If you’re trying to repair a long distancerelationship, then this tutorial is for you, because I’m going to talk about how to winback your ex when he or she lives hundreds or even thousands of miles away. I’m Brad Browning, relationship coach andauthor of The Ex Factor, a guide to getting your ex back. If you’d like to see moreof my free tutorials or get in touch with me directly, please visit my website at BreakupBrad . OK, now, let’s talk about how to get yourlongdistance ex back…. The first thing you need to understand isthat being hundreds of miles away from your

ex complicates things quite a bit comparedto a ‘normal’ situation. Yes, you can still get him or her back, and I’ve workedwith hundreds of clients in longdistance relationships that have successfully won backtheir ex…. but it’s usually easier if you live in the same city, so keep in mindthat, depending on the details of your specific situation, you may have a difficult road ahead. But, I don’t want to discourage you, becausethere are some things you can do in longdistance scenarios to help your cause. In this tutorial,by the way, I’m only going to talk about longdistance relationships…. if you haven’talready, you should still consider watching

my other tutorials especially the free fulllengthtutorial presentation on my website to get details on the general principles and strategiesyou should be using to win back an ex. Now, where to begin will depend on how longits been since your breakup and how serious your relationship was. If it’s only beena few days or maybe a couple of weeks since the breakup, the first step is to go througha period of “no contactâ€�. This means completely ignoring your ex for around a month or so.The point of this is to show your ex that you’re moving on, you’re not going towait around and hope that your ex changes his or her mind, and hopefully make your exthink that there’s tons of other people

eager to take your ex’s place at your side. Remember that, no matter how badly you wantto reach out to your ex and tell them how you feel and beg for another chance, theresimply aren’t any words that can change your ex’s mind… especially if they livehundreds of miles away. Attraction and romantic bonds are organic, natural things… you can’tmake your ex fall back in love with you using words, it has to happen on its own. During the no contact period and even afterthat, once you begin to talk with your ex again you should be using social media,mutual friends, and any other means at your

disposal to subtly convey messages to yourex. For example, since you want your ex to think your life is great and you’re alreadyrecovered from the breakup, you might consider posting some photos of you and some friends(preferably friends of the opposite sex) on Facebook. Or, chat up a mutual friend andcasually mention that you’ve been dating a few other people and that you’re reallyenjoying the single life. Don’t make this attempt to incite jealousy or convey a messageto your ex obvious… it needs to be subtle. But it’s definitely important to let yourex know, subtly, how awesome your life is and how quickly you’re moving on.

When it’s time to start talking to yourex again, I recommend beginning with a really casual, fun, and brief message (either textmessage, Facebook message, Skype message, even an email). In my Ex Factor Guide program,I’ve included a ton of examples of messages you can send to your ex to get him or herthinking about…. so if you’re struggling to think of what to write your longdistanceex, you might find the program helpful… you can sign up at my website, BreakupBrad . Whatever you decide to say in your first message,keep it really short (no more than a few sentences) and make sure it’s fun, upbeat, and interesting….try to be funny, reference and inside joke,

The 6 Stages of Having a Crush

The camera is balancing on seven things. ♫ Where in the world is Superwoman today? ♫ L.A. In a really big house, so I’mreally sorry for the echo. What if everyone could girl to woman? And whether you’re singleor in a relationship or hello hello hello. Whether you’re single or in a relationship

or you’re just like a unicorn that doesn’t understanddating other human beings, I’m sure you can relate to this tutorial, because we’ve all had a crushat some point or another. We’re doing the wholetutorial like this? Maybe. Just deal. No, but for real, we’ve all had a crush. For example, I visited mycrush today at Chipotle.

That’s right, so hot. Swear to God, I’m gonna puta ring on that ricebowl. And I feel like we all gothrough almost the same stages when it comes to crushes. It starts off with stageone, the discovery. Now this is a stagewhere you notice someone for the first time. And don’t get it twisted.

Maybe you’ve seen thisperson, like, 100 times, but today you notice somethinga little extra special. Because you don’t just seethe person. No, no, no. You notice the person. That person catches your eye. Then you’re like, yo,your booty lookin’ right. In fact, their booty lookin’ so right that they could never make a left turn

without hitting a pedestrian. And I’m just like damn. Have you always been this fine or am I just gettin’ more desperate? Either way, yo look I dropped my phone. Pick it up slowly. Actually caught thephone with my other hand, ’cause I’m an athlete.

This leads to stage two, research. A’ight, so now that you noticed the booty, you gotta make sure that the booty is in fact that fine. You gotta make sure itwasn’t like bootception. That you were, like, havinga dream about a booty while having a dream about a booty while inside a dream of another booty.

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