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Hi everybody, this is ajanta from inner sight councelling let me take you through this scenario here's a young girl, just engaged extremely excited nervous, very happy, excited about shopping, excited about what's ahead nervous about what are the expectations of me after this marriage where am I supposed to stay, are my inlaws going to visit very often do we stay in the same city, or does my husband aspire to go abroad what else is expected of me can I continue with my job when does he want to have kids.

Questions like these and lots more sometimes are a part of the nerves that you feel before you get married a lot of people tend to write it off as prewedding jitters and it need not be that. It could be actually valid reasons for feeling nervous. So what does one do when one is feeling nervous like this who does one ask questions to I think one of the things that is becoming more prevalent now is premarital counseling and I would really really encourage that. I think couples who decide that there are lots.

Of issues that may come up after marriage or they want to talk through things which they find difficult to do with each other at this point remember, a lot of them are just discovering each other a high percentage of marriages in India are still arranged marriages even in love marriages when you're actually going to live with a person, there could be a lot of doubts about what else that would entail so i think it's important to go in for premarital counseling usually in premarital counseling the counselor will take you through a lot of.

Issues which might come up things that you want to discuss. things like finance, things like sex, things like religion, things like inlaws. things like what is really expected from you what do you expect from your husband and i think one of the main reasons that I would encourage a couple to go in for premarital counseling is to avoid too many nasty suprises later so this was about premarital counseling and why that may be important if you'd like to have more information, please do tune in to mdhil.

Florida Premarital Online Course Save $32.50 on your marriage license!

Welcome to the Florida Marriage Prep Course. My name is Dr. Tabitha Johnson I am a relationship expert, author, and speaker, and licensed marriage and family therapist in Florida. First of all, let me just take a minute to say congrats on your recent engagement and upcoming wedding It's such an exciting time and I'm so excited that you decide to look into premarital counseling. This is a tutorialbased program it's interactive and it's designed to help you get ready for marriage. We are licensed in all 67 counties in Florida,.

So that means when you complete this course, you can get a discount on your marriage license, currently it's $32.50 We know you're planning a wedding every dollar counts! And so this is a great way not only for you to save money but for you to get ready for the marriage and a lifelong journey ahead. So let me tell you a little bit about this as well. Not only does this give you a discount, but this also waives the threeday waiting period that means you can actually go get your marriage certificate.

And go get married all on the same day. Now let me tell you a little bit about what this program will do for you. We know that 50 all first marriages end in divorce 50 percent! I don't want you to be one of those statistics. And here's the thing there's so much research that says if that you just learn some basic skills about relationships, that can be totally preventable! That's what you're going to learn in this course. Let me tell you a little bit about how we're different. First of all,.

Our course is tutorialbased you get to watch some short tutorial clips and it gives you a lot of flexibility you can sign in, do a little bit and sign back out and come back at a different time. If you're maybe in a long distance relationship, you can use the same login, watch those tutorials at separate times, and then come back later complete the assignments together. Also, not all course providers that you're going to find online are actually experts in the field at marriage and family. Let me assure you,.

I've spent years and years of time in my education and research focusing on couple relationships and specifically on marriage. Also our program is researchbased. We didn't just throw a lot of content together, we spent time using a program that is researched based and has years and years of research to back up how successful it is at helping couples. Within this course, you're going to watch a short tutorial clips, and then you'll do some activities and assignments with your partner. You can log out, log in, and return at anytime.

As soon as you complete the course, you can download your certificate of completion. That's what you're going to take to the clerk of courts office for your discount. You don't have to wait on our office you just print that right at your computer. Now let me tell you, there are a few counties in Florida that require an original certificate that means we have to mail that to you, so just be sure to check out our website to see if you're county is one of those. I'm so excited be part of this journey with you.

Marriage Builders PreMarriage Counseling

Marriage builders. Thinking of marriage is your first step for stable healthy life. For that, Taking as much care as possible to avoid as many pitfalls will help the marriage get off to a good start and stay that way for much of the time. premarriage counseling is one way to getting off to a good start because at this juncture the couple will learn about almost every different aspect of how to work at a marriage and what they can expect to encounter. One of the more topics explored would be the one on religion. This of course for most seems.

To be rather a simple matter and if both parties are not really practicing any particular religion they may not see any real importance in this particular area within the marriage. However for the pre marriage counselor, this is a very important area that should be thoroughly understood for the benefit of both parties and for the eventual well being of the marriage and future children the couple would intend to have. The aim here is to create some level of clear understanding and respect for all the various religious elements so that both.

Parties will be better able to avoid any future conflicts that may arise successfully and without damaging the relationship in any significant way. This is especially important for those intending to be part of, or are already in an interfaith relationship. This particular type of relationship has the potential of presenting even more problem than any other normal relationship, thus needing even more pre marital counseling care and guidance. In the initial stages both parties will not be able to understand the possible impacts of being in an interfaith relationship, but as time goes by it may become more difficult.

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Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Matthew and Briana I would like to thank each and everyone of you for attending this their wedding celebration. You are indeed participating in one of the happiest moments of their lives and you're very presence here is honored guest and as family, not only heightenst this moment for them, but indeed it completes it! They thank you for being here You may be seated. We're gathered here today to witness the coming together of two people. Two people whose hearts and spirits are already entwined as one.

In fact, those of you who know Matthew or Briana best Can also a test for their love for one another and to their own blended hope's and dreams and goals that they share so it's only appropriately when we have a love of this magnitude that we do also about open and public demonstration of their love such as this wedding ceremony Do you Matthew knowing of this woman's love for you and returning it, realizing her strengths and willing to learn from them and also recognizing her weaknesses.

How Much Does Counseling Cost You Ask, I Answer.

I am Jennine Estes. People ask me how much does counseling cost You ask I answer My fee is hundred and fifty dollars the fashion work with me I am a licensed Marriage and family therapist providing counseling. I am certified in emotionally focused therapy for couples counseling. and the sessions are perfect we also have team their family center they're working on their licensure hours and hundred dollars and then we also have a sliding scale fee at dollars for those who need camp for the if you're interested in buckingham.

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