Guys Girlfriend Cheats With His Father Posts Texts Online

Okay everybody, this is a sordid story. A young man has found out his girlfriend was cheating on him with his own father. He found out about the affair which, apparently he suspected was going on when he looked in his father's phone we he wasn't around. and, he saw the text string and his suspicions were confirmed. And included in the texts were pictures of his girlfriend.sans clothing. Yes, no clothes. Anyway, he posted the entire exchange online and I put a link to that below so you can see it for yourself.

And it is quite interesting, I assure you You have got to wonder what kind of father messes around with his own son's girlfriend. And the girl She is not any better either. When she was confronted with the texts she tried to deny it Finally admitted it and said it was nothing and is groveling to get the boyfriend back. What would you do Would you take the girlfriend back And what about the father What kind of relationship would you have with your father if he did something like this to you.

Bachmann God Be Submissive To Husband

Here then send me the story about michelle bachman and how she talks about hard decisions out when he came to education why did you decide to go to law school well first of all uh. it's really interesting to see that there are women in the republican party right now they're trying to change that antiamerican uh. antiwoman image that the gop has rights so for instance there is a sandy adams is a representative from florida she's trying to go out there in saying there on the gop is problem in problem in ok uh.

But michelle bachman act is dense distancing herself from that movement and she is saying no i'm antiwomen i'll give you an example i went to law school because my husband gave me permission to friends women should be submitted to their husbands because that's what god wants for the lord says be submissive wives you were to be submissive to work with us ms bachman casket something yeah and and this is in all seriousness do you think the majority of men really do want a submissive woman like a woman who lol agree with everything will never.

Disagree will never put up a fight will not have her own opinions personality nothing just always say yes michael shara yes mister kisses like card sharks there is a record for students uh. you know i think a lot of went out there pretty submissive uh. and a lot of guys want their woman to be submissive trying to say i'm a hundred on to say sixty four uh. no i think for profit sixty four percent of that i think he s i think that there's something appealing to unmanned about that.

No i don't think that i think this takes a little far man i'm not submissive has its kind of levels to there's a level of sadness sadness i mean are and on the most men i sickness and in the right way and simply n announces the sexual way i'm talking about what you don't i mean uh. a man who once sort of to be e waited on hand and foot does not also want the right to ask them permission to go to school all so that there's some their pens there's a limit to what what you know.

How you define submissive but i think there's something and there's something attractive to a lot of men about that but i don't think to that extreme having right that becomes creepy and she is an amazing about that issue some was proud of it like right yes i have asked my husband for permission to go to law school at court left because of the religious right of course and and of course you know her fans of her supporters are thinking wow what a great one and she asked her husband for permission before she pursued higher education good for.

Her yeah good for her but another reason why bring up the story is because last week we talked about how michelle bachman during a speech has said that she decided to be uh. antitrust out because of the fact that she had lost a baby at during this kitchen miscarriage affidavit and in shape and a great point and even though he's not here i want to give you credit for his point because he said i don't believe her i don't think that if she didn't have that miscarriage that miscarriages which rigor her.

Conservative nature especially when it comes to abortion she was conservative from the get go see attended or roberts university is she was religious and she wishes a total completely um. evangelical type of person that that was the way she first of all it's in a ways away she governs and then in a way it's the way that she was brought up so it's not surprising especially when you hear about her father other members of a family house restrict oriented you working so there's michelle bachman she went to law school because her husband.

Crazy ex girlfriends shave cheating mans crotch

Avenger girlfriends shave cheating man's crotch. 34yearold Cheating Chen from Taipei likes the ladies. He dated this woman, Girlfriend Zhou, for a year before she found out he was married. Then she found out he was cheating on her with Nurse Wang. He left a trail of evidence. Nurse Wang recently saw a post on Cheating Chen's Facebook profile. It was a raunchy photo of Cheating Chen and Girlfriend Zhou. Nurse Wang was furious. She asked Girlfriend Zhou out to negotiate. The two women found out they had something in common.

They decided to teach Cheating Chen a lesson. One early morning, Nurse Wang gave Cheating Chen some cold medicine to put him to sleep. Nurse Wang Let's play rough! Nurse Wang shaved Cheating Chen's pubic hair and drew an elephant on his crotch. That's when Girlfriend Zhou arrived. The two women grew angrier as they were tying him up. They decided to shave his eyebrows too. Then they wrote on his leg, I'm a manwhore. Three hours later, Cheating Chen requested to go to the bathroom, where he locked himself in and called the cops, ending this strange revenge.

Cheating Chen was so agitated. He threatened to sue them for abuse. The two women have denied the accusations. Nurse Wang I was holding a tin bat to massage myself. Then I told him to keep away and stay where he was. I said we'd talk like civilised people. I only waved the bat that once, when I told him to stay away. I didn't hit him. Girlfriend Zhou I had a knife there so I could untie him. We thought that would speed things up. It took some effort to untie him..

The two women have been charged for violating the man's personal freedom. They're still very angry at Cheating Chen. Girlfriend Zhou He's a liar. He makes things up. On his birthday. He had dinner with me at Taipei 101, then he rushed over to sing kareoke with Nurse Wang. After that, he left to see yet another woman. That other woman bought him a Louis Vuitton wallet. It's ridiculous. He was continuously sleeping or going on dates with one of us. He'd say the women are just friends. He'd say she's just a friend. He'll talk crap about her and say she's like a kid..

Its Not About The Nail

It's just There's all this pressure. You know And sometimes it feels like it's right up on me. And. I can just feel it like literally feel it in my head. And it's relentless, and. I don't know if it's gonna stop. I mean, that's the thing that scares me the most, is that I don't know if it's ever gonna stop. Yeah. Well. you do have a nail. in your head. It is not about the nail. Are you sure, because, I mean, I'll bet, if we got that out of there.

Stop trying to fix it! No, I'm not trying to fix it! I'm just pointing out, that maybe the nail is causing You always do this! You always try to fix things when I really need is for you just listen! See, I don't think that is what you need. I think what you need is to get the nail out See, you're not even listening now! OK, fine. I will listen. Fine. It's just sometimes, it's like, there's this achy. I don't know what it is. And I'm not sleeping very well at all.

Jealous Wife Burns Husbands Penis Off

Sellout tells women printer has been penis off and that is what happens on a so sorry to hear it is all right you need not i am uh. and where was she a ali she was to be on the city of house and ask you that i think he's an australian anderson the us all yeah this is from australia what i'm wondering is when nationality she policy that was selfish there's no question i mean the animal pieces indian pakistani atlas from bangladesh furniture but um. aikido here but here's my uh. favor part of the story cancer quote.

He said quote armadillos wife his peers should belong to me are just wonder burnished peanuts so belongs to me and no one else administer happen except if you bring a man's penis it doesn't belong to anyone because it no longer exists yes and neither does he because he was severely burned and died a couple weeks later uh. in intensive care and by the way she did and million dollars with the damage their house sick i didn't mean it to happen to try to burnish penis off what what was asked about idea.

Met some people are crazy dude i know i mean and look it's not like you know that dude was riding high it's in the first place i mean unit belonged to her and after those are the greatest place for a big on the first place and that's it for the off and i mean what you get through trouble on the inside the clinic here dot yet it's not i'm not overheated that i think she's a scooper coco pops uh. or she's cooper chuck e i don't know but it has been worked out that's crazy to be locked up for ever.

Ariana Grande Does My Makeup

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