in another direction If you look at Israeli society in general it is comprised of so many different communities ethnicities, religions, things like that It is a part of who we are.

Fox Host Bill OReilly Loves HIS Union So Does Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh

This at this time and fax is brought to you by westlife offering premium web hosting since nineteen ninety eight but a west coast dot com slash he white sea at twenty five percent off your order bismillah unionbashing foxnews not conserve talk radio uh. but there is a passing but you might not know liberal around so your or can make a fraud right near there at twenty two righttowork states in america places like texas and florida with the unions to not control the negotiating process the fair thing to do in wisconsin.

Would be to have a referendum let the folks voted on union power on a personal note on a member of the union aftra and when i was working at inside edition some years ago the king world company tried to remarried on pension benefits after it took the company to court the case was settled if the shop in the nine union we might have been steph so i understand why unions are needed in america workers must separate action against greedy companies that would exploit that but there has to be a middle ground there are no unions in china or india and we must.

Compete economically with those countries welwyn by the at the end of that logic then you know as i did she should do it mission to cut your pay alleging that the chinese are detected that life is really hope that you reset all right is actually party guess what seko's climb back what please look at your up albert you connect the mouth and then johnson a or directly solas rush limbaugh operable all part of a union it's called after a and inorder beyond radio w basically have to be.

An actor so and their union as already explained you has protected them over and over and it's gotten a great benefit and then they turn around on tv gardner doing yet stadium bali there guess the regular post military unitech wireless nobody nobody nobody nobody fantastic orders that are at that uh. plato's union bugs are maybe that's what he thought about you buttons consider the union and you know what the i hope to c l rather becker limbaugh out there in wisconsin protest is that immediate you were there all making over ten million dollars.

Revolution in Egypt A 4Minute Introduction

Nerdfighters in Pittsburgh GOOD MORNING, HANK. IT'S MONDAY! So Hank, that's a lot of Nerdfighters, and this is Hosni Mubarak. That's called a transition, Hank. It's a skill of professional writers. Hank, Mubarak may or may not be a Nerdfighter. Although, I suspect he isn't because he doesn't seem to love the Internet, But he is the 82yearold dictator of Egypt. And as you may of hear on the news, his 30year rule is in peril, and lots of Nerdfighters have asked me to make a tutorial of Egypt, so I'm gonna.

Okay, so Egypt is a Northern African nation of 80 million people. Primary language Arabic. 90 Muslim. 10 Christian. It used to be kind center the of the world, then it was part of a bunch of Empires. Let's just skip ahead to 1979. Okay, so it's 1979, and the president of Egypt, Anwar alSadat, signs a peace treaty with Israel, thereby establishing Egypt, at least in the mind of the west, as a kind of politically and militaristically moderate Arab state. Two years later, in 1981, Anwar alSadat is assassinated by Islamists. His vice president,.

Hosni Mubarak, gets shot in the hand but survives. So congratulations Hosni, you get to be president of Egypt! That was the first time he survived an assassination attempt. Mubarak has since survived five more assassination attempts, which is the kind of thing that could make you super super paranoid and, in fact, has made him super super paranoid. Anyway, despite the considerable dangers of the gig, Hosni Mubarak seems to really like being president of Egypt because his three main political positions are Number 1 I, Hosni Mubarak, should be the president of Egypt.

Number 2 There should be no freedom of press and no Islamic political parties, in fact, no political parties at all, really because I, Hosni Mubarak, should remain the president of Egypt. And number 3 people who disagree with number 1 or number 2 should go to jail. In fact, Hank, even before all these protests started in the last week, there were more than 10,000 political prisoners in jail in Egypt, which is a lot but like a drop in the bucket compared to China, and we're not exactly fomenting revolution in China right now, unless.

You define fomenting as purchasing and revolution as iPods. So everybody's always been kinda friends with him, both in the Arab world and in the West. Everybody's like, Ah! It's Mubarak. He could be worse. But then in beginning of 2011, Egypt's neighbor Tunisia suddenly and unexpectedly got rid of their dictator. And after seeing what happened in Tunisia, people in Egypt were like Hey! I'm pissed off too! I'm pissed off about not having freedom of speech and about the secret police and about rising food prices. Remember the French Revolution, Hank Rising food prices!.

I'm telling you Hank, if you ever become a dictator, keep your eye on the price of food. So on January 25, 2011, people hit the streets. Now initially, the police, which are often seen as a force of terror in Egypt, were attacking protesters and throwing them in jail and torturing them, and then Mubarak resorts to all the typical oldfashioned dictator stuff, like turning off all the phones and turning off the internet, and none of it really worked. So finally, Mubarak played his last card. He sent the army out onto the streets of Cairo,.

Which totally backfired. It backfired because all male Egyptians have to serve some time in the army, so the army is seen as an extension of the citizenry. And that's why you see all these protesters climbing on top of tanks, and shaking hands with the guys inside the tanks, and, like, scrawling antiMubarak graffiti on Mubarak's tanks. And it looks like Mubarak is going to have to make his graceful exit, and that is when the hard work will begin. There's a lot of romance in revolution, Hank. We all know this, right.

I can't help myself. I love a good revolution. I love men and women standing up to authority, risking their lives for their country. But that's exactly what happened in the French Revolution, which ended up being a massiva disastro. That's not French. In fact Hank, it must be noted that revolution does not have a particularly good track record. So Hank, right now, the story of Egypt's political situation is really shinny and interesting, that's why we're all paying attention to it. And in a few months it won't be so shinny.

There will be something new shinny, hopefully the invention of puppysized elephants. And I will name him Louis and teach him to poop outside, and he and Willie will play together in the snow, and it will be so beau. Were we talking about something Egypt, right. So hopefully Egypt will make the transition to a real democracy, and the way that we can support that is to continue to pay attention to their story, even when it's not so shiny anymore. Okay, so thank you for listening to me talk about Egypt. As a reward, I will do a question.

SAP Carolina Turkeys

Music gtgt Carolina Turkeys, the fourth largest turkey company in the world. We process about 600 million pounds a year which equal about 65 to 75,000 turkeys a day. Our biggest goal is growth and profitability and how do we meet the changing demands of our customers, our associates and certainly our shareholders. gtgt Carolina Turkeys is not your grandmother's turkey company. It's different the whole industry has changed. That change has made it a much, much, much, more complicated business that's why we needed to change. We decided that if we wanted to achieve our business goals we needed.

To find a new software solution, and basically redesign some of our business processes. gtgt It's become obvious in the last couple of years that SAP is the major player in the food and beverage industry and when we saw that there was an opportunity to go with the best practice solution that was preconfigured for our industry that was the way we wanted to go. gtgt The SAP Deloitte packed solution makes the world class capabilities of SAP ERP solutions affordable for midsize companies. The software deployed here at Carolina Turkey and in all.

Of our midsized companies is the same software that's deployed at Proctor and Gamble, CocaCola, Pepsi0Cola and so on. It's all about offering midmarket companies then best practices at an affordable price and risk. gtgt Because small to midsized companies like Carolina Turkey are so agile, they can drive change in the organization much quicker so their time to implementation is faster and also the time to reap the benefit of implementation is shorter. gtgt Our implementation was less than seven months. gtgt The month we went live we had a record month in sales and shipments.

Gtgt We were on time, we didn't miss a payroll, we didn't miss a closing. We didn't miss a shipment, everything went smooth. gtgt It actually went so smooth that a couple days after implementation we just turned off our hotline. We weren't getting calls. gtgt Carolina Turkeys is using SAP throughout the entire organization. We've replaced our payroll system, we've replaced all of our incharge systems we're using SAP currently for all of our financials, logistics, procurement. gtgt It's not one size fits all. Every customer has a bit of a different story, different integration requirements,.

Different pieces of excellence that they want to preserve. gtgt We kept our warehouse management system in place, but we timed SAP, RF products, scanners. With Deloitte's help, all of that is easily integrated into the SAP product. gtgt The consultants that came here from Deloitte already understood our industry and that was a tremendous advantage. That put us on the fast track right from the beginning. gtgt It truly is a marriage of the SAP knowledge around the software product and what they've built into the product and the Deloitte industry experience.

R Admits Voter ID Laws About Helping Romney Win Election

Passing a republican house leader mike to resign was giving a speech in from other policy committee talking about how they accomplished all their goals for of the year now listen a point number three year because remember we've been told over and over again the voter id laws are just to make sure that there is no quoting fraud in this country now let's see what the real gold pennsylvania was according to the republican house leader himself voter id which has been a while governor romney when the state of.

Pennsylvania i thought it was to protect us from our fraud you tell me it was so that nobody can win because of a rock i didn't see that coming but he had gone through a whole long list about how their pros secondamendment prolife but we know that stuff when he got a cold war companies forestry was have alright is so we can win watsonville is wasn't it back know yours for civilian use poster for ten that you really care about voter fraud but in reality as we've shown you many.

Times only entered so when you actually do that is this is a voter fraud for example in the state of florida you're more likely to be attacked by a shark metabo term fraud in this state it is their minuscule problem in some states is point oo oo over two percent of the voters they're doing voter fraud in other words nearly nonexistent you're more likely to be hit by lightning and there appears to be voter fraud it is that nonexistent problem they reason they knew voter id laws to make sure that people without heidi's.

Ken bode which tend to be poor which had to be more minorities for example twenty five percent of african americans don't have a driver's license or any kind of identification with a photo on doesn't mean they're not citizens doesn't mean that they can all is happened with the big city for example where they don't have to drive so they don't have ideally the picture id sixteen percent of latinos synthetic while we look at that africanamericans latinos usually vote democrat that's how we had the state of pennsylvania over time it well me.

Protect Us, But Respect Us!

These days, we live so much of our lives online. With every click and every key stroke we reveal more and more about ourselves. We upload private information like photos and financial records. We search websites and conduct intimate conversations with family and friends. We expect it to be private, but it may not be for long. Right now, the Government is considering radical changes to Australia's surveillance and intelligence laws. Of course authorities should be given the powers they need to protect us all, but what's being considered goes much further than that.

Recently the Government has released a discussion paper with a lot of complex proposals. Many are reasonable, but some are not. How would you feel knowing internet providers, web sites, social networks search engines were required by law to store every message you send, every website you visit, every conversation you have, every product you buy or places you visit for 2 years And if ASIO wants to take a look at that data it can and that is just the beginning. ASIO could demand your passwords to access your data, on your computer or the websites you use, like internet banking, eBay or Facebook.

If you refuse you could go to jail. ASIO would also be given the power to remotely control your computer and legally modify, delete or even add files. There could be things on your computer you never put there. And they could access your computer even if they knew you had never committed a crime. Under the proposed laws ASIO could access your computer without a warrant against you if your computer somehow had contact with someone they were investigating. You may have used the same WiFi network or been infected with the same computer virus or visited the same website as a suspect. That would be enough. This is no nightmare scenario. This could be the law.

This is no nightmare scenario. This could be the law. And it is has to be asked, can you trust these private corporations to safely store all of this staggeringly detailed data about you on behalf of the Government This is no nightmare scenario. This could be the law. And it is has to be asked, can you trust these private corporations to safely store all of this staggeringly detailed data about you on behalf of the Government In the last year alone criminal hackers have stolen personal and financial data from Visa, Mastercard, Sony, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Vodafone. Even the FBI has been hacked. Does the Australian Government really stand a chance of keeping all our data safe.

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