What Does The Future Of Religion Look Like

A study by the Pew Research Center says that by the year 2050, the rapidly growing Muslim population will catch up to Christianity, which is currently practiced by more than a third of the world. At the same time, the number of religiously unaffiliated, which includes atheists, agnostics, and people with nonspecific religious leanings, is set to steadily decline. So what does the future of religion look like Some estimates place the number of religions worldwide in the thousands. There are over 40,000 Christian sects alone. But the five big ones are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism,.

Buddhism, Judaism, plus the unaffiliated. Today, Christians and Muslims make up roughly half of the world's population, with 31 and 23 percent, respectively. But over the next 35 years, as the world population grows by another third, Muslims are expected to nearly double. At the same time, the rest of the world's religions, including the unaffiliated, are expected to stay relatively stable, and even drop slightly in proportion to the big two. So why is this happening Well, first of all, on average, Muslims have a lot of babies. At more than 3 per woman, this is roughly half a baby more than Christian women produce.

On average. And that's twice the fertility rate of Buddhists and the unaffiliated. In India, a country with one of the fastest growing Muslim populations, this has been attributed to younger marriages, and a resistance to contraception. At the same time, Islam is already disproportionately represented by followers under 15, and the lowest proportion of followers over 65. Again, by comparison, the unaffiliated are nearly twice as likely to be old, and almost half as likely to be young. Another factor is religious conversion. While Islam grows, Christianity is slated to lose as many as 100 million adherents over.

The next 35 years. There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to religion, but looking at the big picture, it seems like Islam is well on it's way to dominating the world stage. However, Pew notes that predicting trends that far in advance is a risky move, as war, famine, disease, technological innovation, and political upheaval or other unforeseen events can drastically alter demographic trends. Ever wondered why and how a religion is officially recognized by the US government It's actually a complicated process. And for more Testtube Daily shows, subscribe to our channel! New tutorials everyday! Thanks for.

Problem between Mother and wife Mufti Ismail Menk

Very very important question what is the solution of parents made mistakes 100 percent like my mother behaved with my wife even if I know she's wrong but it's from my parents I this is something important relationship between parents and your spouse , your spouse , in laws you know I still don't understand why it's called in law law maybe come into place. may actually need to be involved lawyer or something that' why they say in law. so that's term they use. you need to have a defined relationship.

I believe is you need to have a define line we love our mothers and fathers and we love our spouse but the love is different one is a different type of love. it's not exactly the same you need to sit with parents down sometimes then explain to them that you know what you will have to understand I love you so much your love is not going to be decreased by me loving my own wife or all by me fulfilling the rights of my own wife but.

You definitely need to know the this is my wife and you are my parents I cannot do without either of you so it's important for you as a man sometime to draw a line in a beautiful way and explain to them how not to cross the line I'm actually done it with my own May Allah grand us us peace. you need to make it clear. look you are not going to loose anything but at the same time you must understand is I don't want you to temper all the rights of the other.

What an example comes to my mind there was a brother who complains to me you know I don't know how everywhere I go my mother just join us. if I go on holidays my mother just says I am coming the father passed away where i go my mother is coming my mother comes shopping, my mother comes on holiday, my mother comes for a walk I am with my wife when I get my own time, i am barred and I told him I said you know sit your mother down and tell her you know we.

Muslim woman weds Hindu man, both killed The Infidel 20151209

Episcopal Church's 1st black leader On November 1st, the first African American Presiding Bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Church was installed at the Washington National Cathedral in the nation's capital. With some members describing him as the Church's equivalent of President Obama, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry conducted a threehour service in which he emphasized the need for the Church to be more open to people who are different from them both in faith traditions and other ways such as race or sexual preference. To underline this point, he themed his sermon on the story of the Good Samaritan, wherein.

A member of a group despised by the Jews stopped to help a stranded traveler after pious members of the Jewish faith has passed him by. Curry, who succeeds former Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, states that he wants to raise the visibility of the Episcopal Church, which has experienced a sharp decline in membership in recent times. Legion of Christ Pope Francis offers to forgive pedophile scandal order Members of the controversial Legion of Christ are being conditionally granted plenary indulgence by Pope Francis if they perform certain acts during the next year, namely.

Dedicate a sufficient amount of time to the corporal or spiritual works of mercy or if the members dedicate time to learning or teaching Christian doctrine, or if they participate in evangelization missions. Which seems like the sorts of things good Catholics would be doing in any case. The Legion of Christ has been a feature element of several stories in the past few years including pedophilia and other abuses involving, among others, the order's own founder Marcial Maciel. For many, the concept of indulgences itself carries a bit of baggage since it was used.

In the middle ages as a means of raising money from rich and poor alike who were told that, while their sins were forgiven, they would still have to spend some time being punished in a place known as purgatory before being allowed in heaven. During the middle ages, Catholics were allowed to buy their way out of hell in this manner. Modern Catholicism rejects this notion, but does still allow that mercy will be shown in the afterlife to those who perform certain acts of penance here on Earth. From what can.

Be discerned, the Pope is telling the order to stay out of trouble and get back to work. Muslim woman weds Hindu man, both killed Many religions in the world are notoriously intolerant of others, particularly when it involves interfaith marriages. Such is the case in Meerut, India, when a Hindu man and a Muslim woman recently decided to marry. Because her family was opposed to the marriage, the ceremony was performed in secret. Barely two months passed before the couple were asked to stay apart from one another. It is not clear whether they intended to comply with this request, as both were soon murdered.

The Real Problem in America And No Its Not Iraq

Center first might be on the summit is likely the most important thing god so it's breaking news misunderstanding and confusion dateline washington dc senate majority leader bill frist thing u our early today that he plans of both on the senate floor in early summer june on a constitutional amendment hand same sex marriage dot finally true real problem in america you know the real pressing issue and the republican majority leader has his finger on the pulse of this country really it's not a rackets not health care it's not a break and federal laws of the constitution.

Or responding to hurricane that place but i think tire american city it's those damn days absence and senator bob dole first there's no way americans rally around this guy's delicious inconceivable begin doing once you're back away from the president on certain things and come back after your conservatives within very fair is not happening today in the united states is the presidential think that depicted as a six elections are coming or that's all i did take it out the dentist course in america a no go ahead and add beaded and they did indeed if they're.

Going to go back to the well on this nation is a everything around you simply need an exploding and the whole country's amass what we're going to go get those gay people read were gonna get bashed if you're going to be honors say listen if you're not on our site here faggot reverential government to deliver fell apart again argued that path at least dumping anita waiting for a strong leader to stand by me needs complaining about what it all my life we protect you from allocated an hour to protect.

Barkha Dutt Has Problem With Hinduism

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UIRC Telugu Speech Concept Of God In Hinduism, Christianity And Islam.

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