For this tutorial im going to show you some books that i got at a library bag sale a couple of weeks ago. I really like the bag sales primarily because youre basically getting the books for free, almost. These bags were three dollars each and I bought five bags so I basically spent fifteen dollars for the entire day on these books and theres probably about a hundred books right there. Its a really great way to build up your inventory if youre just starting out and youre on a budget. Its also a great.

Way to build up your inventory if youre an inexperienced bookseller and you just want to add more inventory. Im going to go ahead and show you some books that I got. The first one is by Stephen Johnson Where Good Ideas Come From. Its a lightweight paperback. This has a really good rank of nine thousand and a low FBA price of nine ninetyfive ($9.95) so after FBA fees Ill make about five dollars on this one. Since I paid fifteen cents for it, its not a.

Bad deal. the next one is by george chauncey and its called Why Marriage? This one has a rank of six hundred and one thousand and a low FBA price of twelve dollars. Once again Ill make about seven dollars on this one, after fees. Since I paid fifteen cents for it, Ill be making about six or seven dollars profit on this one. These are my breadandbutter type books. These are primarily what Im looking for at bag sales books that I can sell between.

Eight and twelve dollars on fba. thats what a lot of these books are right here. But occasionally Ill come across some highervalue ones. Ill just go ahead and show you some of those that I found. This is called The Defense Speaks: For History and the Future. As you can see, its a lightweight paperback. It does have a high rank of 2.1 million but the low price is a hundred and four dollars and theres no FBA sellers so I can probably price it higher than that since Ill be doing FBA. This would be more.

Of a longterm investment since the rank is over two million but since ill be making more than a hundred dollars, its definitely worth buying it. The next one is called Dream Seekers. This is a childrens book; its also an exlibrary book. This one has a rank of 1.6 million so it is a bit high but the low price is fifty dollars. Theres no FBA sellers so once again, I can price this quite a bit higher since Ill be doing this on FBA. I might price this at seventy dollars or so, maybe.

Even higher. once again, this is another longterm investment but since i spent fifteen cents on it, Im more than willing to wait for the sale. I just wanted to show you some of those books. The library bag sale strategy is a good way to go. Usually, libraries have a sale that last three days and at the end of it theyll have a bag sale just to get rid of all their books. Usually its between three to five dollars a bag. This is on the low end of three dollars. I just wanted to show you some examples.

Love Needs Laughs

I grew up in the former soviet union. My parents and I lived in a communal apartment with nine other families. When my parents wanted to be romantic they would send me to look out the window. One day my dad said, So what did you see out the window? I said, Our neighbors being romantic. He said, How could you tell?.

I said, because their son is looking at me. My parents laughed. At that moment, I felt that I was in the presence of love. As a child, I made the discovery that laughter must be the way people communicate to one another that theyre happy. Did you know that there has been actual research into the relationship.

Between laughter and happy marriages? For over four decades, John Gottman, Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington, has studied thousands of couples in both successful relationships and notsosuccessful ones. Couples who laugh together, he concludes, last together. Heres how it works: we make each other happy first and then laughter reassures us that we are on the right track.

The fading away of laughter may be the best way to tell if your relationship has gone off course. So here is what I want you to start doing: listen for laughter in your relationship. And not just any laughter listen for moments when you share laughter together. If that isnt happening just about every day, it is time to do something about it. Let me give you an example from my own life. One night, I was putting my son Alexander to bed.

He was cranky and crying. My wife said to me, Ill show you how to put the baby to sleep. She took Alexander from me and put him in the bassinet and put the bassinet on top of the dryer. Two minutes later he was sound asleep. I said Oh great.

All other kids are going to go to daycare center. Ill have to drop him off at the laundromat. Oh, that bundle? Yeah, that one is mine. My wife did not laugh. As a comedian, I should have caught that. In my show, if a joke doesnt get a laugh, I analyze what went wrong.

Perhaps change the setup, or a punch line to get the laughter back. I use laughter as a gauge of the happiness of my audience. At that time, I did not understand that it could be applied to my personal life as well. If I had understood that laughter was a gauge of happiness, I might have saved my marriage. As I started to research the science of happiness, I learned that when there is a genuine connection between people, laughter is the first thing that happens as a confirmation of a happy relationship.

The intimacy comes next and then people get married and live together. When things are not working, laughter is the first thing to go. Second thing to go is intimacy. Third thing is your house. Of course, marriages and relationships break up for all sorts of reasons. But, I can say with confidence, if youre not laughing, there is trouble ahead.

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