10 tips for happy married life These 10 suggestions might help you get to the point where you want to work things out with your current spouse, or they will help you in your next relationship. 1. Make time to connect lovingly with your spouse every day A couple can significantly improve their chances of marital success by devoting as little as 15 minutes a day exclusively to each other. For instance, you could wake up a little earlier,.

And spend the extra time in bed cuddling, making love, and reaffirming your love for each other. 2:Compliment your spouse regularly Both in private and in front of others. Even if your partner seems embarrassed or shrugs it off at first, the glow from sincere praise lasts a long time. 3: Love your spouse in the way he or she wants to be loved.

We often make the mistake of assuming that the things that touch our hearts the most deeply will affect our partner in the same way. For instance, you may think red roses are the perfect gift, but to your spouse, they represent a waste of money and an allergy attack. If you don’t already know, find out what your spouse yearns for, and then deliver it with love . 4:Take care of your appearance.

Look your best for your spouse. lose the ratty sweat pants or frayed sweater he or she hates so much; you can find other comfortable clothes that aren’t a complete turnoff for your partner. This also means taking care of your health including eating properly and exercising regularly. 5: Remain faithful Accept the fact that you are no longer single. keep in mind your love for your spouse and.

The love your spouse has for you, your commitment and your vows. 6: Do things together Another common factor of longterm happy marriages is that the spouses regularly do things together that they find fun and exciting. Whether that’s ballroom dancing, bowling, playing cards, SCUBA diving, or skiing, participate in at least one activity that you both enjoy every week. If you have kids, make sure at least half of these activities are for you and your.

Spouse only. 7: Spend time apart You take a pottery course while your spouse plays hockey; you play bridge and your partner collects stamps. You don’t have to love everything your partner loves, but you do have to allow him or her the freedom to pursue cherished hobbies. An added bonus is that separate interests can generate interest between you.

8: be friends with your partner The key to marital happiness and success is friendship. Some of the most important aspects of this type of friendship are knowing each other intimately, demonstrating affection and respect for each other on a daily basis, and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. 9: The Terms of Endearment Spell out the basics of the relationship in a yearly contract or at least to clarify.

Them. most disputes that break up marriages are over sex and money. don’t let surprises lead to trouble. Marriage is like any other contract: its terms and conditions must be reviewed and updated. 10: Say I love you every day This is especially important when you’re not feeling the sensation of love; at these times, you have to actively generate it. Saying those three little words, and performing loving.

Have Sexier Sex to Save Marriage with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Well marriage seems to be a crumbling institution. in the 1950s, 75 percent of the population was married. Today you have a majority of people who are single which is astonishing when you think about it because it means that in a free country people are choosing to be by themselves because they don’t find marriage compelling. In places like Western Europe it’s far worse. Countries like Iceland have a 20 percent marriage population. France, Russia these are all seeing a decline in marriage, a significant decline which is also.

Leading to significant decline of the population. they’re experiencing negative population growth. If not for immigration these are countries that might soon disappear and they’re actually worried about it. That’s why in places like Russia you have National Love Day where you get a paid day to go home and make a baby. Because marriage is losing its passion. And in an adrenalin fueled 24 hour economy I think people are gonna make choices that give them excitement and give them adventure. And they don’t feel that marriage is giving.

That to them. coupled with that is something that we never expected and that is the sexual famine that is to be discovered in marriage. Some statistics have the monogamous marriage at about one in three here in America. Even those who disagree say that it’s about one in five. Now think about that. You could be a couple in your 20s, a married couple in your 20s, 30s and every night you go to sleep together, sharing a bed, man and woman, no clothes on and absolutely nothing happens. That’s astonishing. And I think the ones who.

Are really paying the price are the wives. i think in our culture we suppress and deny a woman’s true erotic nature. We seem to believe that men are the really sexual ones and women kind of put up with sex in order to get romantic love. It’s summed up in one of those humorous quotations where marriage is the price that men pay for sex and sex is the price that women pay for marriage. There is no truth to this. There’s no truth to the stereotype of a husband saying to his.

Wife, how about some sex tonight honey. and she turns back and says, not tonight, i have a headache. And yet the husband can have an axe lodged in his head and he’s still ready to go. Precisely the opposite is true. Women are much more sexual than men. Men are uniorgasmic. Women are multiorgasmic. Women have a much more deeply erotic nature. Think about it. Women seem to have their emotions deeply connected with their sexuality which makes it like rocket fueled. And the suppression, the denial of a woman’s erotic nature, of a woman’s sensual.

Nature is something that is depressing the heck out of a lot of women which is why we’re suddenly discovering the emergence of the genre of bestselling books like 50 Shades of Grey. No one can explain why women in a liberated feminist age are reading a trilogy about a guy who takes a liberated college student and gets her to agree to be a submissive to his dominance. In fact, Newsweek magazine did a cover story about this on why are women reading this.

And the only solution they came up with which just shows you how shallow we are in our approach to the erotic mind, they said people are reading 50 Shades of Grey because women are so overscheduled today with a job at work and then the domestic chores at home that they love the novel because they wanted to give up choice. They liked the fact that Anastasia allows Christian Grey to make all her decisions for her in order to so that she’s less scheduled. So I said to myself, gosh, I’ll sell more books by writing a book about a woman who has a phenomenal.

Housekeeper who does all her work for her. the reason why women are reading 50 shades of Grey is that for many women, for many American wives that book is about the only time they’ve witnessed raw lust incarnate. They’re not seeing it in their marriages. Women today are loved but they’re not lusted after. They’re appreciated but they’re not desired. They’re complimented but their husbands aren’t ripping their clothes off. And we need to go back and understand why. How is it that three, four decades after the.

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