Guilty Until Forgiven

Hey everyone this is Daisy here to record another poem. This one is titled Guilty Until Forgiven and it was written June 22, 2011, so it’s pretty recent. Andum I’m not going to go into an explanation of it because it’s pretty elfexplanatory. So at least I hope you guys can get the message behind it so I’m just gonna go ahead and start. You’re guilty Lookin at me Crumbs on your mouth sayin you didn’t eat the cookie The forbidden fruit Look at all the mess you caused just for the pursuit Of someone else.

What we had put on the shelf I sat with outstretched had yet you refused to take my help Eff love your only interest was yourself Willin to give it all for the fantasies you painted Saying that you’re taken But actin like you’re not Runnin around hopin you don’t get caught Said a future’s what you sought But now a ruined relationship’s all you got You wish you could take it back but I wish it never started Funny the ones who cause the pain always complain my heart is guarded.

Drinkin the wine of lust I just pray you don’t get carded And even though we’ve both moved on the pain remains long after you’ve departed My feelings disregarded By all the lies that you imparted Yet you still call me cold hearted You must not see your contribution I see there’s no solution But all I want is restitution So I hope our relationship’s execution Helps you plan your next new year’s resolution You played me that’s a fact So you can go ahead and add me to the stack Cuz you claimed you’d always have my back But in the end it wasn’t the rear but the.

Front that you attacked Took my hart right out my chest Man who ever would’ve guessed That after waiting two years you’d still come and cause this mess But I’m not stressed I still go to sleep and get my rest Praying that someday you understand why it is that I confess That despite all you did I still wish you the very best And as you stand in front of the court of love it is the jury I will address Saying that your actions make you guilty but there’s no need to get depressed Because Christ forgave me when I was guilty.

And it is his love that I possess So even though you should be guilty and ALL your items repossessed Because of Christ’s love you are innocent…nonetheless. The end. I hope you guys like the tutorial, share the tutorial, andum subscribe to my YouTube, follow me on Twitter, and become a fan of my fan page on Facebook thank you so much for watching and I love you all.

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